The 3rd B.A.B.E. card with 8 new fights!

In the first match, the Bouncin’ Bombshell collides with Corporal K.O.!

In the second match, former wrestling champ, Tina ‘The Italian Knockout’ Corretti puts her boxing skills to the test against rock’n’roll wildcat Roxy Starr!

In the third match, Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee accepts the Golden Glove’s challenge from the last B.A.B.E. card. Can the Golden Glove teach the bully a lesson now that Rod Nelson is no longer in her corner? Tune in to find out!

In the fourth match, the Shadow and Tara Armstrong meat head-to-head in the squared circle! Who will be left standing?

In the fifth match, the California Cutie is back in the ring, this time facing off against the cold Jade Fist!

In the sixth match, the Irish Rose attempts to destroy the American Dream’s perfect record when they meet head-on!

In the seventh match, the Texas Tornado takes on Farah Fox after how she treated the Golden Glove in the last B.A.B.E. card!

And in the main event, the Brooklyn Bomber gets her shot at B.A.B.E. gold when she challenges the champion, Ashley Powers, for the belt!

Which match are you most looking forward to and who will you be rooting for?