Month: January 2020

Episode 15: Kelly Kearney Vs. Penelope Primrose

Ireland’s toughest foxy boxer, Kelly Kearney, is looking to take down former U.K. foxy boxing champ, Penelope Primrose, especially after Primrose’s recent defeat of Kearney’s cousin, ‘Irish Rose’ McKenna.

But Penelope Primrose isn’t concerned and is ready to put her new rival down for the count.

There is history between these two women but tonight that history comes to an end! (more…)

Kelly Kearney’s Unfinished Business

Kelly Kearney never got her shot to take on UK foxy boxing champ Penelope Primrose… until tonight! (more…)

Penelope Primrose Is Ready

Penelope Primrose thinks back to her prime but is ready for today. (more…)

Kelly Kearney Arrives

After issuing her challenge to Penelope Primrose, Kelly Kearney arrives at the B.A.B.E. gym, greeted by her cousin, ‘Irish Rose’ McKenna. (more…)

Episode 15: The Latin Spitfire vs. The Brooklyn Bomber

The Latin Spitfire has split off from the influence of her former mentor, the Red Scare, and is now looking to make her own way in the B.A.B.E. league without any help.

The fans seem happy with this decision but it hasn’t gone over well with some of her former friends, including the Brooklyn Bomber, who is now looking to exact some revenge for her betrayal.

Will the Brooklyn Bomber make the Latin Spitfire regret her decision? (more…)

The Latin Spitfire Follows Her Own Path

No longer influenced by the Red Scare, the Latin Spitfire forges a new path in B.A.B.E. (more…)