Month: July 2018

F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 9

After Tora the Barbarian’s last match, F.L.O.W. president, Johnny Pierce, is sending in the big gun, La Pantera, to take her down!

It’s going to be a battle between ferocious feline and brutal warrior.

Who will be left standing when the dust settles?


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 8

The fiery Flare locks up with the aerial Angel in a wild wrestling melee!

Can Flare stop Angel’s rise to the top or will Angel put her fire out and blow away the ashes of her reputation?

Find out now!


Egyptian Title Bout: Seshafi vs. Shalice Kassem

Shalice Kassem finally faces off against Egyptian Foxy Boxing champion Seshafi!


Seshafi’s Lair

A rare visit with the Egyptian Foxy Boxing champion… (more…)

Shalice Kassem’s Next Goal

Shalice Kassem has returned home to Egypt and she’s ready for her next step. (more…)

UK Title Bout: Sloane Sterling vs. English Rose

This is it… Sloane Sterling challenges the English Rose for the UK championship belt! (more…)

The English Rose Speaks

Sterling Sloane is ready for the UK champ! (more…)

Glasgow’s Pride

Introducing Sloane Sterling… (more…)

The Punch Protocol – Part 3

The Silk Assassin finds her partner, LadyHawke… but is she too late? (more…)

Foxy Boxing Weekly – Star-Spangled Winner

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)