Month: December 2020

Tara Armstrong Vs. Clarisse Cloutier Now Available

Tara Armstrong gets a shot against former French foxy boxing champion, Clarisse Cloutier!

Can the spunky fighter grab the win and improve her standing in the league?

Or will the former champ squash her goal?

Tune in and find out!

Full match available here:


F.L.O.W. – Episode 3 – Sunset Stripp Vs. Athena

Hollywood party girl, Sunset Stripp, jumps into the F.L.O.W. ring to take on the goddess, Athena! Can the punk tear down the goddess or will Athena unleash her fury on the Sunset?

Happening now over at the B.A.B.E./F.L.O.W. patreon site:


Athena Speaks!

A goddess graces us with a visit…


Sunset Stripp On Her Next Challenge

Sunset Stripp isn’t impressed with her next challenge…


The Beach Brawlers vs. The Mafia Princesses Now Available

In the last F.L.O.W. episode, Sunshine faced off against ‘Lucky’ Lucy Luciano and nearly had a win until Luciano’s partner, Angela Bruno, interfered and helped lay a beating down on the poor surfer girl. But then, former B.A.B.E. boxer, the California Cutie came to the rescue!

Now, the California Cutie makes her F.L.O.W. debut as part of the newly formed tag team, the Beach Brawlers, along with her partner Sunshine. But they’ll be facing off against Lucy and Angela, the Mafia Princesses, and these girls know how to settle a score.

Which team will walk out of the ring with the victory?

Full match available here:

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor…

Ultraleeks! Regain your energy!


Luiza Lima vs. Alejandra Lucia Now Available

Now available on Lulu: