Month: January 2022

When Liberty Fell…

The rivalry that started it all!

Years ago, just as a test match, I uploaded a fight between Liberty Lane and Vanity Vale, two characters made up on the spot. Then, based on the response I got, I decided to put them in a rematch, but I had no plans for them after that. Little did I know how popular they’d become in the world of B.A.B.E.!

So, this story is a look back on those first two matches but with some added story to build out their history.

If you’ve been following B.A.B.E. from the beginning, you know how these fights went.

But if you’re new, enjoy this visit to the past!


B.A.B.E. 19 Undercard Matches

A new story has been uploaded to Lulu!

This one features 3 short matches for B.A.B.E. Episode 19!

In the first match, Tara Armstrong faces off against Farah Fox. Both fighters have been struggling in the league… who will be able to pull out the victory in this one?

In the second match, Malibu Somers takes on the Bitchin’ Bombshell! The new ‘California Cutie is making her mark in the league but will the Bombshell end her hype?

In the third match, ‘Hurricane’ Hannah Hale goes up against the Golden Viper! The Viper is looking to get back on track while the Hurricane hopes to gain some traction in the league. Only one will be left standing in the end!

All matches consist of a few images showcasing highlights from the action.


New Poll! Liberty Lane vs. Vanity Vale! YOU DECIDE!


Liberty Lane will be taking on Vanity Vale… for a third time!

As you know, years ago, Liberty Lane (then, Foxy Boxing champion) put it all on the line against challenger Vanity Vale. In their first match, Vale destroyed Lane to become the new Foxy Boxing champion!

Several months later, Liberty took Vanity on again in a rematch for the championship belt (in a special topless match). Unfortunately for her, Vale came out on top again, crushing Lane’s dreams of re-capturing the belt.

Liberty Lane saw her career plummet and retired to become a B.A.B.E. interview host. Vale ended up losing her belt to Ivanna Payne and after an unsuccessful shot at the B.A.B.E. belt, retired from the sport to become a commentator.

Liberty eventually made a comeback to the sport and has re-built her reputation in the ring. But, now, Vanity Vale is making her return to the ring just to take on Liberty once again… for a third time!

Only, this time, their fate is in YOUR HANDS! You’ll get to decide who wins and who loses in this third match-up! You can vote below and voting ends Friday (1/14) at around 9 or 10pm (not sure what time zone the poll is in):


A Strange Case of Vertigo

Vertigo, one of the more mysterious wrestlers in F.L.O.W., receives the focus in this female wrestling tale.

Get a glimpse of the international female wrestling world as we follow the journey that led Vertigo to the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling.

Not much is known about this masked wrestler or what her motivations are, but this tale will give some of her background.