Month: September 2019

F.L.O.W. Episode 1 – Epilogue

The smoke has cleared from the most recent F.L.O.W. card. But what is happening on the business side of things? (more…)

Coming Soon: The Conclusion to The PUNCH Protocol

F.L.O.W. – Episode 1 – Ultima vs. Poison

Ultima has reigned as F.L.O.W. champion for over a year now, defending her title against any threat that’s come her way.

But now Poison has her eyes set on the championship belt. After working her way through the competition, Poison is ready to take the champ on!

Will Ultima prevail over this new challenge or will Poison walk out of the ring as the new F.L.O.W. champ? (more…)

Poison Prepares For Her Opportunity

Poison has worked hard for her shot at championship gold. Now, she just wants a little fun.


F.L.O.W. – Episode 1 – Dolly Mae vs. Fangora

Dolly Mae’s a pretty easy-goin’ woman… until you insult her favorite country singer, that is. And if that happens, then you got a problem!

Fangora doesn’t seem too concerned though. She hates Dolly Mae as much as her bumpkin music and she’s ready to take it out on her in the ring!


Dolly Mae Gets A New Challenge

Dolly Mae is looking forward to the weekend but someone may disrupt her plans…


F.L.O.W. – Episode 1 – Galaxia vs. Malicia

In the next F.L.O.W. match, the woman from outerspace, Galaxia, is set to take on Malicia, a woman who lives up to her name!

Will Malicia prove to be mere practice for Galaxia, who believes are larger threat is coming to F.L.O.W. or will Malicia give her an interstellar beating?


Interview with Malicia

Malicia has some words for her upcoming opponent…


Interview with Galaxia

Luscious Logan catches up with Galaxia before her upcoming F.L.O.W. match.