Month: November 2021

New Poll! ‘Hurricane’ Hannah vs. The Golden Viper: YOU DECIDE!

In the next B.A.B.E. card, ‘Hurricane’ Hannah will be going up against the Golden Viper!

This is another match I don’t really have a strong opinion on so you will get to decide who earns the victory! Both of these fighters are mid-range fighters and both could use a win.

As powerful as the Hurricane is, she has been struggling against some of the tougher fighters. And the Golden Viper began her B.A.B.E. career tearing through the competition until she was stopped by the Jade Fist. Since then, she’s been trying to regain her footing.

Who will be left standing? YOU DECIDE! Vote below…


New Poll! Tara Armstrong Vs. Farah Fox: YOU DECIDE!

Tara Armstrong will be facing Farah Fox on the next B.A.B.E. card!

For this match, you’ll get to decide the outcome! Choose a winner below to decide who should take the victory.


International Foxy Boxing: Italian Edition: Tina Corretti vs. Vittoria Segreti

‘The Italian Knockout’ Tina Corretti has been training and working hard for a championship opportunity and she just got one, although it wasn’t the one she was expecting.

The Italian Foxy Boxing champion, Vittoria Segreti, unimpressed with current Italian boxing competitors, has issued out a challenge to the B.A.B.E. fighter.

So, with the Italian belt on the line, these two fighters will go at it! Will Vittoria Segreti show Tina what a ‘real’ Italian fighter is like or will Tina Corretti make history as the first B.A.B.E. fighter to capture an international championship belt?


The Italian Knockout Gets A Shot…

Tina Corretti is hungry for a championship opportunity… and she just got one.

Just not the one she was expecting.


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – Eva De La Cruz Vs. J-Fab

Mexican superstar, Eva de la Cruz, has been repeating her successes in F.L.O.W. but there’s always someone around the corner waiting to challenge her.

This time, it’s New Jersey’s bad girl, J-Fab, who’s looking to stop her winning streak.

What happens when these two fiery women collide in the ring?


Eva De La Cruz Gets A Challenge

Eva’s interview is interrupted by the New Jersey bad girl…


Backyard Boxing – Part 1

A story from Daisy ‘The Texas Tornado’ Taylor’s early days prior to joining B.A.B.E. An amateur ‘backyard boxer,’ Taylor made a local name for herself against other women.

But what happens when the men’s local champ, Chad Pierce, takes a fancy to her, in spite of her boyfriend at ringside?

Catch this rare mixed boxing battle featuring Texas’s finest fighter!