Month: January 2019

Foxy Boxing Weekly – The Latin Spitfire Defects

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)

B.A.B.E. Episode 14 Results

The results are in! Who came out victorious in the latest B.A.B.E. episode?


Episode 14 Main Event: The Asian Sensation vs. The Terror

The Terror has continued tearing through the ranks of B.A.B.E. and one fighter, the Asian Sensation, has had enough.

When Tonya Lee beat on a contest-winning fan, Cindy Suzuki stepped in and challenged the champ to a match. Tonya accepted, putting her belt on the line, and allowing Cindy to use her kickboxing skills in the ring.

Now it’s a ‘Boxer vs. Kickboxer’ match as the champ, Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee, takes on the kickboxing Cindy ‘The Asian Sensation’ Suzuki!


The Asian Sensation’s Kickboxing Past

A quick look into Cindy Suzuki’s career before she joined B.A.B.E. (more…)

Episode 14: The Latin Spitfire vs. The Texas Tornado

The Texas Tornado loves a good fight and tonight she’s gettin’ one!

The Latin Spitfire is coming her way with the Red Scare by her side. And the Spitfire has something to prove tonight!

Will the Texan fall to the Spitfire like the Alamo or can the cowgirl overcome this serious threat?


Episode 14: Farah Fox vs. Malibu Somers

Farah Fox has the distinction of having ended Susie Somers’s (aka The California Cutie) career here at B.A.B.E. But instead of being graceful with her win, Farah has been bragging to anyone who’ll listen.

But Susie has a cousin, Malibu Somers, who is not too happy with what’s happened. And now she’s here to challenge Farah Fox to a match.

Does Malibu have what it takes to go up against a B.A.B.E. boxer or will Farah send her back home to her cousin in defeat?


Episode 14: Bianca Parker vs. The Golden Viper

Bianca Parker and the Golden Viper both have something to prove tonight.

Bianca needs to overcome the loss from her first match in B.A.B.E. and the Golden Viper needs to move forward from the ashes of her failed mission in the league.

Tonight, both women will collide but only one will be left standing!


Episode 14: ‘Irish Rose’ McKenna vs. Penelope Primrose

The Irish Rose missed her shot at challenging Penelope Primrose for a title belt back when they were both still living in Europe. But now, Rose is looking to show the world what could have been by taking on the former UK champ.

But is Penelope Primrose the has-been people think she is? Tonight, she’s looking to show the world she’s still a force to be reckoned with!

Episode 14: The Showstopper vs. The Brooklyn Bomber

The Showstopper is ready for all challenges that may come her way, especially since she’s the granddaughter of Golden Age foxy boxer, Marla Moore. And tonight, she faces a challenge from the Brooklyn Bomber!

Will the Bomber crush the Vegas showgirl or will Moore show she’s not just a flash-in-the-pan in the league?


The Showstopper Shows No Concern

Margot Moore doesn’t seem too worried about her match tonight…