Operation: Knockout – Part 1

The Silk Assassin has embarked upon the greatest (possibly last) mission of her career: working undercover as a B.A.B.E. boxer to find the people who put her partner out of commission and what their overall plan is.

In this first introductory part, the Silk Assassin fights the Brooklyn Bomber while also working to gather evidence.


The Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 2 Now Available

Drama hits the United Women’s Wrestling Association as the league’s resident cowgirl, Sadie Rogers, confronts a threat from wealthy troublemaker, Madison Millions!

And what does this all mean for the league’s champion, Olympia Jackson?

Find out in this second chapter of ‘The Roots of F.L.O.W.’ storyline!


B.A.B.E. Episode 17 – Liberty Lane vs. Clarisse Cloutier

Years ago, Liberty Lane came out of an early retirement to take part in the International Foxy Boxing Championship Tournament.

Unfortunately, the French champion, Clarisse Cloutier, sabotaged her chances. Now, Liberty and Clarisse will finally meet in the ring to settle their old feud.

Who will walk out with arms raised in victory?

Former foxy boxing champion, Liberty Lane, or former French champion, Clarisse Cloutier?


Liberty Lane Contemplates

Liberty Lane thinks about the past before her next match…


The French Affair – Part 3

Clarisse reacts to recent events… which leads to today.


The French Affair – Part 2

The fictionalized TV-movie based on the Liberty/Clarisse rivalry…


The French Affair – Part 1

Clarisse Cloutier looks back on what brought her to B.A.B.E…


F.L.O.W. – Episode 4 – Ultima Vs. Fangora

Episode 4’s Main Event!

Fangora is ready for her shot at the F.L.O.W. championship title but the current champ, Ultima, is not ready to let it go.

Can the super heroic Ultima repel Fangora’s challenge or will the goth wrestler succeed in her quest to become the new champion?

Find out in this match!


Ultima Up To The Challenge

Ultima is ready for her next challenger…


Fangora Challenges the Champ

Fangora is ready for her shot at the F.L.O.W. title…