Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

David Kent, anchor for the British Sports Network’s Foxy Boxing coverage, adjusted his tie and faced the camera. He eyed the cameramans fingers as they counted down to one and took a breath and began addressing the television audience. “Welcome back to our preview of the this Saturday’s upcoming fight card of IK Foxy Boxing. Of course, we all know the Main Event is the eagerly anticipated return of former champion Penelope Primrose to the UK boxing scene. Since losing her UK crown to Morgan Mace nearly two years ago, the career of Primrose has been rocky at best, and in two nights she hopes to begin her journey to becoming a champion again. It’ll start when she takes on Sydney Smith, a young fighter trying to make some noise in UK Foxy Boxing. She is trained by Cornelia ‘Mac’ MacGillicuddy, who we of course know also trained Primrose to her great heights, adding more intrigue to the storylines proceeding this fight. Our very own Giles Watts, who will be calling the fight on Saturday, had a chance to sit down with Penelope Primrose a couple days ago to get her thought on the fight, her career, and her return to UK Foxy Boxing . . .” David was given the cue that he was off camera and turned to the monitor to watch the final cut of the interview.

“I am here today with ever popular and glamorous Penelope Primrose, who in a few short days will make her return to UK Foxy Boxing. Thank you Penelope for taking the time to talk with us.”

“Your welcome Giles! It feels good to be back, and good to see you again . . . it’s been almost two years.”

“It has been at that. Well, Penelope, it is no secret that a lot has happened in your career in the past two years . . . “

“Well that is an understatement Giles, but please, go on!”

“Well, you lost your UK title to Mace, then after a prolonged break decided to take an offer to join the new Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment in America. You met with some success there, but had a disheartening loss to Ivanna Payne in the B.A.B.E tournament. Since then, you’ve had the one controversial win against Hannah, injury setback and the much covered event at the Trixie’s nightclub . . . So, what has Penelope Primrose learned from all that has gone on?”

“Thank you Giles for that run down of the past months . . . a lot has happened, and in the end I think I am a better boxer because of what I went through. The talent in B.A.B.E. is incredible, I mean we all remember Rayne, and what she is capable of, but in B.A.B.E she just lost again last weekend to Payne. She can’t even get a title fight. So it goes to show that to meet with success in B.A.B.E you have to be the best of you every night. And that pressure is hard to maintain, and I think I fell victim to some of the pressure – pressure being away from home, new trainers, bigger stage.”

“Let’s talk about the bigger stage piece of it. Many have criticized you for not being able to deliver when the lights are brightest. What do you say to that?”

“I think it is a bunch of foolishness really. I was UK champion for nearly two years, one of their youngest ever. Yes I was unaware of Rayne’s talents, and I took the Mace rematch too soon after that loss. And really since then, I’ve only lost that one other time to Payne. So I think it is nonsense to assume that I can’t perform when it matters. I am the UK’s greatest fighter, do not doubt that.”

“Chantelle Daniels may disagree with you there but . . .”

“She can disagree all she wants, but she hasn’t fought the level of fighters I have, and hell, old MacGrath put her on her ass in the first round of her last fight. She is merely a placeholder . . .”

“She has been on record of calling you a ‘hot mess’ now . . .”

“I heard what that blond bimbo said. She has her fans, and in my absence has become popular and all, but we’ll see. Not really here to talk about Daniels.”

“So, as you re-enter the world of UK Foxy Boxing, what are your goals?”

“To raise the championship belt of course, what else. To take back what is rightfully mine.”

“I wa talking to a close friend of yours, Missy Eddington, about your return. She mentioned how, thanks in large part to your championship reign that inspired many fighters, UK Foxy Boxing is a stronger league than the one you left. Care to comment?”

“I reckon that is true, as across the globe the sport has picked up momentum. I think the best talent is still found in B.A.B.E, and because of that I am not to worried about what faces me here.”

“Including your opponent Saturday night, Sydney Smith.”

“Including her, yes Giles. She is young, and has some talent, and of course Mac is training her so the should be prepared. But worried about her, no. She’ll get some exposure fighting a former champion like myself, but that’s about it.”

“She is a tall fighter, three inches taller than you are, and has won four of her last five fight including three in a row . . .”

“Against other young fighters no less. Look, I know she is tall, but it doesn’t come with any power. What, one knock out in her career so far . . .”

“Well, many in Foxy Boxing felt that taking on Smith was curious, especially as the rumors are you sought out this match. Are they true?”

“It is just a good match-up for me. A decent fighter with a winning record, and, you know, just my sly way of letting Mac know just what she is missing in her new fighter. It is no secret Mac and I fell out after my loss to Mace, so, just a little fun my first time out. Something extra for you media folks to chat up.”

“Many media folks have been chatting up your recent form and condition . . .”

“They’ve got to talk about something . . .”

“I your last two fights though, you have come in heavier than your prime years here in the UK . . .”

“Just a different fighter now – stronger fighter. You had to in B.A.B.E. There are some big strong girls over there – did you see that Ashley/Jade fight? I had to compete with that type of fighter, so I did bulk up some . . .”

“So, in shape for this fight?”

“Of course. Had some injury setback, so training had to be shelved for awhile during recuperation. But I am prepared at my best for by UK return. Believe me.”

“What are your goals for this first fight . . .It has been nearly 5 months since your last fight, that tough one with Hannah.”

“A knockout of course! UK fans expect a great show, and I will give them one. They’ll get that reminder as to who Penelope Primrose is Giles. Not worried about the layoff. Sydney Smith will know what it feels like to be in the ring with a champion!”

“Penelope, thank you for taking some time out of your training to talk with us. Best of luck on Saturday.”

“No luck needed Giles, but thanks anyway.”

David Kent again turned to the camera, and when giving the cue began speaking again. “So there you have it. Penelope Primrose folks! About to embark on her second UK Foxy Boxing chapter. The fans are excited, the arena is sold out. Chantelle Daniels better be aware that Penelope Primrose is most likely gunning for her belt. That is all for tonight’s show. Remember, join us for Saturday Night Foxy Boxing her on B.S.N. Good night until then.

Giles Watts and Missy Eddington listened in their ear plugs at David Kent’s monologue introducing the Main Event on tonight’s UK Foxy Boxing fight card. They listened as David excitedly remarked on the return of the popular former champion Penelope Primrose as she returned to UK Foxy Boxing. He had a way with words thought Missy, but she soon shifted her thoughts on her friend Penelope. She hoped she’d have a triumphant return, and given her pedigree that was likely to happen. Her concern was she had chosen an opponent who was trained by Mac, a woman who knew Penelope as well as any other, and in addition she worried about what kind of shape Penelope would be in. She still thought of those Mallorca photos, and wasn’t convinced seven weeks was enough time to get in top shape. Penelope had assured that she was working hard to be at her best. Missy was quickly brought out of her stupor by a Giles Watts elbow which alerted her the fact that David was finally throwing the B.S.N feed there way for the call of the Penelope Primrose-Sydney Smith bout.

“Thank you David! And a wonderful night of Foxy Boxing has brought us finally to the Main Event, the eagerly anticipated return to the UK for former champion Penelope Primrose. I am joined, of course, by Missy Eddington, and Missy this return of Penelope’s has been all the talk around her in recent weeks.”

“You’ve got that right Giles. Everyone is excited to see Penelope Primrose back in the UK. Though her stint with B.A.B.E. didn’t work out as she had hoped, one of England’s greatest champions is back tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. “

“Of course Missy, the last time we saw her live was in this very ring Penelope lost her title to Morgan Mace. Mace overpowered her that night in three rounds. Now, Penelope gets to erase the images of that night tonight. I am sure every fighter in UK Foxy Boxing is watching tonight, knowing a serious threat to the championship belt is back in the ranks. Do you think she’ll make the climb back to the top Missy?”

“She has the talent to do it. It will take a great effort, as reclaiming the pinnacle of a sport is always harder than the original climb . . .”

“You did it Missy . . .”

“Yeah, I did, and the second time to that belt took longer and was harder. Chantelle Daniels won’t give up that belt easily Giles. But Penelope, recent results aside, is still a formidable threat. If she puts the work in, she’ll get there, and the work starts tonight. I am excited.”

“As are our viewers. Of course, Penelope does have an opponent tonight, Sydney Smith, twenty one years old, an East Ender across the Thames from your neck of the woods in Greenwich, Missy.”

“A young up and coming fighter. Tall and wiry. She is trained by Mac MacGillicuddy, who of course trained Primrose during her first run her in UK Boxing. Mac raves about her smarts and work ethic. She’s won three bouts in a row, the last two going the distance. She reminds many of a young Penelope, though Penelope of course is still young herself at twenty-six. She lacks the power to go with her quickness and speed that Penelope had at the same age. This bout should be fascinating in that respect.”

“Well there is music for Smith, so let’s listen in.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to tonight’s Main Event! First, fighting out of the red corner, weighing in at 126 pounds, from London, England, Sydney “Syd the Kid” Smith!!!

“So here comes Smith, followed by Penelope’s old trainer Mac MAcGillicuddy. She receives what I could guess is tepid applause from this sell out crowd Missy.”

“Yes. The crowd respects this exciting young fighter, but they are all waiting for you know who.”

“Undoubtedly, the energy in this arena is palpable! There are chants for Penelope coming from various parts around the ring. Sydney is in the ring, and she’s in navy blue top and bottom and white boots . . . why are you smiling Missy?”

“Just, I wonder if Mac is playing some mind games with Penelope. Sydney is in the same colors Penelope used to wear in her early days before adopting her famous attire.”

“Well than . . .and the crowd erupts at the sound of the first notes of the introductory music of Penelope Primrose.”

“And her opponent tonight! Making her return to UK Foxing Boxing, and also hailing from London, England, fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at 141 pounds, former UK Foxy Boxing champion . . . please welcome Penelope Primrose!!!!!”

“Listen to that ovation. Deafening. Their favorite daughter has returned!”

“Look at Chantelle Daniels at ringside, even she is taken aback at the thundering applause Penelope is getting tonight.”

“Well, they’re getting a glimpse of their hero after her long time away from the UK arena. That familiar Primrose saunter down the aisle. She is certainly reveling in their adoration, especially after all the turmoil she’s had recently . . . and she waves to the crowd as she enters the ring . . . and there is a second wave of thunderous ovation as Penelope tosses aside, with some flare, her robe to reveal her famous Union Jack fighting kit. Missy, your thoughts?”

“I hope the fight matches the energy of this crowd!”

The crowd silenced as the playing of the national anthem was announced. As “God Save the Queen” played Missy couldn’t help but drift away in her own thoughts again. She couldn’t say she was surprised given what has been going on with Penelope and what she had seen, but Penelope still looked out-of-shape standing in the ring. Penelope had been announced at 141 pounds, the highest she had ever weighed in at, and at ringside you could see it. Maybe that was what Daniels was ‘taken aback at.’ Though she thought Penelope looked better than those Mallorca snaps, she still looked toneless all over, particularly around her soft, slightly protruding midsection.

“ . . .Missy?”

“I’m sorry, Giles, I didn’t hear you over this noise?”

“How do you see this fight going?”

“Penelope has the experience and power. Penelope may be on the losing end of the speed game, something we haven’t seen in a Penelope UK fight. And if Sydney can use her height with that speed she could frustrate Penelope who is used to being the faster fighter.”

“Well they are finishing up the instructions, and you can see clearly the height advantage of Sydney, though Penelope does outweigh her by close to fifteen pounds. Surprising, given Penelope has always been the smaller fighter.”

“Maybe she learned something during her time at B.A.B.E. where there are bigger fighters doing damage. She may be trying to overpower the younger, taller Smith. Getting inside and going to work. Though this is the heaviest we’ve seen her, and in her recent fights conditioning and sharpness have been an issue.”

“Well, Penelope is smirking . . . confidant as always, Missy?”

“I wonder if she is recognizing the outfit Sydney is wearing.”

“The fighters retreat back to their corners . . . the crowd is buzzing with anticipation . . . “

Ding! Ding!

“ . . . and there is the bell . . . Penelope moves to the center and immediately starts shuffling left and right . . . we’ve seen this many times before in a Penelope fight . . . two nice jabs by Smith snapping Penelope’s head back . . . Smith closed fast on Penelope and surprised her with her speed at cutting the ring . . .”

“Penelope is going to have to counter more tonight, be faster with her own reactions. In her last fight, against Hurricane Hannah she could move all over the ring. Well, the quick long strides of Sydney are going to make the ring smaller.”

“Penelope bounces right, throws a jab and a left, comes up empty . . . nice counter jab by Smith . . . and another . . . Penelope ducks . . . moves right, Smith meets her again . . . again they exchange jabs and Smith gets the better of the exchange . . . her length is given Penelope a little trouble to start . . .”

“It is strange to say this in a Penelope fight, but I think Penelope is the one who has to get inside and get beneath Sydney’s jabs – get inside . . . normally we say the opposite for Penelope, but Smith has the more potent jab with her speed and length . . . there it is again, Penelope gets caught moving left . . .”

“So Penelope needs to make this a power punch fight?”

“Sort of, she is getting beat to the punch . . .”

“A nice left by Smith! The best punch of the night . . . “

“Penelope has to come inside off the jab, use her power advantage.”

“Well Penelope is reluctant to engage inside so far . . . Sydney cuts off the ring again, she is really not letting Penelope go to her left, which she prefers . . . Penelope fakes left and moves right, gets off a jab that lands on Sydneys chest, and a counter flurry by Smith . . . left, right, another right grazes Penelope’s cheek . . . Penelope ducks and grabs a hold of Smith . . .”

“Giles, I think Penelope is taken aback a bit by the speed of Smith . . .”

“They are separated, and Penelope moves right, left . . . Smith just stalking now . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“There’s the bell . . . a feeling out round?”

“Yes, for sure, but I think we saw some early frustration from Penelope . . . she is unwilling to come inside, and Smith is closing the ring off easily.”

“Are you surprised at the early confidence of Smith? She is standing right in front of Penelope every chance she gets.”

“No, not at all. She has nothing to lose here, and I am sure Mac taught her what Penelope likes to do best. And Mac knows moving aggressively forward is not Penelope’s favorite thing to do.”

“Smith’s round?”

“Yes. First round to Sydney.”

Ding! Ding!

“And round two is underway, and it is Smith who skips quickly forward to meet Penelope, and fires three quick jabs . . . Penelope moves left”

“Only one jab really connected . . .”

“Penelope charges forward and is caught by another left jab . . . ooh . . . a solid right to the body of Penelope . . . and a left-right combo to Penelope’s head . . . Penelope falls back to the ropes . . . Smith chasing . . . Penelope ducks away and shuffles back to the center of the ring . . . Smith is on her quickly again . . . Smith is firing away as Penelope backs up into the ropes protecting herself . . .”

“A lot of work by Smith . . . nothing landing hard, but she isn’t allowing Penelope to throw any punches . . .”

“Penelope tries to clutch and is met by another left/right to her face . . . she spins away and re-sets, Smith in her face again . . . jabbing away at Penelope . . . Penelope can’t get a punch off! . . . Sydney jabs, Penelope ducks and fires a nice left into Smith’s midsection, and another . . .”

“That’s what she needs to do!”

“Penelope fired an upper cut, nice escape by Smith as she leans back . . . Smith now back pedaling, Penelope chasing.”

“Penelope doesn’t want to be doing the chasing.”

“Penelope shuffles forward, ducks left and fires an overhand right . . . and misses . . . her momentum takes her forward into the ropes . . . she turns . . . solid right by Smith, and a left to Penelope’s belly, and another shot to Penelope’s body . . . Smith is firing away . . Penelope moving her head and bobbing. . . again Penelope finds herself overwhelmed . . . she can’t get off . . . left-right to Penelope’s face . . .Penelope fires off a right and left but catches only arm . . . Smith backs up, Penelope regroups . . .”

“Penelope needs to get inside . . .”

“Smith bobs forward . . . again they exchange punches, Smith’s jab lands . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“That’s the bell to end round 2, and it is another round for the young Smith . . .Missy?”

“I am as surprised as the crowd is right now. Penelope is a fast starter, and she is getting beat to the punch all over the ring. She looks slow . . . rusty . . . maybe the 5 month layoff is proving hard to shed in that ring, but she better figure it out. Smith is controlling things, she looks like the veteran in there. Penelope needs to recognize that Smith doesn’t have the power, so she should attack aggressively.”

“So, Missy, Penelope needs to bring the fight to Smith . . . brawl.”

“No, not brawl . . . but be aggressive and control the ring herself.”

Ding! Ding!

“Round three begins and it looks like Penelope is doing just that, she is stalking. Smith comes out of the ring more cautiously . . . pawing out jabs . . . Penelope still chasing . . . nice low straight right by Penelope into Smith’s body . . . Smith goes left, still firing jabs . . . “

“Penelope doing a better job of timing the jabs now . . .”

“Both fighters cautious . . .Smith lunges forward, and Penelope catches her with a counter right . . a nice hook, that hurt Smith . . . Smith side shuffles away . . . Penelope gives chase . . . cutting off the ring . . . This time Penelope lunges in, takes some Smith jabs, keeps coming and fires off another right hook into the side of Smith’s head. Smith rocks back . . .”

“Penelope has found something that works . . . the right hook! That’s two nice ones that Sydney felt . . .”

“Smith gets back on her horse . . . Penelope pauses, takes a deep breath . . . Penelope back on the chase . . . Penelope moves forward again, firing lefts and right into Smith’s body . . .Smith covers up and takes the shots to her body . . .Smith with the clutch, holding Penelope . . .the two stand there in an embrace . . . the ref separates them . . .”

“Penelope’s work rate has increased . . . Smith’s has slowed down, not sure if it means anything but Penelope got in two hard right hooks.”

“Penelope lunges forward with a left . . . two nice jabs by Smith . . . Again Penelope come forward, throwing punches all over as she powers through Smith’s jabs . . . Penelope working the body like you said she should . . . Smith covering up as Penelope fires away . . .”

“Good defense by Smith . . . she is getting pummelled by Penelope, but mostly over her arms and shoulders and hips . . .”

“Penelope backs away . . . Smith back on her horse as Penelope gives chase . . . Smith stops and moves right, Penelope a little flat footed moves forward . . . Penelope fires away again . . . again Penelope gets in close . . .”

“Took two more nice jabs to here left eye getting in there – some puffiness around Penelope’s eye . . .”

“Penelope again throws punches in bunches with Smith against the ropes . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“And the roar of the crowd lets you know who won that round Missy! Both fighters trudge back to their corners.”

“Penelope increased her work, throwing more punches . . . I think Smith felt her power.”

“Let’s take our first visit into the corners with the ringside cam. . .”

“ . . . glug, glug . . . “

“Not so much Penny . . . Keep on your toes. Don’t get flat footed. She’s afraid of your power so keep taking it to her . . . she can’t hurt you . . .’

“Huff . . .glug . .”

“Do you hear me Penny . . . give me the water . . . more power, take it to her . . .”

“Missy, good advice there?”

“Yes, she has to keep doing that. Concerned about Penelope’s left eye though. Sydney’s jabs are puffing it up, a little mouse under there as well.”

“Over to Sydney’s corner . . .”

“Keep letting her be the aggressor . . . take her shots Syd, but listen. You have to be aware of the right hook. She likes slipping it in there after ineffective pawing jabs . . . don’t nap on it . . .”

“OK Mac . . .she’s bull rushing . . .”

“Let her . . . but keep moving . . . if she leans in . . . slide and go for the body . . . you’re looking good . . . KEEP MOVING!”

Ding! Ding!

“Smith getting some late instructions as she bolts off her chair at the sound of the 4th round bell. Smith still has the wheels as she bobs and shuffles around the ring . . .”

“Penelope is still stalking . . . still not used to seeing her in this position, as the aggressor. She’s always been the counter puncher . . .”

“Do you think she’s feeling pressure for a knock out . . . going forward as she is.”

“Yes, she’s feeling pressure . . . and frankly, the longer this fight goes she loses her advantage, as much as that is also strange to say in a Penelope fight.”

“Meaning . . “

“Meaning Penelope is not in the condition for a long fight . . . you heard her in the corner, she’s huffing and puffing after three rounds . . . We used to say long fight’s favored Penelope, not anymore . . .”

“Nice left my Penelope, but a nice counter by Smith . . . Penelope is charging forward, wailing away with lefts and rights . . . again Smith is taking them . . . “

“Penelope’s has abandoned her own jab . . .ooh . . “

“Nice left by Smith to Penelope’s midsection . . . Penelope stopped in her tracks, she readjusts her waist band . . . Penelope again trying to close the distance on Smith . . . she’s not closing as fast as she was in the 3rd round. Smith stops and pivots, a nice straight left into Penelope’s left eye . . . Penelope straightens out . . . again a deep breath . . .”

“Penelope needs to be aggressive, but she needs to slow the fight down.”

“Smith still circling, firing off some jabs . . . Penelope lunges forward and takes another left into her side . . .”

“She’s over throwing her right hook . . .she found some success with it in the 3rd round, but Smith is looking for it now and countering.”

“Penelope stalks in again, again takes some jabs off her face . . . but gets inside, firing away at Smith’s midsection . . . the crowd roars again . . . and an uppercut by Penelope snaps Smith’s head back . . .”

“Sydney is hurt . . .“

“Smith is on wobbly legs . . . she uses her reach to clutch Penelope . . . another embrace. Penelope couldn’t follow up, but Smith is still feeling the effects . . . that famous full-bodied upper cut of Penelope did some damage. . .”

“Smith stayed up . . . and the ref breaks them up, both fighters stagger back . . . Penelope moves forward . . .”

“She sensing a wounded Sydney . . .”

“Penelope gets Smith into the ropes again . . . Smith desperately bobbing and weaving as Penelope fires away . . . Penelope is letting her hands go . . . nice left connects with Smith . . . Smith spins out of the ropes and staggers into the corner . . . Penelope falls face first into the ropes . . . regains her balance . . .”

“Nice move by Sydney . . . she slithered away . . . still on shaky legs”

“Penelope lumbers after Smith . . . another nice left connects for Penelope . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“And the crowd roars again as the bell rings! Penelope has taken over the fight . . . landing some heavy shots, Smith was wobbled in the ring . . .”

“Clearly another round for Penelope, Giles . . . her power is the difference so far . . . Sydney doesn’t have much to hurt Penelope with, but she is certainly feeling Penelope’s power!”

“Can Smith recover?”

“She can, but she can’t take those shots . . . you can only escape so many times.”

“Well, Missy, both fighters are looking haggard in their corners . . .”

“Yeah, Penelope’s left eye is swelled up, it could be a liability soon. Her trainers are rubbing her legs . . . Penelope is tiring but she is in control. They are doing everything they can to regain Sydney’s senses in the other corner . . . she was still shaky when she got there. Giles, I think we’ll have some major answers next round.”

“Well the crowd has stood through the entire break . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“ . . .and round 5. Both fighters a little slow out of the corners. Smith circling – her legs look as though they’ve recovered enough to bounce around, Penelope giving chase . . . Smith is moving left, than right . . . she’s just moving around, giving herself some time . . . Penelope struggling now to cut off the ring . . .”

“Penelope’s legs are gone Giles . . . she’s flat footed, and not moving with any urgency.”

“Both fighters circling around . . .She waiting for Smith to slow down?”

“If she is, I am not sure why.”

“”Smith now firing jabs as she is the one closing the gap . . . she’s smartly targeting the left eye of Penelope . . . Penelope still moving her head, but she is still taking a lot of those jabs to the face . . .”

“She has to get back inside . . .”

“She’s trying Missy . . . Smith slides left . . . and right, Penelope lunges forward and takes a straight right directly under her eye . . . that slowed her charge . . . Penelope regroups and darts forward . . . another right snaps Penelope’s head back, not sure she can see it . . . but she counters with a nice left to Smith’s neck . . .”

“A misfire, but it hurt Smith nonetheless . . . Penelope now going to work . . . this is what she has to do . . .”

“Smith trying to get a hold of Penelope’s arms . . . an uppercut by Penelope grazes the nose of Smith as she backs over the top rope . . . and a right by Smith connects into Penelope’s ribs . . . both fighters embrace . . . Penelope leaning heavy on Smith, Smith rapping right’s into Penelope’s side . . . The ref breaks them up . . .”

“Penelope looks tired Giles, breathing heavily . . .”

“Smith starts moving again, a little blood from her nose . . . Penelope trying to close the ring off . . . Smith darts in suddenly with a straight right, catching Penelope on the nose . . . Penelope fires away in response . . . Missy! Both fighters now wailing away in the middle of the ring . . . left-right to the body of Penelope . . . Penelope connects to the head . . . uppercut by Smith lands. . . Penelope gives ground . . . Smith still firing away . . . Penelope overwhelmed a little and ducks into the ropes . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“And there is the bell! The crowd on their feet again! An even round, but did the late flurry from Smith give it to her?”

“I think it might Giles! Penelope slow to her corner . . . both fighters spent energy at the end of that round. But whereas Penelope looked spent after the exchange, Sydney looked in control . . . Penelope didn’t have the energy to carry her advantage from the fourth round into the fifth . . .”

“To the corners – first Penelope . . .”

“Huff . . . puff . . . gulp . . .”

“Did you hear me Pen!”

“Huff . . . y – yes . . . water . . . huff . . .”

“Now you need to counter . . . make her come to you! Counter with your power . . . are you listening! Penny, you’ve got to fight . . .NOW!”

“Got it . . . legs . . . huff . . .”

“Just breathe Penny! . . . Dig deep!”

“Missy, a lot of imploring going on in Penelope’s corner . . .”

“She’s tired Giles! Her corners senses it . . .Penelope needs all her champion’s pedigree now – can she dig deep? It is a position we’ve not seen her in much in the UK. She’s in a fight . . .”

“Over to Smith . . .”

“ . . . and keep at it . . . no let up . . . she’s done Syd! This is your fight! Look at her! . . . Look at her Syd! That is a former champion over their sagging in her corner – she is gulping for air . . . You did that, now finish her! You hear me!”

“Yes Mac!”

“To become a name Syd . . . you have to destroy a name! None bigger or more glamorous in UK boxing than Primrose, and she is ripe for the taking! For seven weeks you’ve heard about the great Primrose comeback! Make your’s the name they talk about tomorrow!”

“Missy, round 6 is coming up. Been years since Penelope saw a round 6! Both trainers imploring their fighters to survive and fight!”

“You have to say the advantage is Smith’s. She looks fresher . . .”

“You know Missy, the last time Penelope saw the sixth round was against you, when she beat you . . .”

“I remember . . . and the fight was just like this one.”


“And there is the bell . . . Penelope lumbers out, and Smith flies out of the corner . . .”

“She needs to be careful . . . Penelope is great at counter punching . . .”

“Now Smith is doing the chasing . . . the energy in the crowd is immense . . .”

“Giles, I think they are sensing that Penelope is losing control of the fight . . . plenty of shocked faces in the crowd right now. Not used to seeing Penelope struggle like this . . .”

“Smith is firing jabs now. . . upping her tempo like she did early in the fight . . . Penelope’s head movement is slowing . . . those jabs are keeping her at bay . . . a nice right by Smith snaps Penelope’s head back . . . Penelope is shuffling left . . .”

“Her left eye is closed are close to it . . . she’s not reacting very well to Sydney’s right hands.”

“Smith closes in, and fires another right . . . and a big left hook sinks deep into Penelope’s belly! Penelope slinks back . . .”

“She felt that Giles! That hurt!”

“Smith is on top of Penelope now . . . Penelope slumped over trying to clutch . . . Smith firing shots down on Penelope . . . a left uppercut to Penelope’s yielding belly lifts her onto her toes . . . Smith fires another shot into Penelope’s ribs pushing Primrose to the ropes . . .Penelope’s rear is sticking out of the ropes as Smith charges forward . . . Penelope is hanging onto the ropes, trying to stay in the ring . . .”

“Penelope has to get a hold on something . . .”

“An uppercut straightens Penelope out . . . Penelope staggers to the left . . . a left by Smith into the ribs, another . . . Penelope is covering up and slouching in the corner of the ring . . .Smith is pouring it on . . .Smith is taking this fight over, dominating the former champion Primrose now”

“The crowd is stunned . . . they’re screaming at Penelope to hang on . . . unbelievable!”

“Smith fires a combination to the Penelope’s head . . . and back to the body . . .Penelope is wilting under the pressure . . .”

“She’s trying to get out of the corner, get a hold on Smith . . . Penelope is just eating leather and she can’t do anything . . .”

“Smith steps back, she takes a deep breath . . . Penelope straightens up . . . and Smith jumps right back on her . . .ooh . . .”

“ . . .oh my . . .”

“Smith connects with thunderous right into Penelope’s gut . . .Penelope is hurt, she bends over . . . Smith follows up, firing away at Penelope’s contorted body . . .”

“Penelope is hurting . . .”

“And she takes a knee! Penelope Primrose takes a knee! Smith’s assault has brought the former champ to her knees . . . an audible groan fills the arena . . .”

“Shocking . . . it was Smith’s relentless pressure that did it . . . “

“1 . . . . 2 . . .”

“The count has begun. Penelope slumped on a knee at the ropes . . . clutching her midsection, her right arm pawing for the ropes to stabilize her . . .”

“. . . 4 . . .5 . . .”

“Penelope chose to take a knee for refuge Giles, the question is, can she get back up on her tired legs?”

“ . . . 7 . . . 8 . . .”

“The crowd imploring Penelope to get up . . . An she does! Penelope straightens up at 9 . . . referee tests her gloves . . . we go on . . .”

“Not sure for how long . . .”

“Smith wasting no time, starts firing away at Penelope’s body again . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“And the 6th round ends! A dominant round for Smith . . . she pushed Penelope around the ring and drove her to her knees . . .”

“Stunning! Penelope’s UK return is turning into a nightmare . . .”

“Penelope staggers to her corner . . . falling heavy onto her stool . . . they are working on her eye . . .”

“Which is the least of Penelope’s concerns now Giles? Penelope is exhausted . . . her trainers rubbing her legs and arms, fanning her down . . .”

“Can they do anything . . .”

“It’s in Penelope’s hands now . . . can she force her heart and mind to push past what she feeling . . . “

“Missy, we’ve seen Penelope defeated before . . . the crowd is chanting her name . . .”

“She’s lost to big names, Giles. Big strong fighters . . . unless you really follow UK Boxing, you don’t know who Smith is . . . That is what is shocking the fans right now – that Penelope Primrose is being dominated by someone most of them had never heard of.”

“Can she recover?”

“No, not in her current condition . . . this is a fight she had to be more prepared for.”

Ding! Ding!

“Round 7 folks! The nervous energy of the arena greets to two fighters as they meet in the middle of the ring . . . Penelope plodding in her movement . . .”

“Penelope has her hands up, not moving them or her head . . .”

“Smith jumps on the stationary Penelope . . . a solid right goes right through Penelope’s defenses . . .”

“ . . . on the eye again . . .”

“And a quick follow up left digs in deep to Penelope’s belly right above the belt . . . Penelope staggers . . . left-right to Penelope’s head, Penelope is flailing away, catching air . . . ooh . . . another crushing hook . . .

DOWN GOES PENELOPE . . . a crushing left hook to Penelope’s belly has dropped the former champ to her knees . . . PENELOPE IS DOWN . . . ”

“1 . . . 2 . . .”

“Penelope is on her hands and knees . . . crawling towards the ropes . . . her face a picture of agony . . .”

“ . . . 3 . . . 4 . . .”

“Primrose makes it to the ropes . . . still on all fours, staring vacantly through the ropes . . .”

“She is looking through the ropes at Mac, Giles . . . that has to be devastating to her, to see her former mentor watching her struggling on all fours, trying to get up . . .”

“ . . . 6 . . . 7 . . .”

“Penelope grabs the ropes . . . she’s on a knee . . .”

“. . . 8 . . . 9 . . .”

“And she is up! . . . teetering to the left . . . she puts out her arms . . . the referee signals the fight to continue . . .”

“Giles, Smith just needs to clean up . . . shocking! For a fighter with only one knockout win to her credit, is on the verge of knocking out the great Penelope Primrose . . . this is unbelievable!”

“Penelope backs into the corner as Smith rushes in . . . Penelope fires away at the in rushing Smith, and Smith just takes the punches . . .”

“Nothing left in Penelope’s punches . . .”

“Smith now standing in front of Penelope . . . and takes three straight Penelope punches to her face . . . mocking the former champs depleted power . . .”

“Mac is yelling at her from below to stop messing around . . .”

“Smith crouches and starts firing away . . . Penelope covers up again . . . she tries to spin away but a right kook to her face backs Penelope back into the ropes . . . Smith firing away – left, right, left, right . . . Penelope’s head pinballing . . . Penelope’s arms fall down . . . she can’t protect herself anymore . . . Penelope is sliding down the ring post! . . . ooh . . . a full force uppercut . . .”

“That’s it!! PENELOPE IS FINISHED!! I can’t believe it . . .”

“Penelope’s head lolls back . . . she slides down into a seating position! . . . Folks, Sydney Smith has just knocked out former champion Penelope Primrose!”

“Almost slow motion the way it unfolded . . .”

“The count begins . . .”

“1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .”

“No movement from Primrose . . . the glassy whites of her eyes looking skyward . . .”

“. . . 4 . . . 5 . . 6 . . .7 . . .”

“Smith can sense it now . . . the great Penelope Primrose is not getting up this time . . . Smith is jumping for joy . . .”

. . . 8 . . . 9 . . . 10 . . . OUT!”

“That’s it! It is official! The young East Ender Sydney Smith, has just defeated the legendary former UK champion Penelope Primrose . . . the crowd is still in shock . . . tepid applause for Smith!”

“I am at a loss for words! This was a knockout Penelope brought on herself, she just wilted with exhaustion and Smith made her pay with a relentless attack!”

“Primrose is still slumped in the corner . . . “

“You know Giles, this image of Penelope in the corner shows what she has become . . . an out-of-shape fighter resting on her laurels! The folds of her belly over her waistband as she sits there just tells you everything . . . You asked me earlier if this fight reminded me of when I lost to Penelope. It does . . . except I was near done as a fighter. Penelope is only 26, and she has already gone to seed! I can’t believe this is what Penelope Primrose has become!”

“Missy, you won’t be the only one saying that tomorrow morning!”

“Ladies and gentlemen… your winner tonight, by knockout in the 7th round… Sydney Smith!!”

“There you have it. A shocking upset tonight here in UK Foxy Boxing! The young Sydney Smith has defeated Penelope Primrose in her comeback fight . . .

The questions will be asked of Penelope Primrose. Had she prepared for this fight? Is she finished as a champion level fighter? This result aside, it has been a long, bumpy fall from grace for Penelope Primrose . . .”

“ . . . what did I tell you all?! A hot mess is that Primrose!! A hot mess!!”

“ . . . hey . . . umm . . . well that was UK champ Chantelle Daniels folks yelling into our ears . . .”

“Giles, she’s not so far off. Penelope is not the fighter she was, and if she doesn’t make significant changes she won’t be the fighter she thinks she is again.”

“David, as we go back to you in the studio, there is no doubt that this result will reverberate all through the UK Foxy Boxing scene. I am sure you all have lots to talk about. As for Missy and myself, thanks for joining us here tonight. A stunning upset as Sydney Smith knockout Penelope Primrose. Goodnight!”

Having signed off, Missy quickly got up from her ringside seat. She headed to the corner where they were still working on Penelope Primrose. Penelope was still sagging spread eagled in the ropes, her soft belly slowly rising in labored breaths. She had regained consciousness, but her left eye had closed, and what looked like tears mixing with blood on her face. The smug, haughty face that Missy was used to seeing on Penelope was indeed the mess Chantelle had mentioned. She jumped in the ring and helped her trainers get her onto a stool, and held the ice to her eye. Missy knew this feeling. At the end of her career she had faced four straight defeats, each one worse than the other as she tried to hang on to the career she loved. Penelope was going through it now. But Penelope was still hung, she could turn it around and Missy was determined to help with that.

Farah Fox walked into the locker room, sweating after a long workout in the B.A.B.E gym, and scanned the room.

“What are you so smiley about?” she called to Rose McKenna, who was reading something on her phone.

“Did you see this?” responded Rose.

“What?” Farah walked over to where Rose was sitting.

“Penelope Primrose got knocked out in her first fight back in UK boxing!”

“Really? Ouch, that’s gotta hurt her ego! By who?”

“Some girl named Smith . . . I barely remember who that was . . . That’s awesome though! The arrogant Penelope, I am sure she thought she could waltz back in there and get her belt back . . . oh, how sweet this is. This makes my day, let’s go to Trixie’s for a drink, shall we?”