The upcoming matches for Episode 9…

It’s almost here, folks! The matches have been set!

The first match will be a FREE (that’s right, FREE!) exhibition match to introduce B.A.B.E.’s newest powerhouse, PORSCHIA PRYDE!

The second match will feature two former friends going at it in the B.A.B.E. ring as the Bitchin’ Bombshell takes on Tara Armstrong!

Next, we see the return of B.A.B.E. favorite, Lana Sinclair, as she meets the might of the Hurricane in the squared circle!

The third match sees an international contest between former UK champion Penelope Primrose and the vicious Red Scare!

And then, finally, Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee makes her debut as B.A.B.E. Champion as she takes on her first challenge from pop superstar Fuschia!

Stay tuned!