It’s coming, folks! The first episode of B.A.B.E. with 7 exciting fights!

In the first match, the California Cutie will be going head-to-head with Corporal K.O.!
In the second match, Roxy Starr takes on the Texas Tornado!
In the third match, the Latin Spitfire (with the Red Scare in her corner) making her debut against veteran Tara Armstrong!
In the fourth match, we have the Bouncin’ Bombshell and the Jade Fist colliding in the center of the ring!
In the fifth match, the Brooklyn Bomber faces the crowd favorite American Dream!
In the sixth match, the Irish Rose battles the Golden Glove (with Rod Nelson in her corner)!
And in the main event, the B.A.B.E. Champion Ashley Powers faces off against the gothic menace of the Shadow!