Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

Despite her own ongoing issues with her fledgling career, Penelope Primrose had a reason to smile in the early morning hours in her London flat. Though a mere couple of hours from her next early morning training session with her new coach Missy Eddington, and still feeling the mental and physical wounds of her shocking knock out loss in her UK Foxy Boxing return, Penelope was smiling. Her giddiness was attributed to having just watched the woman who had exposed her weak and out-of-condition form to the boxing world getting knocked out in the final bout of B.A.B.E’s opening season. Her one time vanquisher, Ivanna Payne, was slumped on the canvas in the corner of the ring, knocked out cold from an Ashley Powers barrage. Though early on it looked as though Payne would dominate Ashley, Ashley had come on late and not only sent Ivanna for a loss, but had ended Ivanna’s B.A.B.E. career. Penelope was finding a little joy in that.

For Penelope, watching the Payne-Powers bout had been a good distraction from all the UK media coverage of her demise. Much of the coverage following her loss to Sydney Smith had been harsh – focusing mostly on her staggering loss of form since she had last graced the UK boxing ring. For years she had been the delight of the UK Foxy Boxing media, but whatever light remained in the aura of Penelope Primrose had been darkened when she succumbed to the blows of the unheralded Smith. Though Smith had gotten much credit for the way she had worn down, stalked and overwhelmed the vaunted and bigger Penelope, the media couldn’t help but focus on the question: What has happened to the great Penelope Primrose? And per the coaching agreement she had made with Missy, she was forced to watch all of the coverage following her loss to Smith. For a condition of their boxing union, Missy wanted Penelope to face the reality of what she had become as a fighter, and to stop living on the triumphs, success and fame of the past.

The latest headlining column in The Daily Beacon, “From Proud Pugilist Princess to Powerless Pudgy Punching Bag: Penelope Primrose’s Prevailing Ponderous Predicament,” lay on the coffee table in front of her. Alluring alliteration aside, it had been another journalistic jab at her, yet Penelope had read every word of the critical piece. It had been hard, for Penelope knew she had an ego, one which many were now describing as a haughty arrogance. Her character had been questioned, her physical condition had been mocked, and many were writing her off as a boxer whose best years were already behind her. And for the time being Penelope wouldn’t be able to do anything about changing the negative perceptions about her, or answer the questions being asked of her, for Missy had made it clear from the beginning – she wouldn’t fight until she was in shape. Missy also made it clear that there wouldn’t be any rash or lofty decisions upon who they would fight in her return. It had taken Missy a bit of time to convince Penelope that she shouldn’t, nor did she deserve, getting a shot at the current champion Chantelle Daniels, no matter how much taunting Chantelle was doing over Penelope’s current state. For Penelope there was only training twice a day, and the harder transition of a full-on nutritionist. Giving up her nightly pints had been hard, and she was thankful that Lana Sinclair’s delicious chili was an ocean away.

An hour later all these meandering thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Missy Eddington bellowing at her from her front doorway, “Penelope, you ready? Let’s go! It’s run time!”

“I’m ready,” Penelope answered as she made her way down the hall. “I see you have your bike again . . . when are you going to jog with me Missy.”

“Ha! I’m in far worse shape than you’ve been in, that could be awhile Pen! Plus, you’re running the hills today, I need my gears!”

“Uggh, the hills again? You’re killing me Missy.”

“That’s the point Penny, we’ve got to kill your legs before they can be reborn as they once were! Let’s go!”

It had been four weeks now for Penelope working hard with Missy. Missy had given Penelope one week following the Smith loss to feel sorry for yourself and decide whether she’d take her on as coach – a coach with full control of how she trained. It was hard for the proud Penelope to be ordered around with little say in what she could and could not do. She was a former champion, a veteran of many Foxy Boxing battles, and here she was having to agree to be treated like a young fighter again. She had gone through this with Mac when she was young and hungry, but then revolted against Mac’s iron grip control. Submitting herself to that again was hard, but Missy had insisted. The case Missy had presented to her was hard to argue with – the truth that was plain to see if you were honest – Penelope had become a soft, punching bag for her opponents.

To Missy, Penelope was still young, her career could be salvaged- but the foundation for that had to be hard work. So far Penelope had done everything she’d asked. Penelope had even agreed to be a guest announcer for tomorrow night’s UK Foxy Boxing championship bout between Champion Chantelle Daniels and her old nemesis Morgan Mace. Being present for that fight was part of Missy’s plan to not allow Penelope to run away from her embarrassing re-entry into UK Foxy Boxing. Penelope had to be seen.

“You still good for tomorrow night Penny?” Missy asked as she followed the running Penelope on her bike up a winding hill.

“Huff . . . yes . . . if I am . . . puff . . . still alive . . . after this run!”

“Good! Just the championship bout. You can watch the undercard from the luxury sweets or production booth. It’ll be good for you to watch the championship bout up close. You can learn a lot!”

“ . . . what . . .ever . . . huff . . .”

“Ha! . . . no, no, no Penny! No left this time. Go right, where going up the next hill today!”

If looks could have knocked Missy out, the one Penelope just gave her would have done so. But Penelope followed Missy’s order, turned right and began ascending a bigger hill than the one she just went up.

Before knocking off for the night Penelope sat on her bed watching the UK Foxy Boxing preview show for tomorrow night’s championship bout between Chantelle Daniels and Morgan Mace. Though she was very familiar with Mace from their long rivalry and previous two bouts, she felt the need to learn more about the current champion Chantelle. She’d nodded in and out of sleep throughout the program, two grueling workouts having sapped Penelope’s energy by 9 PM, but was intent on hearing the final thoughts of the renowned voice of UK Foxy Boxing David Kent.

“ . . . so in the final analysis one of two questions will be answered in the affirmative tomorrow night: will the Champion Chantelle Daniels triumph in what is undoubtedly the greatest challenge to her reign, or will the former champion Morgan Mace reclaim the title she never lost in the ring? There has been plenty of argy-bargy between the two fighters in the run up to this fight, and the UK Foxy Boxing fans are eager for the gloves to finish what the mouths have started.

For her part, Mace has reminded Chantelle at every chance how Chantelle never had to defeat a champion to claim the belt, in reference to the Championship Tournament Chantelle won following Mace being stripped of the title for ‘conduct unbecoming.’ I believe ‘Pretty-faced Powder-Puff Paper Champ’ was the latest Mace referred to Chantelle as. For her part Chantelle has lamented on Mace’s advanced age and her embarrassing loss to Luiza Lima in the famed International Tournament. Of course, it was the fallout of that loss that led to the actions that stripped Mace of her title . . .”

Penelope couldn’t help but reflect on that International Tournament in which Mace had represented UK Foxy Boxing. It was supposed to have been Penelope who represented the UK, but Mace had taken Penelope’s belt in dominating fashion weeks prior in their rematch, a bout Penelope had always claimed she took too quickly after her shocking debacle against Rayne. Penelope had blamed her former trainer Mac for pushing that fight, and Penelope had always regretting not participating in the International Tournament, for she had long wished a chance to meet the legendary Liberty Lane, let alone the possibility to fight her. Needless to say, Mace had gone and lost in the first round, much to the chagrin of UK Foxy Boxing management. It was the beginning of the souring of relations between UK Boxing and Mace that would eventually lead to her suspension and stripping of her title.

“ . . . this will be Morgan Mace’s fifth fight since being reinstated and she has not been shy about her displeasure in having to wait so long for her chance to reclaim her title. In her last fight she destroyed the former Nigerian champion Kamilah Kuti, knocking her out in the first round.

As for Chantelle Daniels, this will be the sixth defense of her title. In her previous fight she had a surprisingly rough time with the longtime UK Foxy Boxing veteran Mairead MacGrath. Though she eventually won with a fourth round knockout, Chantelle had been sent to the canvas in the first round for only the second time in her career.

Many experts feel Chantelle is in for tough fight, and it has not been lost on anyone that Morgan Mace has only lost once in the UK Foxy Boxing arena, to former champion Penelope Primrose. Daniels has some of Primrose’s former attributes, speed and stamina, though Daniels is three inches taller than Primrose – a long, sinewy fighter that uses her reach to pepper and wear down her opponents from afar . . .”

Penelope’s tired eyes had slid open when she heard her name, and in her self centered way could only feel the sting of David Kent’s sly dig of “Primrose’s former attributes, speed and stamina . . .” It seemed to Penelope that everyone was writing her off, putting her out to pasture. The more people who said it, the harder it was getting for Penelope not to believe it.

“ . . . so join us tomorrow night and see whether Morgan Mace can begin a second reign of menace, or whether Chantelle Daniels, the self described ‘Dover Dutchess,’ can dance her way again to triumph. Until then, good night!”

Penelope had by this point in David Kent’s monologue fallen asleep.

Penelope Primrose’s heart was racing as she left the B.S.N production booth to head ringside to join Giles Watts and Missy Eddington for the call of tonight’s championship bout. She had snuck into the arena and quickly made her way to the booth where she had watched the undercard bouts, trying her best to stay out of the public eye for as long as she could. It wasn’t a long walk to ringside, and she was doing it with the lights dimmed, but it was her first time back in the arena since Sydney Smith had knocked her out in her UK return. She was feeling more butterflies than when she fought, anticipating what cruel taunts she may hear from a fan base who had once adored her.

As Missy waved her into her seat, she felt the energy and buzz of the sold out crowd. It was the sound she had heard while readying for her own champion bouts in this very arena. She had made it to the Missy and Giles without incident, the crowd focused on what was to come and hardly noticed her taking her seat.

“Here, put these on, they’re sending it down to us shortly,” Missy said while handing her headphones, “Plus if any idiot out there wants to give you crap you won’t hear it.” Penelope smiled. It felt good having someone look out for you, even if it was the same person who earlier in the day had her grinding up hills again in her lycra and sneakers.

“You ready? Just follow my lead. Giles will feed you questions directly to queue you to speak, otherwise he and I will do most of the chatting.”

“Thanks Missy! I am ready, looking forward to watching this match.”

“It should be good! It has to be considering what that Kelly Fairchild girl did earlier! Did you see that?! She may have stolen the show already!”

Penelope had watched the Fairchild woman destroy Mairead MacGrath in the night’s second bout from the booth. She had watched in wonderment as Fairchild had bewildered the veteran MacGrath with systematic precision in less than a round.

It had instantly reminded her of Ashley Powers’ debut in B.A.B.E. she had witnessed. Penelope had been awed, and taken aback as well. Missy was right, UK Foxy Boxing had grown up immensely in her absence. “Missy, I was stunned by Fairchild! Where did she come from? MacGrath is no pushover, but she decimated her. Never seen someone anticipate every move her opponent made like that!”

“She’s scary good! I am sure Chantelle and Mace will be seeing her sooner than later.”

And with that Missy got the elbow from Giles, David Kent was sending it their way for the intros.

“Thanks David! Well folks, we have finally reached the Main Event! UK Foxy Boxing Champion Chantelle Daniels takes on former champion Morgan Mace, in what should be a titanic clash of vastly different styles. I am joined as always by Missy Eddington, and special guest commentator former champion Penelope Primrose. Welcome Penelope.

“Thanks Giles, glad to be here . . . and add what I can to covering . . . calling this fight.”

“Of course Penelope, you are all too familiar with the challenger Morgan Mace. You fought her twice. You beat her once, and than suffered your first loss to her. What can we expect from Mace tonight?”

“Thanks Giles for reminding me that the last time I was this close to Morgan Mace, I was lying on the canvas looking up at four of her!” Penelope felt a poke in her ribs, she turned to see Missy give her a smile and thumbs up. “We all know Mace is strong. I’ve felt her power. What Mace is best at is finishing. When she gets you in trouble she is relentless. And she can turn a fight around or win a fight off one punch. In our second fight, I never got a footing in the match, as she normally starts slowly but not that night. Defense has never been her strength, and she is one of those big, plodding fighters. Daniels best attack from outside and move around. It worked for me”

“And Missy, just what Penelope said . . . Chantelle likes to move around, and she is always in phenomenal shape . . .”

“Yeah Giles. Chantelle knows what she is good at. She is tall and lean. I haven’t seen many fighters in my time with her reach. And with her reach she is a volume puncher, and that allows her to overwhelm her opponents. She didn’t come out fast in her last fight, and was caught flat footed by Mairead MacGrath. She won’t make that mistake again. I suspect she will come out and fire away on Mace, and we know Chantelle can keep a fast pace for a long time.”

“This should be a great fight! Both fighter have only lost once in their UK careers, Mace to you Penelope, and Daniels way back in her second fight. Well there’s the music and lights, let’s go to ringside.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to tonight’s Main Event! First, fighting out of the red corner, weighing in at 139 pounds, from Liverpool, England, Morgan Mace!!!”

Boo’s cascaded down from the all parts of the arena, and Penelope couldn’t help but blurt out, “Well, some things never change. These fans love this women Giles!”

“Never a fan favorite, but always a dangerous fighter. She feels the title is hers by right, having never lost in the ring, and by the look in her eyes she is all business tonight. Not even a gesture to the crowd. She is wearing a black top, with grey bottoms . . .”

”Well, I am happy she got rid of that mocking Union Jack in muted colors top she sported for awhile. I’ve been mocked enough of late . . .” Another smile from Missy, and she whispered over to Penelope, “Keep it up, a little self-deprecation always goes over well with fans.”

And the crowd began to cheer as the music changed. It wasn’t a deafening cheer like she remembered getting. Chantelle was liked and respected, but it didn’t feel as though she was loved.

“And her opponent tonight, fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at 129 pounds, from Dover, Kent, England . . . Foxy Boxing champion of the United Kingdom, Chantelle “The Dover Dutchess” Daniels!!!!”

Chantelle Daniels sauntered down the aisle, and Penelope could see this was a confidant fighter. She raised a fist above her head as she made her way to the ring, the UK belt around her waist – clearly the crowd was on her side.

Penelope couldn’t remember if she had ever watched a Chantelle Daniels fight, as Penelope hadn’t really watched other UK fighters back when she was reigning supreme in the UK Foxy Boxing ranks. She was keen on seeing her in action.

Penelope couldn’t help but be impressed with Chantelle’s physique when she disrobed.

A tall, lean fighter, with defined abs, and long arms. She wore a long blond braid from the top of her head, gold top and gold sheer mini skirt with low rise booty shorts underneath, and white boots. Penelope was taken aback a bit and thought, she must be confidant to fight in that. She reminded Penelope of Gail Golden, except Chantelle’s hair was near platinum blonde and she kept it in a long braid.

“Well, Missy, both fighters are in the ring – the clear contrasts easy to see.”

“Giles, you have the tall, lean Chantelle, and the always stocky and muscular Mace. Chantelle has strength, but her reach is her great weapon. Speed, grace and length, against power and aggression. A great contrast tonight.”

“How do you see it shaping up?”

“Initially I would have easily said Chantelle. She is younger, faster, longer, and in great shape. But being young, as we saw in her last fight, can lead to some mistakes. Mistakes like she made early against MacGrath could spell doom against the likes of Morgan Mace. I still think if Chantelle keeps a fast tempo all night she will wear down Mace, much like you did Penelope when you beat her.”

“That feels so long ago now, but yeah, you have to stay on top of Morgan with your speed. Chantelle looks like she can keep a fast tempo, she looks in great shape, and seeing her up close in her attire, her arms and legs are long! I’ve been in with Mace though, I wouldn’t bet against her.”

Their banter stopped as the national anthem played, though the buzz of the arena hadn’t subsided any. Penelope longed to be back in such a fight, and she felt envious of Chantelle and Morgan for their place in a championship bout. She felt additionally envious of Chantelle for Penelope longed to be back in that kind of shape.

“And we are ready . . . folks Chantelle Daniels, defending her title tonight against Morgan Mace!!”

“Ding, Ding”

“And both fighter’s immediately charge to the center of the ring . . . a quick wild exchange has the crowd roaring, but not much landed for the two fighters . . .”

“We knew Chantelle would come out fast, but it’s good to see Mace do the same . . .”

“ . . . A nice, crisp jab by Chantelle . . . and she doubles up on it, and another . . . Chantelle bouncing around the ring . . . Mace prodding forward and she is taking some leather . . .”

“Mace knows she has to get in close to Chantelle . . . not easy with Chantelle’s reach and speed . . .”

“And Missy, there is another nice jab combo by the champ . . . Mace resettles . . . ooh, a jab right hook combo by Chantelle lands crisply snapping Mace’s head back . . .

Mace regroups again . . . Chantelle continues to dart around at a relentless pace . . . again Chantelle engages, two nice jabs . . . she misses with the right hook and Mace charges in and grabs a hold of Chantelle . . . and Mace shows her power by bull-rushing Chantelle into the ropes . . .”

“Wow, Mace showed her power there, she practically picked up the champ . . . Not where Chantelle wants to be . . . “

“The crowd doesn’t like it as Mace continues to hold Chantelle in the corner . . . Mace let’s go and rips two uppercuts into Chantelle’s stomach . . . Chantelle fires back, both fighters now tearing into each in the corner . . . Mace landing to the body and Chantelle firing to Mace’s head . . .”

“Nice defense by Chantelle though, she is avoiding getting hit with any big shots . . . moving her head . . . a little rope-a-dope . . .”

“And a nice spin out by Chantelle, as she slithers away from Mace’s corner barrage . . . and Chantelle is right back on the attack from range . . . firing away at Mace’s head . . left-right-left . . . not much head movement from Mace . . .”

“Mace felt those . . . she’s laboring a bit at this pace . . .”

“Chantelle back on her horse, circling Mace . . . and she darts in again . . . follows her jab with a thunderous straight left . . . Mace catches her on the way out with a nice counter left . . . another left by Mace . . . both fighters throwing in the middle of the ring . . . and there’s the bell! My word what an action packed round! Missy?”

“Indeed Giles, I am trying to catch my breath here! Both fighters came out and didn’t hold back . . . You can hear the crowd, they enjoyed that. Both fighters landed some good shots . . . Mace did her best work in the corner, Chantelle landing at will from the outside.”

“Penelope, your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far.”

“Same as Missy, the pace of that round was incredible. Chantelle;s work rate is impressive – reminds me of the Jade Fist a bit – just non-stop punching and moving. You know better than me, can Chantelle sustain that Missy?”

“She has in the past, it’s what she does.”

“Well, if she keeps that up, Mace will wither. You saw it by the end of the round, Mace was laboring a bit Giles.”

“She was at that . . . Missy, Penelope, who do you give that round to.”

“Hard to argue with the stats, the amount of punches thrown and landed by Chantelle was spectacular, it was her round.”

“I agree with Missy. Save for that moment in the corner, Chantelle took that round.”

“Ding, Ding”

“And round two is on it’s way! Chantelle immediately out fast, dancing and bobbing in and around Mace. Mace a little more cautious this round . . . Chantelle gets back to work, firing away her jab . . . another nice jab, that one with some pop snaps Mace’s head . . .

Mace is trying to counter those jabs but catching mostly air right now . . . Chantelle darts in again, connects with a nice jab, and another, and a nice hook to Mace’s body . . .”

“First time we’ve seen Chantelle attack the body of Mace . . . I think she senses that Mace can’t keep her pace, attack the body will slow her even more . . . Penny?”

“Mace continues to chase, but every time she closes the distance Chantelle fires away and bounces back out . . . I am impressed by the speed and precision of Daniels, I must say.”

“Chantelle still peppering the jab, misses with a right, Mace tries the same bull rush again but Chantelle was ready for it and spins out of the way . . . Mace stumbles, and Chantelle is on top of her again, firing away now with lefts and rights, Mace now in the ropes . . . Chantelle not holding back, trying to overwhelm Mace . . .”

“Mace taking some shots in there . . .”

“And a nice counter by Mace to the neck of Chantelle slows the barrage . . . Mace grabs hold and peppers Chantelle’s side . . .”

“That shot to the neck hurt Chantelle . . . I’ve been hit there and it can hurt, and Chantelle has a long neck . . .”

“The ref tries to break up Mace’s hold and does . . . Chantelle jumps right back on Mace . . . throwing straight rights and lefts now, less so with the jab . . .”

“Giles, Chantelle just wants to keep the pressure on . . . not landing every punch, but keeping the pressure on, making Mace work hard . . .”

“With Chantelle firing away, Mace less loose with her gloves, both firing away . . . and Chantelle dances away . . . Mace trying to close . . . and Chantelle is on her again, a nice straight left and right hook again snaps Mace’s head, a nice quick follow up by Chantelle to the body of Mace . . . and a nice counter right by Mace snaps Chantelle’s head back . . .

Mace follows with a right hook and catches air, Chantelle backing away and weaving out of danger . . .”

“Mace’s best shot of the day . . .”

“Both fighters regroup . . .they come together in the center of the ring . . .”

“Ding, Ding”

“Another fast paced round comes to a close, both fighters stare each other down as they walk to their corners . . . Chantelle kept the pressure up nicely, has she won the first two rounds?” Missy?”

“Yes! She is dictating everything right now – round 2 goes to her for sure.”

“I agree Missy. Two round rounds for Daniels. She’s keeping up her torrid pace and Mace is working hard to keep up with it.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a fight with this many punches thrown this early . . .”

“That’s Chantelle’s game – it’s hard to keep up with her . . . and Mace is breathing hard in her corner.”

“What can Mace do to slow the match, or get control? Penny?”

“Not sure, but if she can tie up Daniels and make the fight an ugly scrum she may be able to work the body, slow her that way . . .”

“Not sure Mace will have time to work the body and slow Chantelle. Chantelle’s in great shape . . .”

“Ding, Ding”

“And round three is under way, the crowd has enjoyed every minute of this one . . . and again it is the champion coming out fast. Chantelle jabbing from afar, and a nice straight right . . . Chantelle with another straight right . . . “

“Not much head movement from Mace, Penelope?”

“And Chantelle is throwing more power punches to lead . . .”

“A little welt under the eye of Mace is forming, another flurry by Chantelle, and a nice counter to the body by Mace . . .”

“We don’t see Mace as the counter-puncher often, but every time she initiates a flurry, Chantelle dances out of the way . . .”

“Another nice counter to the body by Mace following a three punch combo by Chantelle that mostly catches arm . . .”

“I will say, Chantelle is feeling those body shots having felt them myself!”

“Chantelle continues to bounce and jab . . . her pace has not slowed . . . Chantelle darts in with a left, grazes the ducking Mace, a follow up right . . . ooh!

“Ooh . . .!”

“. . . a counter right hook by Mace . . . Chantelle goes down!! The champ is down!!”

“ . . . that hook landed flush on Chantelle’s jaw as she backed away. . .”

“ . . . Chantelle is stunned, she sits up off her back . . . the count at ‘2’ . . . And she’s up quickly, but she is swaying to her left on shaky legs . . . and Chantelle stumbles and crashes back down to the mat face first after 3 wobbly steps . . .”

“ . . . 4 . . . 5 . . .”

“ . . . The champ can’t find her equilibrium . . . she crumbles again to the canvas after getting up a second time! The crowd is stunned . . .”

“ . . . 7 . . . 8 . . .”

“ . . . and Chantelle uses the rope to rise a third time and keep her balance . . . her legs are stiff . . . she’s still teetering . . . The champ is up, but she can’t find her legs . . . “

“Giles, I am not sure she knows what’s going on . . . what a shot delivered by Mace!”

“The referee checks Chantelle . . . Chantelle still wobbling . . . Chantelle is nodding . . . but does she know what’s being asked? The fight is waved on! Chantelle needs all her savvy to survive this round . . . Mace pounces . . . she fakes a right, Chantelle flinches and teeters forward . . .

and a thunderous upper cut snaps Chantelle’s head . . . and Chantelle slumps forward . . .”

“She’s out Giles! Wow!!”

“. . .Mace steps aside as Chantelle falls into her . . . and the champ falls face first to the canvas . . . her arms trapped under her body . . .

Folks! The count is academic! Morgan Mace has just knocked out the champion Chantelle Daniels cold! A sudden end to this bout!”

Morgan Mace is once again the UK Foxy Boxing champion!

“ . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7. . . 8 . . . 9 . . . 10 . . . OUT!!”

“Well, that count was really just for show . . . Chantelle is still not moving in the ring . . . an unbelievable lightning finish to this action pact championship bout . . .Missy?”

“Holy cow! That was . . . I have no words! Chantelle was in complete control of that fight . . . what a punch by Morgan Mace!”

“Missy, I am with you! Mace caught Chantelle backing out . . . ooh . . . the replay just showed it . . . that punch exploded off the jawline of Chantelle Daniels, and that was it! Penelope?”

“I think Chantelle just felt some real power for the first time in her career! We talked earlier, if she got caught lapsing in this fight it could cost her . . . she just got a little lazy backing out and . . . I’ve felt that power before!”

“Chantelle Daniels’ reign is over, she’s still face down . . .

And what’s this . . . Morgan Mace just sauntered over to the prone Chantelle Daniels and ripped off her sheer mini skirt . . . and she tosses it to the crowd! Really, uncalled for . . .”

“That is Morgan, Giles . . . and that is why the fans hate her! Wow, the crowd is letting her have it . . .”

“Mace being ushered back into her corner – she’s yelling and screaming . . .Can you make it out, Missy?”

”She’s yelling at everyone – ‘you thought that was a champion . . . look at her now’ . . . well I can’t repeat the rest of it . . . this is public TV after all . . .”

“Ladies and gentlemen… your winner tonight, by knockout in the 3rd round, and new UK foxy Boxing champion Morgan Mace!!”

And a new round of boos cascaded down on ringside. The fight Penelope just witnessed was electric, right up to the sudden knock out finish. As she listened to Giles wrap up the coverage she couldn’t help smirk at the sight of Chantelle Daniels, now finally in a seated position, looking vacant and glassy-eyed at the chaos around her. Her only thought was, ‘Ahh, Chantelle . . . Who’s the hot mess now!”

“ . . . Penny . . . Penny! . . .”

“Sorry, Missy, what?”

“We’re off . . . we’re done! . . . Wow, that ended fast for Chantelle!”

“Right! You know Missy, I want Daniels when I return! I saw something today that I can use!”

“Ha . . . don’t go getting delusions of grandeur now Penny . . . we’ll see. But let’s eat . . . I am starving.”

“Sounds great!”

“Don’t get too excited Penny, salad for you remember!”

(To be continued)