Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

Missy Eddington was still taking it all in, gazing out onto the arena floor from her vantage point in one of the VIP lounges. There was an electricity in the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment arena that she had never quite experienced – back at Foxy Boxing UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The arena was state of the art, and bigger than anything she had ever fought in, and though they were still in the undercard bouts of Episode 7 of B.A.B.E. there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. Of course, everyone was awaiting the Main Event between undefeated B.A.B.E. champion Ashley Powers and Nikita Drago – the saga of how that match had materialized had reached the UK media so Missy was familiar with the rivalry. Penelope, through Lana Sinclair, had of course kept her filled in on the particulars.

Missy had watched the last couple of fights alone in the booth, as Lana hadn’t yet arrived and Penelope was making the rounds talking and catching up with B.A.B,E, staff and fellow fighters. Penelope said she would show her around, and Missy was eager to see more of the arena. She especially wanted to catch up with Sonia Patel, who she had just watched defeat a fighter named Roxy Starr. Sonia had struggled early in the fight but had rallied for a 3rd round knockout victory. Sonia was the sister of an amateur rival of hers, Jayna Patel, and she had actually met Sonia before when she had fought in some exhibition bouts on her India Tour. Missy didn’t have too many fond memories from that tour, as she had gotten sick midway through it and had lost the last fight embarrassingly to a young visiting Phillipino boxer named Ana Aquino.

Missy always thought the India Tour was the beginning of the end for her career as she lost the UK title for the second and final time shortly after returning to the UK.

“How’s the action been!”

Missy was snapped out of her revelry as Penelope Primrose burst in the VIP room.

“Have you seen Lana yet?”

“No, Penny . . . No Lana yet . . . but the action has been quite impressive! I know you’ve said it before, but there is some talent here in B.A.B,E!”

“And this is just the undercard, Missy! You see your Sonia girl fight? Is she anything like her sister you always talk about?”

“Different fighter – smaller – but she took some shots early, looked stiff and nervous in there but stuck it out. She has some skill, but don’t think she has Jayna’s power or overall skill . . . but of course, this is my first time seeing the younger Patel fight.”

“You still want to catch up with her, right? Let’s go!”

Missy followed Penelope as they wound their way down to the underbelly of the B.AB.E. arena through corridors adorned with various images of B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing heroes from yesterday and today. She recognized some of the faces in the photos – Raquel, Liberty, even an old Marla Moore photo! As they neared the locker rooms, Missy could see various B.A.B.E. fighters milling about, only knowing their names when Penelope greeted them, or when she muttered their names under her breadth – Penny’s ways of indicating who was a heel. Missy was nearly run over by an angry looking green robed fighter.

“That was Maria – the one I told you about – Nikita’s lackey! She is fighting next.” Penny whispered to her. “All the fighters go through here, and head up to that camera stage up in there . . .” Penny pointed to a well lit room . . .”They give their final remarks before heading out to fight.”

The Maria girl looked to be on a mission, Missy was glad she wasn’t facing her today.

“This way . . . I think Sonia should be back in here . . .” 

Missy continued to follow Penny. They soon heard an unmistakable Irish voice utter in a playfully menacing tone, “Get ready . . .I’m going to crush you into a little pile of curry and show the world you’re nothin!” A moment later, as they entered the locker room,  Missy and Penelope ran smack into an exiting Rose McKenna.

“Eddington!?” Rose was surprised to see Missy, but quickly recovered to purr “And Ms. Primrose – fully clothed!”

”Spewing your weak threats I see McKenna . . . will you ever back them up!”

“Oh do shut up you prissy has been . . .”

“Better than a never was – what, you with one win in five tries since coming to B.A.B.E.! What a silly lass you are sweet Rose!”

Penelope was happy to see she got Rose to flush a bit, especially since it was she who flushed the last time she saw Rose, when Rose dropped her green dress mocking her infamous ‘Primrose’ look from Trixie’s. Missy nudged Penelope through the door, not wanting anything uncouth to happen. Penny was incorrigible when it came to locker room argy-bargy, and often left many opponents wanting to rip her head off then and there.

“That is right Missy . . . protect your little ‘pudgy bag’ . . . How’s the UK treating you!?” Rose yelled back as Penelope walked away.

“Rose, Rose, Rose . . . let it be! Go enjoy the fights out in the ring . . .huh?” Missy calmly uttered to her one time broadcast partner. McKenna hadn’t changed much – even if her early B.A.B.E. career had been humbling.

“How do you stand that arrogant twat, Missy!”

“What arrogant twat!” Both Missy and Rose turned around to see Farrah Fox walk up.

“Primrose! She is here – just went into the locker room . . .”

“Fully clothed!? Or did she lose her dress again?” Farrah snickered. “Who is this?”

“Farrah, this is Missy Eddington . . . Missy, Farrah Fox.”

“Missy “The Body” Eddington – former UK champion!?” And Farrah snickered again.

“That is me . . . nice to meet you Ms. Fox . . . but if you would excuse me.” Missy rolled her eyes, and made to follow where Penelope had gone. Idle locker room chatter was never her thing, and these two were two peas in a pod.

“Nice to meet you too Missy . . .” And as she walked away Missy heard Farrah utter to Rose, “That was really her? ‘The Body’ huh? Not anymore . . . More like ‘Big Body’ . . .” Missy sped on, not needing to listen to where that conversation was heading. The crowded arena noise was harder to ignore – clearly the Maria/Tina Corretti fight was underway.

Sonia Patel was still wrapped in a towel when Missy entered the back area of the locker room near the showers. She was talking with Penelope.

“Is that little ole Sonia Patel, all grown up!?” Missy barked. Sonia smiled when she saw her and they embraced. “I always figured you’d follow in Jayna’s footsteps – but back in India, not here in the bright lights of B.A.B.E. Nice win today!”

“Ha! Not really – I was so nervous today, could hardly move – the crowds here are sooo big!”

Missy recalled her own thoughts on how Sonia had looked stiff in the early going, “Yeah, well, a wins a win, nerves get us all. Great to see you. I have to ask though, how is Jayna doing these days?”


Penelope and Missy opened the door to the VIP room they had booked for the night – and saw Lana Sinclair had finally arrived. She was intently watching the second round of the Amber Skye/Susie Somers match. Lana turned when she heard them come in.

“Where’ve you two been!? You missed a great fight between Tina and Maria!”

“We saw it on the locker room monitor! Missy wanted to catch up with Sonia Patel – Missy used to compete in the ametuer days with Sonia’s sister Jayna . . .”

Missy interjected, “. . .  we must have just missed you getting here.”

“Yeah, I snuck in just before the fight started, wasn’t keen on seeing too many people. No need to start rumors!” They heard the bell ring ending the second round of the fight below. It was Lana’s first night back watching live bouts in the arena, and Penelope knew the day had been emotional for her. Lana hadn’t been back in the ring part of the arena since she was wheeled off after being knocked into an induced coma by The Jade Fist. It was the reason she and Missy had gone ahead to the arena, to give Lana space.

“You doing OK Lana?”

“You know, yes . . . better than I thought . . . Liberty walked me in. I’d called her to meet me – she knows this building and got me here without notice! We watched Tina’s win together.”

“Doesn’t Liberty normally watch B.A.B.E. episodes with Rocky?”

“She does – though she said Rocky was watching today’s episode with some special guests – Gail Golden among them.”

“Gail huh? I bet she’s trying to get Gail to invest some of her money into B.A.B.E. Could be a tough sell, given how Gail’s boxing career collapsed so hard and sudden in this very arena!

“Who knows, Penny? But a good win for Tina – and you had a good visit with Sonia, Missy?”

“Yes I did – got the latest on Jayna, so it was nice to catch up.” Missy knew Lana was surely not the person to share the details of Jayna’s ordeal to, so she quickly changed the subject, “How’s this bout going? Been a good night for ‘the good girls!’

“It has!’ agreed Penny just as the bell sounded for round 3, “Fuschia, Cindy, Sonia and Tina all winning today!”

Penelope and Missy took their seats next to Lana, looking down at the action below. Susie was being aggressive early in the round, but all three of them groaned when they saw Amber connect with a vicious left hook to Susie’s chin.

“Oh . . .”

“Cover up Susie!” Lana yelled.

Missy saw clearly that Susie was hurt, and had quickly lost the ability to protect herself. In her years of watching fights she knew the end was near after that blow. She watched Lana and Penny stand up, their imploring voices drowned by the crowd noise, as they watched Susie get assaulted into the ropes. Amber fired off an uppercut, catching Susie square on the chin, Susie collapsed face first to the canvas, and all three of them listened to the count.

“Get up Susie!” Penny yelled.

“She’s not gonna make it – she can’t get her bearings . . . “Lana muttered in response.

They watched as a dazed Susie squirmed and fumbled on the canvas, unable to make any real efforts to rise.

“I guess we jinxed it . . . bad Amber won!” Penny remarked as the bell sounded ending the bout.

“Ugh . . . What amber did . . . and now she gets a win . . . so annoying . . .” muttered Lana as she sat back down.

“Well, that’s Susie for you . . .” Penny said. “ Ashley is next . . . you get to talk to her tonight, Lana?”

“Briefly – she is focused – and she is edgy! Haven’t seen her this amped in quite a long time. Hopefully she can harness that – we all want to see that insufferable Nikita go down – especially for what happened with Lisa.”

Susie Somers was still fumbling on the canvas, already forgotten as an audible buzz began escalating in the arena – the talk had turned to Ashley vs Nikita.


There was a knock on the door interrupting the idle analysis Lana, Penelope and Missy were engaged in as they readied for Ashley to take on Nikita. The knocking was barely audible over the din of the crowd, and the three Foxy Boxers were huddled in close so they could hear each other. Penelope rose and walked to the door. Upon opening the door she was met by an ebony skinned woman with flaming orange hair smiling back at her.

“Hello Penelope! Heard you were here tonight!” the woman yelled over the crowd noise. Penelope took a second to recognize the figure, until finally seeing that it was Pepper Syn – the last person she had defeated, the Hurricane Hannah escape notwithstanding, in her time at B.A.B.E.

“Pepper? Yes Pepper . . . been a long time . . . what brings you here?”

“Been awhile, yes . . . how’s the UK.”

“Been fine.” Penelope was being coy, not altogether sure what Pepper was doing here. As far as she knew, Pepper wasn’t a B.A.B.E. fighter anymore. “And you?”

“Staying busy Primrose, staying busy.” Was the equally coy response from Pepper. Pepper and Penelope hadn’t really been rivals, but they hadn’t been friends either. “Say, I heard Missy Eddington was here too . . . you think she could spare a second?”

Penelope looked over the orange clad Pepper briefly then turned towards the room where Lana and Missy were still engaged in huddled chatter. “Missy! . . . Missy! You have a fan here to see you!”

Missy looked up, seeing Penny at the door with a woman she did not know. Missy pushed the fleeting thought of pride that seeped into her mind – Missy did love being recognized! – and headed for the door. The striking orange-haired, black woman couldn’t be any trouble, afterall one must get through security to get back up into the VIP corridors. “I am Missy Eddington, nice to meet you. How can I help you?”

“Pleasure is mine Ms. Eddington! My name is Pepper. You don’t know me, but I know of you – and your reputation!”

“Okay . . .” Missy wondered where this was heading – hoping it was just an autograph.

“I was wondering if I could have a word with you . . .” and looking over at Penelope added, “ . . . in private.”

Penelope needed no second hint as she looked Pepper over one more time, smirked, and spun on her heels back to where Lana was. Penelope was grateful, thinking she hadn’t much to say to Pepper and hated awkward conversation.

“That Pepper? What’d she want?”

“To chat, privately, with Missy.”

“Hmm . . all sorts of stuff going on here tonight! Haven’t seen her in a while. She retired?”

“How do I know Lana, I could barely remember who she was when I opened the door!”

Missy watched as Penny went back to Lana, and then slipped out into the corridor to see what Pepper Syn had to say.

“Thanks for letting me chat with you! I know we’re all getting ready to watch the big fight, so I’ll be brief. So, Candy Carpenter, I think you know her – she’s been doing European Scouting for Rocky these past months . . .”

“Yeah, I know Candy some – I’ve seen her around UK Boxing now and then.”

“Yes, she says she’s spoken with you on occasion, getting your feedback on different fighters.”


“Okay, well, pretty soon I will be replacing Candy – Candy wants to get back into the fight scene somehow – boxing, even wrestling . . . anyway, I will be heading to the UK to catch the Fairchild fight, and Penelope’s with Daniels amongst others. Then heading around Europe. Hoping to find any takers – offer some contracts to folks who might be open to trying their craft here at B.A.B.E. Candy said she had struck out with the Fairchild camp . . .”

“Kelly Fairchild isn’t going anywhere! The amount of positive heat she has right now, you don’t catch that often.”

“Right. But we hope other UK boxers may be open to crossing the ocean, what do you think? Candy mentioned some names: Mace, Daniels, Kearney, Stephens, Smith and some others, even thinking Primrose may be open to a return.”

Missy’s head was spinning – the buzz was growing – she could hear Nikita’s music booming, and she wasn’t really ready to talk about the UK boxing scene with Pepper Syn. “Well . . .”

“I know I am kinda ambushing you here, I’m sorry, but things are moving fast around here – I just got word that I was heading to Europe, hearing you were here, and knowing your knowledge of the European fight scene, I thought I would pick your brain.”

“Well, Mace is champion, so I am sure she is staying put – champions don’t generally drop their belt and head off, so that is a non-starter . . . but let me think on it.”

“That would be great – and maybe we can hook up in England – you, me and Candy and have a chat. I want to hear from you – and, if all I did today was make an introduction, then so be it . . .” Pepper paused, the crowd just went into a frenzy as the Music for Ashley Powers echoed through the arena. ‘ . . . so . . . yes. Here is my card!. I fly tomorrow! NICE TO MEET YOU MS. EDDINGTON!

“MISSY . . .CALL ME MISSY. AND YES, I WILL CALL YOU. . .” They were both nearly shouting to each other so as to be heard. “I RECKON WE SHOULD WATCH THE FIGHT NOW!”

They nodded to each other, and Missy watched Pepper spin on her heels and head down the corridor. Missy was deep in thought – there hadn’t been a very big push in quite awhile to bring local UK talent to America – really, Primrose had been the big catch and it had been quite some time since, with the exception of Rose. All in UK boxing were happy to see Rose McKenna leave. She knew the UK scene had heated up – they currently had two fairly popular former champions, a very unpopular champion in Mace, and none of  those fighters was generating the most press – that was Kelly “The English Rose” Fairchild. 

Wonder if Rocky Balboa was seeing that, and wanted a slice of that action. She wondered if Penelope wanted back – seeing Penelope these past two weeks had clearly shown her that Penelope wanted back in B.A.B.E. somehow – but also knew Penelope wanted to be UK champion again. Missy had a moment of honesty with herself and thought – ‘well Penny might be able to take Chantelle, though I have my doubts, but a third tilt with Mace would be disastrous and from what I’ve seen of Fairchild, everyone in UK may be playing second flower to ‘The English Rose’ for years to come!’ With the fight introductions roaring over the loudspeakers, Missy slipped back inside the VIP room – time to see what the fuss was all about with Ashley Powers and Nikita Drago.



The bell sounded and Ashley and Nikita stalked each other in the center of the ring. Penelope put her hand on Lana’s bouncing leg, “Relax, Lana, she’s got this . . .” Penny was watching Lana biting her nails – ‘she’s a nervous wreck’ thought Penny.The buzz was alive in the arena, but there was tension in the VIP room – Missy, Lana and Penelope all lost in their thoughts as they watched two of the most famous Foxy Boxers in the world battle in the ring.

Missy was eying the action, and now and then stole a glance at Lana and Penelope. Between the three of them, she knew the least about these fighters –  so she recognized she was probably looking on the bout with a little more detachment. She knew, from what Penelope had told her, that Ashley Powers was formidable in the ring – and Ashley surely looked that way in the ring. She was bigger than Nikita with powerful looking legs, and Ashley’s build reminded her of her own body when she was reigning supreme in the UK. Nikita, to Missy, looked softer than she would have suspected. She was keen to watch the action unfold.

Missy was surprised to see Ashley’s guard was low early in the fight, and she was taking some early leather. When Ashley was active with her fists she was clearly targeting the body of Nikita, and the crowd told you everytime Ashley hit her target. It was clear whose side the B.A.B.E. fans were on, Missy had never heard anything like this.

Glancing to her left, she saw Lana intently staring down at the action, Penny still holding on to her leg. Missy was struck by the noise coming from the Big Screen TV to her left, which was simulcasting the action they were watching – you could hear the sound of Ashley’s leather striking Nikita’s body, a thumping noise different than she had ever heard before. “This Ashley girl has some power!’ she thought to herself. She regretted that she wasn’t ringside to really get a sense of that power.

“ . . . she’s feeling those . . .” Lana muttered.

“They both are!” Penny responded.

They were reacting to Nikita following Ashley’s tactic of targeting the body. Missy was agreeing, as the body language of both fighters was telling when they took a shot to the body from their opponents. Clearly both fighters are looking to wear the other one out, both knowing that each possesses some elite power.


“Can they keep that pace up!” Missy asked, turning to Lana. Both fighters had stood toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring firing away at a tremendous rate at the end of the first round. The crowd was in a frenzy.

“Well, they clearly don’t like each other, so this is not a surprise . . .” Penny responded.


“Hmm . . . what?”

“So, can they keep this up Missy asked?”

Lana was clearly in thought, “Not sure . . .” she finally muttered, “ . . . I wouldn’t think so . . .”

Penny had noticed that while Lana’s leg had stopped vibrating, her body was tense, “You okay?”

“Yes . . . yes . . . just nervous . . . I mean, let’s be honest, Ashley hasn’t had the best prep for this fight, she’s been on that tour . . . so, I think she wants to end this fast, not sure she wants to go long . . . so her early pace is risky . . . so nervous . . .”

Missy listened in to Lana and Penelope’s chat, and she agreed, it didn’t look as though this fight would not go too long – both would feel the effects of the early body attacks, both had power, and time would tell as to their endurance.


The bell synchronized three heads in to immediately turn their attention back to the ring where Ashley and Nikita were coming back together. The noise had not slackened – but the early pace of Ashley and Nikita did not continue at the start of Round 2. Missy figured they had both sent the early message in the first round, and had both felt each other’s power. Nikita was still targeting Ashley’s boby . . .

“ . . . like KO . . .” Lana offered.

“What?” Penny answered.

“Like Corporal KO, she’s targeting the body of Ash . . .”

Missy didn’t really know what they were talking about, but she did know that Ashley was having more success than Nikita in finding her target this round. They sat in silence watching the bout, the crowd lending a musical score each time Ashley connected with Nikita.

“The pace has slowed . . . guess that answers that question . . .” Penny said, breaking the silence.

Missy agreed, but what punches landed were heavy, ‘These are some strong women!’ she thought. There weren’t a lot of jabs being thrown, and some of that could be attested to the hatred the two women have for each other. To Missy, neither fighter looked particularly quick in their movements, not necessarily hard to hit. That surprised her a bit considering their reputations. Missy watched as Nikita hit Ashley with another hard shot just below the sternum. She glanced at Lana, ‘She’s intense watching this!”

“Oh . . “ Penny shouted.

“Yes! Follow up . . .  Yes!” Lana was up and shouting.

Missy was amazed at the two punch combination she had just seen from Ashley Powers, and it had dropped her Russian rival to the canvas. 

“Wow, that is power . . . “ Missy was now standing with Lana and Penny as they watched the count. Nikita was dazed, that was for sure, and the look on her face was one of begrudging respect. For all her words, she had just realized why Ashley Powers had defeated such fighters as Jade Fist and Ivanna Payne.

“ She’s up . . .”

“How much time is in the round . . .”

“ . . . umm . . . I can’t see . . .  not  much.”


“Shit! She had her!” Lana twirled in frustration.

“She’s got her hurt, and got herself a 10-8 round . . .” Missy responded.

“I know . . . But that would have been sweet!”

“That was impressive power . . . she can bring the power quick, you were right Penny!” Missy marvelled. Missy had seen power in her day, but ‘this was next level stuff’ she thought. Lana was pacing, during the break, and Missy watched the monitor, checking out the fighters on the stools. They were waiting for the bell and Ashley looked intense, while Nikita looked a bit worse for wear. “I think Nikita has felt real power for the first time, look at her.”

“I agree!” Penny responded. The crowd was in a frenzy now as they smelled blood – the blood of Nikita Drago no less – the majority folks recognizing the necessity of comeuppance coming her way after what she ‘allegedly’ did to Lisa Simmons.


Missy watched a less cautious Nikita come out for Round 2 – ‘She’s clearly shook’ she thought.

“Nikita’s holding back . . .” Penny commented, “That’s good for Ashley, Missy, nobody finishes like Ashley!”

Lana was quiet as they watched Ashley press the attack. The fight had slowed considerably Missy thought from the frenzied pace of the first round, ‘those haymakers to their bodies may be taking their toll already.’ Missy wasn’t seeing what Penny was predicting, as Ashley was missing with her punches, Nikita dodging and keeping her distance, still recovering from her knockdown. Missy was also surprised as to the lazy nature of some of Ashley’s offerings, slow wide punches that telegraphed to Nikita their intent. “And there!’ came the sudden thought as Missy saw Ashley get tagged in the ribs with a wicked right hook by Nikita. ‘That was a slow left by the champ, and she just ducked under it!’ she thought. She stole another glance at Lana who was biting her lip.

“Come on Ashley!” Lana yelled.

Missy thought she heard a little frustrated anguish in Lana. The body shot had affected Ashley, as she was now less aggressive, and for the first time tonight Missy saw one of the fighters utilize the jab, and it was Nikita peppering the face of the champ.

“Move Ash!” Lana growled, and Penny’s hand was back on her knee.

Nikita had closed the gap between her and Ashley, following her jabs to work over Ashley’s belly, with a flurry of punches, capped off by searing uppercut to Ashley’s solar plexus. Ashley looked hurt for the first time. Missy was surprised at how Nikita had so quickly switched the fight to her advantage, and Missy was now understanding Lana’s reservations as to Ashley’s prep for this fight. Ashley’s movements had slowed, as had her work rate and she was getting beat to the punch! As that uppercut by Nikita just showed – clean and crisp and Ashley was getting rocked.

The crowd had sensed the shift in the fight as well, and you could hear the anxiety as their favorite champion was starting to struggle in the ring. Ashley tried to fight back, but Nikita covered and took those shots on her arms. To Missy, Nikita was controlling everything in the ring now. Missy didn’t want to say anything aloud, but Ashley looked frustrated, ‘And slow! Nikita just tagged her on the chin – past another sloppy right from Ashley!’

Lana had shot out of her seat at that last punch, turning from the live fight in frustration, zeroing in on the monitor, as if to look closely at Ashley’s face. “She’s hurt . . . “ she mumbled, barely audible.

Ashley was indeed retreating, Nikita tearing into her body. Missy watched Lana as she watched the monitor – clearly focusing on the grimaced expression of her friend Ashley Powers in the ring. The zoomed in simulcast clearly showed Ashley’s closed eyes after a hard left to her kidney, ‘Nikita’s wearing her down!’

A quick left, and suddenly Penny and Missy had bolted out of their seats as well – and like the crowd they groaned as Ashley Powers dropped to the canvas.

“No!” Lana blurted

They watched as Ashley lay on her left hip, propped up on her left elbow. Missy looked around the arena, everyone was standing, and the crowd was in an uproar, exhorting their hero to rise. Missy looked over at the monitor that Lana was glued to, and saw what Lana saw, Ashley Powers had a glazed look about her.

“She’ll get up!” Penny said, ‘and there isn’t much time left . . . Lana, she is a pro . . . she’ll take her time.”

“She looks glassy eyed . . . get up, Ash!’ Lana yelled at the monitor.

Missy heard another thunderous roar, she didn’t know it could get any louder, as Ashley slowly got into a crouch.Missy was heartened by the fact that Ashley had kept what focus she had on Nikita the entire time, a good sign even for a hurt fighter.

“She’s up Lana!” Penny said.

“ . . . and she looks to have her legs still, no wobble . . .”


Lana had paced away from the TV before the bell, kicking a pillow that had fallen off the couch they had been sitting on in the VIP lounge. Missy sat back down, looking at the monitor – she always felt you could learn a lot from how fighters looked while sitting on the stool. While doing so, her attention caught the figure of Raquel Balboa, resting her chin on her folded hands as they tensely held the railing of Raquels’ own VIP suite. ‘Now that is a tension filled face!’ Missy thought. No doubt Raquel was not enjoying this moment right now.Missy thought Ashley looked okay on her stool, clearly alert, and the focus was still there. Nikita looked a little smug, but of the two it looked as though Nikita was breathing heavier.

“Lana . . .”

“Don’t tell me to sit, Penny!” Lana said, still pacing the lounge. “Sorry, Pen! Just . . . this is what I was worried about, Ashley look rusty and slow!” Penny threw her hands up in mock surrender, and for the rest of the break all three of them were alone with their thoughts.


Both fighters came out, but it was clear Nikita was going for the kill early. Ashley met her, but again it was Nikita who swiftly rocked her with a right hook, Ashley barely managing a defense. Ashley. Blood flew from Ashley’s mouth as her head was rocked to the side, and Missy saw Ashley titter a bit on her feet. Lana had stopped pacing but was watching the monitor with one eye, her face buried in her arms. Nikita was following up on the retreating Ashley by going for the body, and Missy thought ‘That might be a mistake, you just rattled the champ, follow up to the head.’

‘Ohh, my!” Missy couldn’t help but blurt it out as Ashley caught Nikita on the jaw with a devastating left hook out of a crouch.

“Get her Ashley!’ Lana cried at the monitor.

All Missy could think of was, ‘Wow!” as Nikta was dropped with a follow up right.

‘That happened so fast!’ She had never seen a fighter with that much power. ‘Her punches may be wide, but when she connects!’ Missy had never had that ability to rescue a fight with power -she wish she had, she may still be fighting! The crowd had reached yet another decibel level, and Missy was now thinking there was no bounds as to how loud this crowd could get. Nikita was dazed on the canvas.

“She’s got her, Lana! Drago is on shaky legs!” Penny said as she walked towards Lana. They both watched a desperate and wobbled Nikta throw a weak right that Ashley avoided easily. Missy was still marvelling at how fast Ashley was able to turn the fight around with one punch. With precision, she now saw what Penny had forecast earlier, Ashley Powers was finishing a fighter. Within seconds she had Nikita dangling in the ropes, punch-drunk and loopy. Nikita was at the mercy of a fighter who had none for her – and you could hear the guttural scream Ashley let out as she blasted a finishing right hook off the jaw of Nikita. And on cue, thought Missy ‘The crowd got louder yet again!’

She saw Lana give a silent double fist pump, releasing all the tension she had built up, and Penny dove in for a hug! The count was academic, Drago was out cold. She slapped high fives with Lana and Penny. She was glad to have seen this fight. Though she saw cracks in the armor of Ashley Powers, she may have just witnessed the strongest puncher she had ever seen.

“Penny, did I really utter ‘Ohh, my’ . . . how embarrassing!”

“Yes you did Missy!” And they both laughed.

She watched Penelope Primrose glance out at the arena – wishing she could be inside that stubborn head to listen in on what Penelope was thinking. She had a look in her eye – one Missy read as “I miss this place!’

“Penny, I know you’re excited, but if you even mention Trixie’s I will dust off my own right hook!”

“Ha! No . . . Just imagining next week! Can’t wait to see Chantelle Daniels looking like Drago!”


Missy was reflecting on all she had seen at the B.A.B.E. arena as she reclined in her first class plane seat, Penelope Primrose sleeping beside her. She thought, too, of her and Penny’s two week training session with Lana Sinclair. She was amazed at the skills she witnessed on the B.A.B.E. fight card, and those of Lana herself! To her, Lana was formidable right now – whether in B.A.B.E. or the UK. In fact, she marvelled at the fighters she saw last night – Patel, Fuschia, Corretti, Sanchez, Drago, of course Ashley – how they would all be knocking at Morgan Mace’s door if they were in UK Foxy Boxing. Missy regretted she had never seen UK Foxy Boxing getting to where it is now during her time – she was fading out as a fighter as Penelope rose, and that was the beginning of UK Boxing really taking off. But she also wished she could get UK Foxy Boxing to reach the heights she saw B.A.B.E. was at now. What Balboa had done in two short years was amazing.


She heard a phone buzz. It was Penelope’s. It kept buzzing every so often. She elbowed Penenlope awake. “Your phone.”

“It can wait!” And Penny nuzzled further into her pillow.


The buzzing continued. It was going off with buzzing and vibrating at a steady stream. She elbowed Penelope again, but was ignored.

“How do you turn this thing off!”

Beezt! Beezt!

She heard another phone buzz at her, but recognized this one as her own. She ignored the stare from an annoyed man at Seat 3B, and swiped her samsung open. Her eyes widened at what she read.

“So that’s why there was all that back room intrigue at B.A.B.E., and why Pepper may have sought her out.” She elbowed Penelope hard awake.

“Knock it off! What!?” Penelope growled.

“Penny – Raquel Balboa just sold B.A.B.E.!”

‘Wha . . . What!”

“Balboa sold B.A.B.E!”

“What! . . . Get out! . . . No way!” Penny jerked upright and fumbled for her phone. She had 23 messages, and the phone was still buzzing. She opened one from Lana.

“No way!  . . . What the F . . .” Penelope was lost in thought as she scrolled through the messages.

“To Gail Golden! . . . Well, she always had money! . . . This is unbelievable . . . and Raquel is coming back as a fighter! No effing way . . .this is soooo crazy . . . why!?” Penelope was engrossed in the messages she was reading.

“This is big news – look the Daily Beacon already has a story up . . . this is wild!”

“Well, Missy, this explains Rocky’s tension . . . wow . . . not to mention that early morning jogging . . . Good lord this is crazy!”

‘So much for either of us sleeping on this flight!’ thought Missy.

(To be continued)