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  1. Pre-B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing League
  2. B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing League – Season 2 (and Beyond!)
  3. International Foxy Boxing
  4. Penelope Primrose: A Year In the Life
  5. Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling
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Pre-B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing League

The matches that led up to the Beautiful Angels of Boxing League.

  1. Liberty Lane vs. Vanity Vale – The first published league match ever! The champion, Liberty Lane, faces her rival, Vanity Vale, for the Foxy Boxing championship belt. WINNER: Vanity Vale
  2. Vanity Vale vs. Candy Carpenter – The new Foxy Boxing champion, Vanity Vale, takes on the young challenger, Candy Carpenter, in her first title defense. WINNER: Vanity Vale
  3. Liberty’s Comeback – The former Foxy Boxing champion, Liberty Lane, works her way through the competition toward a re-match for championship belt.
  4. Sally Bubbles vs. Ivanna Payne – Good girl, Sally Bubbles, takes on newcomer, Ivanna Payne, who makes her debut in the Foxy Boxing league. WINNER: Ivanna Payne
  5. Liberty Lane vs. Vanity Vale Re-Match – Former Foxy Boxing, Liberty Lane, finally gets her shot at a re-match with current champion, Vanity Vale. Will she re-capture her belt? WINNER: Vanity Vale
  6. Ivanna’s Rampage – Ivanna Payne tears her way through the Foxy Boxing league. After her destruction of Candy Carpenter, Liberty Lane has had enough and confronts her.
  7. Liberty Lane vs. Ivanna Payne – Liberty Lane takes on Ivanna Payne, hoping to stop her rampage. WINNER: Ivanna Payne
  8. Ivanna Payne vs. Vanity Vale – Ivanna Payne has torn through the league, even retiring Liberty Lane. Now, she wants the champion, Vanity Vale. WINNER: Ivanna Payne
  9. A Legend Is Born – Prologue – Now retired, Liberty Lane takes on a new protege… Raquel Balboa.
  10. A Legend Is Born – Part 1 – Raquel vs. Vanity Vale – In Raquel Balboa’s first match, she faces off against former Foxy Boxing champion, Vanity Vale. Does the newcomer stand a chance against the veteran? WINNER: Raquel Balboa
  11. A Legend Is Born – Part 2 – Raquel’s Rise – Raquel Balboa continues her rise through the league until Foxy Boxing champion, Ivanna Payne takes notice.
  12. A Legend Is Born – Part 3 – Raquel vs. Ivanna Payne – Foxy Boxing champion, Ivanna Payne, takes on rising star Raquel Balboa in a championship match. Is this the end of Raquel Balboa’s rise? WINNER: Raquel Balboa
  13. Sonja Redding vs. Pepper Synn – ‘The Next Big Thing’ Sonja Redding takes on Pepper Synn. WINNER: Pepper Syn
  14. A Legend Is Born – Part 4 – Raquel’s Championship Reign – Raquel Balboa, as the Foxy Boxing champion, continues to dominate the Foxy Boxing league undefeated leading to the eventual announcement of her retirement.
  15. Introduction of the International Champions – A peek into the Foxy Boxing champions from other countries.
  16. Kamila Kuti Faces A New Opponent – Nigerian Foxy Boxing champion, Kamila Kuti, takes on challenger Shani Shakur. WINNER: Kamila Kuti
  17. Akira Asuka Represents the Asuka Name – Japanese Foxy Boxing champion, Akira Asuka, faces a challenge from rival Shizu Shimada. WINNER: Akira Asuka
  18. Luiza Lima vs. Teresa Torres – Brazilian Foxy Boxing champion, Luiza Lima, takes on Teresa Torres from Argentina. WINNER: Luiza Lima
  19. Penelope Primrose, UK Champion – UK Foxy Boxing champion, Penelope Primrose, meets her hated rival, Morgan Mace, in the ring. WINNER: Penelope Primrose
  20. A Legend Is Born – Part 5 – Rayne – The German beast, Payne, works her way through the various champions, country by country, leaving the USA for last. 
  21. A Legend Is Born – Part 6 – Raquel’s Retirement – Foxy Boxing champion, Raquel Balboa, takes on the German beast, Rayne, in her retirement match. Will Raquel end her career with her perfect record intact or will Rayne squash her like all the others? WINNER: Raquel Balboa
  22. A Legend Is Born – Part 7 – Epilogue – Raquel Balboa officially retires just as the Foxy Boxing league closes its doors and goes out of business. But Raquel isn’t done with boxing and decided to fill the gap with a new league while also training some new, future boxing stars.
  23. Last Shot At Glory – Prologue – Raquel Balboa reaches out to Liberty Lane to put her retirement on hold in order to participate in a tournament of champions.
  24. Last Shot At Glory – QF1 – USA vs. Japan – Liberty Lane takes on Akira Asuka in the first quarter-final, but France’s Clarisse Cloutier interferes. WINNER: Akira Asuka
  25. Last Shot At Glory – QF2 – UK vs. Brazil – Morgan Mace faces off against Luiza Lima in the second quarter-final. WINNER: Luiza Lima
  26. Last Shot At Glory – QF3 – Egypt vs. France – Seshafi and Clarisse Cloutier clash in the third quarter-final. WINNER: Clarisse Cloutier
  27. Last Shot At Glory – QF4 – Nigeria vs. Philippines – Kamila Kuti meets Ana Aquino for the fourth quarter-final match. WINNER: Kamila Kuti
  28. Last Shot At Glory – SF1 – Brazil vs. Japan – Luiza Lima makes a deal with Akira Asuka in the first semi-final: If Akira wins, she can let Liberty Lane take her place in the tournament. But if Luiza wins, she’ll give Liberty another shot at the tournament. WINNER: Luisa Lima
  29. Last Shot At Glory – SF2 – France vs. Nigeria – In the second semi-final, Clarisse Cloutier takes on Kamila Kuti to advance to the final match. WINNER: Clarisse Cloutier
  30. Last Shot At Glory – Bonus SF – USA vs. Brazil – In this bonus tournament match, Luiza Lima faces off against Liberty Lane, offering her a chance to advance to the final match. WINNER: Luiza Lima
  31. Last Shot At Glory – Final – Brazil vs. France In the final tournament match, Luiza Lima and Clarisse Cloutier collide to decide the winner of this international tournament. WINNER: Luiza Lima

B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing League – Classics (1st Season)

  1. Raquel Introduces B.A.B.E. – The official announcement of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league.
  2. The First Televised Match – Sonja vs. Nina – The very first B.A.B.E. match between Sonja Redding and Nina Strong. WINNER: Sonja Redding
  3. Yumi Yamada Shadow Boxes – During B.A.B.E.’s first season, Yumi Yamada faced the Shadow in the Shadow’s debut. WINNER: The Shadow
  4. The First B.A.B.E. Main Event – Lana Sinclair vs. Teresa Torres – After building up the B.A.B.E. boxers, B.A.B.E. televised its first main event between ‘B.A.B.E.’s Shining Light’ Lana Sinclair and Teresa Torres. WINNER: Lana Sinclair
  5. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – Prologue – A history of the Foxy Boxing championship title leading the way toward a tournament to crown the first B.A.B.E. champion.
  6. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – QF1 – Sonja Redding vs. The Jade Fist – In the first quarter final, Sonja Redding faces the Jade Fist. WINNER: The Jade Fist
  7. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – QF2 – Ivanna Payne vs. Penelope Primrose – In the second quarter final, Ivanna Payne goes up against former U.K. champion, Penelope Primrose. WINNER: Ivanna Payne
  8. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – QF3 – Vanity Vale vs. Lana Sinclair – In the third quarter final, former Foxy Boxing champion, Vanity Vale, faces ‘B.A.B.E.’s Shining Light,’ Lana Sinclair. WINNER: Lana Sinclair
  9. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – QF4 – Rayne vs. Shani Shakur – In the fourth quarter final, the German beast Rayne goes up against Shani Shakur. WINNER: Rayne
  10. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – SF1 – Lana Sinclair vs. Ivanna Payne – In the first semi-final, Lana Sinclair and Ivanna Payne collide in the ring. WINNER: Lana Sinclair
  11. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – SF2 – Rayne vs. The Jade Fist – in the second semi-final, Rayne and Jade First fight it out to see who will advance. WINNER: The Jade Fist
  12. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – Lead Up to the Final – Promos for the two finalists for the B.A.B.E. championship belt, Lana Sinclair and the Jade Fist.
  13. The B.A.B.E. Championship Belt – Final Match – The Jade Fist vs. Lana Sinclair – In the final match to determine the first Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment champion, the Jade Fist meets Lana Sinclair in the ring. In the end, one boxer’s career will be put in jeopardy. WINNER: The Jade Fist
  14. The Pom-Pom Punchers – The saga of the Pom-Pom Punchers, the two boxing cheerleader partners, and how their friendship came to an end. (References a Season 2, Episode 4 match in which the Bouncin’ Bombshell faced Roxy Starr.) In this story, Amber Skye faces Vanity Vale. WINNER: Vanity Vale 
  15. Ashley’s Story – Part 1 – Current B.A.B.E. champion, Ashley Powers, revisits her first B.A.B.E. match against Hurricane Hannah. WINNER: Ashley Powers
  16. The Russian Is Coming! – The debut of the Red Scare as we follow her history from the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling to the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment. She faces Sylvia Silver in her debut. WINNER: The Red Scare
  17. The Kickboxing Challenge – In this early B.A.B.E. match, the Asian Sensation takes on Shizu Shimada in a rare kickboxing match. WINNER: The Asian Sensation
  18. Ashley’s Story – Part 2 – Current B.A.B.E. champion continues her history as she revisits her challenge to then-champion, the Jade Fist. WINNER: Ashley Powers
  19. Payne vs. Rayne – After destroying Sonja Redding, Rayne takes on Ivanna Payne, putting both their B.A.B.E. careers on the line. WINNER: Ivanna Payne
  20. Ashley’s Story – Part 3 – Current B.A.B.E champion, Ashley Powers recalls the time she took on Ivanna Payne in the last match of the first season of B.A.B.E. So confident of victory, Ivanna put her own B.A.B.E. career on the line. WINNER: Ashley Powers

B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing League – Season 2 (and Beyond!)

International Foxy Boxing

Penelope Primrose: A Year In the Life

A story chronicling a year in Penelope Primrose’s life during the early days of B.A.B.E.

  1. Part 1 – The story begins with Penelope Primrose’s match against Ivanna Payne during the B.A.B.E. championship tournament as seen from a UK perspective. Raquel Balboa, under stress from running the new league, is not happy with Primrose’s performance in the ring.
  2. Part 2 – Raquel has a serious talk with Penelope. Hearing from her old friend Missy doesn’t make Penelope feel any better.
  3. Part 3 – Raquel contemplates the aftermath of the B.A.B.E. championship tournament. Meanwhile, Penelope Primrose faces off against Hannah ‘Hurricane’ Hale in the ring.
  4. Part 4 – Penelope works to get herself into better shape as Raquel decides to give her a Main Event opportunity.
  5. Part 5 – Missy catches Penelope up on the latest UK foxy boxing news, including events leading to Chantelle Daniels becoming the new UK champ. After a sour talk with her previous trainer, Penelope makes the mistake of going to a bar in a bad mood, leading to her exit from B.A.B.E.
  6. Part 6 – Recovering from her night at the bar, Penelope, along with Lana Sinclair, watches the brutal match between Sonja Redding and Rayne. And while the sports media in the UK is focusing on the competitive field, its beginning to see Penelope as a has-been.
  7. Part 7 – No longer a B.A.B.E. fighter, Penelope Primrose returns to the U.K. During a media interview, she’s informed on the current champ’s (Chantelle Daniels’s) attitude toward her. And then, Penelope takes on a younger fighter, Sydney Smith, in the ring. Things continue to spiral downward for Penelope.
  8. Part 8 – Licking her wounds from her last match, Penelope tries to cheer herself up watching the Ashley Powers/Ivanna Payne B.A.B.E. match. U.K. media, however, is more focused on the rivalry between current champ, Chantelle Daniels, and former champ, Morgan Mace, who finally meet in the ring in a championship title match.
  9. Part 9 – Lana Sinclair catches Penelope up on recent B.A.B.E. happenings, including the arrival of Tonya Lee during one of B.A.B.E. champion Ashley Powers’s latest match.
  10. Part 10 – After a period of solid training, Penelope Primrose jumps back into the ring against Sophia Clarke. Things start to look up for the former champ.
  11. Part 11 – Penelope shares her frustration at the media’s focus on the English Rose before having a run-in with Irish fighter, Kelly Kearney. Meanwhile, plans are set in motion for a Penelope Primrose/Chantelle Daniels match.
  12. Part 12 – Penelope works toward preparing herself for her match against Chantelle. Meanwhile, in B.A.B.E., the Red Scare becomes the latest threat to Ashley’s championship reign and the cheerleaders’ friendship falls apart.
  13. Part 13 – Penelope returns to the U.S. to train with Lana Sinclair. A run-in with Raquel Balboa reveals the former champion having a little more difficulty keeping in shape.
  14. Part 14 – Penelope and Missy tour B.A.B.E.’s facilities running into several boxers along the way before catching a night of action. Pepper Syn looks to talk with Missy about future business. And after the main event between Ashley Powers and the Red Scare, the news hits about B.A.B.E.’s sale to Gail Golden.
  15. Part 15 – Penelope Primrose and Chantelle Daniels meet the media to discuss their upcoming fight. Afterwards, Penelope finally meets the English Rose. Meanwhile, back at B.A.B.E., Raquel announces her return to the ring.
  16. Part 16 – Penelope Primrose and Chantelle Daniels finally face each other in the ring!
  17. Part 17 – As Penelope and Chantelle react to the aftermath of their fight, Sydney Smith takes on the English Rose in the Main Event.
  18. Part 18 (Conclusion) – Chantelle Daniels’s mother, Ophelia, expresses her anger to the UK boxing commissioner. Meanwhile, Penelope get an invite to return to B.A.B.E., just in time to catch Raquel Balboa’s return match against Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee.

Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling

  • Prelude to Payback
    1. Prelude to Payback Teaser – A first look at the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling, centering on champion Tina Corretti.
    2. Prologue – A re-cap of what led to Tina Corretti becoming the F.L.O.W. champion with an introduction to some of the league’s wrestlers.
    3. Chapter 1 (Tina Corretti vs. Vixen) – Tina Corretti faces a challenge from Vixen. In the epilogue, Flare and Dolly Mae confront each other. WINNER: Tina Corretti
    4. Chapter 2 (Flare vs. Dolly Mae) – In the epilogue, Miss Glory runs into Tina Corretti training on the heavy bag, hinting at Tina’s future. WINNER: Flare
    5. Chapter 3 (Miss Glory vs. Black Rose) – In the epilogue, Vixen confronts Alisha Starr. WINNER: Miss Glory
    6. Chapter 4 (Vixen vs. Alisha Starr) – In the epilogue, Tina Corretti keeps her eyes tuned in to televised B.A.B.E. action. WINNER: Alisha Starr
    7. Chapter 5 (Angel vs. Demeana) – In the epilogue, F.L.O.W. owner Johnny Pierce begins to display boredom with his league. Alanza Rivera convinces him to give La Pantera a match. Also, Tina Corretti begins to show an interest in choosing a new career. WINNER: Angel
    8. Chapter 6 (Dolly Mae vs. La Pantera) – In the epilogue, Tora the Barbarian sizes up Paradise. And Tina Corretti reaches out to Alanza Rivera for career advice. WINNER: La Pantera
    9. Chapter 7 (Paradise vs. Tora the Barbarian) – Alisha Starr cameos in this match to help Paradise. In the epilogue, Johnny Pierce displays irritation with Tora while Flare confronts Angel. Also, Tina Corretti reads the news that the Red Scare has joined the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment organization. WINNER: Tora the Barbarian
    10. Chapter 8 (Flare vs. Angel) – In the epilogue, Johnny Pierce threatens Tora the Barbarian with suspension if she continues to take things too far in the ring. Johnny decides to let La Pantera teach her a lesson. WINNER: Flare
    11. Chapter 9 (Tora the Barbarian vs. La Pantera) –  The match contains a major reveal! In the epilogue, Johnny Pierces reaches out to Miss Glory for help. And Tina Corretti meets a B.A.B.E. celebrity. WINNER: Tora the Barbarian
    12. Chapter 10 (Tina Corretti vs. Flare) – In the epilogue, Tina Corretti discusses her departure from F.L.O.W. with Johnny Pierce as she takes up an offer to join B.A.B.E. And Miss Glory takes up Tora the Barbarian’s open challenge. WINNER: Tina Corretti
    13. Chapter 11 (Miss Glory vs. Tora the Barbarian) – WINNER: Tora the Barbarian
    14. Chapter 11 Epilogue – Tora the Barbarian goes too far in the aftermath of her match against Miss Glory.
    15. Chapter 12 – Tina’s Announcement – Tina Corretti announces her resignation but not before accepting a challenge from Tora the Barbarian. 
    16. Chapter 12 (Conclusion) – F.L.O.W. champion, Tina Corretti, takes on Tora the Barbarian in her final match before leaving for B.A.B.E. WINNER: Tina Corretti

  • F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament
    1. Prologue – Picking up the story of the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling with a tournament to crown a new champion after Tina Corretti’s departure from the league. 
    2. Part 1 (Dakota vs. Flare) – In the first quarter-final, the cowgirl, Dakota, faces off against the fiery Flare. WINNER: Flare
    3. Part 2 (Ultima vs. Demeana) – The superheroine, Ultima, takes on the punk, Demeana, in the second quarter-final. WINNER: Ultima
    4. Part 3 (Glimmer vs. Melrose) – The popular Glimmer goes up against the street-smart Melrose in the third quarter-final. WINNER: Glimmer
    5. Part 4 (Candy Carpenter vs. Alice) – In the fourth quarter-final, former B.A.B.E. boxer, Candy Carpenter, takes on the crazy Alice. WINNER: Alice
    6. Part 5 (Flare vs. Ultima) – The hot-headed Flare takes on the heroic Ultima in this semi-final match. WINNER: Ultima
    7. Part 6 (Glimmer vs. Alice) – In the second semi-final, good girl Glimmer tries to stop unpredictable Alice. WINNER: Alice
    8. Conclusion (Ultima vs. Alice) – In the final match of the tournament, Ultima and Alice collide and a new F.L.O.W. champion is crowned! WINNER: Ultima

Miscellaneous Stories

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