Month: June 2022

Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 8 Now Available

Part 8 in the ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ storyline sees a unification of the two top female wrestling leagues of the day leading to the birth of the United Women’s Wrestling League! There’s one problem: there’s only room for one champion.

Get ready for a brutal battle between the two top wrestlers of the day as two champions collide in the ring! ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree (representing the former NWFL) takes on Olympia Jackson (representing the former UWWA) in a 3-fall match to decide who’ll be the ultimate champion of the new league!

Coming at 128 pages, you’ll see both champions give their all for the victory. In the end, once the smoke clears, one of these women will be left standing holding on to the two championship belts!


Canada’s Rising Star

The Canadian boxing world sees the rise of a pugilistic star through the ranks.

This story featuring two separate bouts, focuses on Audrey Girard… perhaps Canada’s latest hope for a championship future.

Tune in for the action!


F.L.O.W. – Planetary Pin-Down – Part 1

The first part of a 3-part story involving the coming threat that Galaxia has been warning the league about.

Part 1 covers Galaxia’s original arrival and her search for a partner to take on this coming intergalactic threat.

You won’t want to miss the bombshell ending to this first part of the story!

Story format is in a traditional ‘comic book’ format.


FLOW Episode 6 Undercard Matches

A collection of highlights for 3 short matches for F.L.O.W. Episode 6, now available on Lulu!

In the first match, the savage Shee-La takes on Vixen in the squared circle. Can Vixen tame the wild beast or will she be ravaged by the warrior princess?

In the second match, the devious Sintasia goes up against Malee. Will Malee thwart the devil in the ring or will the devil have her way with the innocent Males?

In the third match, the offensive Grimli meets the mighty Sonja Redding. Grimli just wants to torment her opponent but Sonja is ready for her! Tune in now for the results!