International Foxy Boxing – A Brazilian Challenge

The Brazilian foxy boxing champion has called a press conference…


Episode 16 – Baby Doll Vs. Malibu Somers

The new ‘California Cutie’ makes her ‘official’ debut as a B.A.B.E. boxer against the neon party girl, Baby Doll.

And Baby Doll’s looking to have some fun with the new fighter!

Will Malibu turn out to be the latest B.A.B.E. jobber or will Baby Doll get more than she bargained for?

Match has started up on Patreon! Join today!


Baby Doll Hits The Beach

After some training, Baby Doll hits the beach and has a run-in with a certain life guard.


F.L.O.W. Main Event – Ivana Lux vs. Picante

The battle for F.L.O.W. ownership begins today!

Wealthy Ivana Lux takes on Alanza Rivera (aka Picante), the woman who has worked hard to make F.L.O.W. what it is today.

In the end, one will become the driving force of the league.

Match starting up on the B.A.B.E. Patreon site. Join up to start viewing the match:


F.L.O.W. – Johnny Pierce’s Big Announcement

Rumors have been swirling around the F.L.O.W. locker room and, tonight, Johnny Pierce’s announcement may address them.


‘Out For The Count’ Music Video

Head on over to the B.A.B.E. Patreon page and become a Patron to catch Fuchsia’s new, boxing-themed music video for her hit song, ‘Out For The Count’!

Expect daily updates for video images.

Fuchsia Wraps Up Her Tour

B.A.B.E. boxer, Fuchsia has taken a quick break from boxing to tour in support of her upcoming album, with the hit song, ‘Out For the Count’ rising up the charts.

She’s also been working on a new video for the hit which is expected to drop soon.

But don’t worry… she’s been training hard while touring and working on the video!


F.L.O.W. – Donna Patton’s Story

Head on over to the new Patreon page as a new F.L.O.W. story is about to begin. This one inspired by today’s current state of affairs.

The New B.A.B.E. Patreon Page!

The Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league (and Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league) now has a new Patreon page where content will be added, including full storylines and matches and cheesecake photos (some NSFW)!

There’s only one tier to start things off with but more tiers will be added in the future, including one in which old stories will be uploaded (good for those who’s missed out on the Lulu matches) and one with comic-book style stories, separate from the leagues.

The goal with Patreon is to have at least one complete match per month to make it worth your support. So, at the very least, $10 will get you one match and some cheesecake photos.

Now, you don’t have to sign up for the Patreon page. The plan is to eventually upload complete matches to Lulu as well in case you just want to get access to individual stories as opposed to everything. (I’m still figuring that out with the new Lulu though.)

Hope you enjoy the action!

(Oh, and to get you started, head over to Patreon, sign up, and enjoy a topless version of this photo below!)

F.L.O.W. – Episode 2 – The Dream Girls vs. The Nightshade

F.L.O.W.’s beloved tag team champions, the Dream Girls, face a new threat from the ninja tag team, the Nightshade.

Can Ivy and Holly overcome the challenge of Tsukiko and Lady Blade?

Tune in to find out!