Month: April 2018

The Returning Bombshell

After an absence, Cheryl Williams, the Bouncin’ Bombshell, is back at B.A.B.E. ready to take on new challenges!


Bianca Arrives

Bianca Parker explores her new boxing gym.


Tara’s Big Shot

Tara gets her shot at championship gold! (more…)

Episode 11: Prologue – Liberty Is Ready

Liberty has a heart-to-heart with Raquel Balboa prior to her return.


Canadian Knockouts – Part 2

This it… the moment the #1 foxy boxing contender, Simone Steele, has been waiting for: a shot at the Canadian Foxy Boxing Championship belt!

But only one woman stands in her way: the undefeated champ herself, Maxine Dupont.

Can Simone overcome the champ or is Maxine as devious as they say she is? (more…)

A B.A.B.E. Interlude

Liberty Lane gets ready to train for her return.


Fight Rosters Updated!

Some newer fighters have been updated with profiles. Take a look for yourself!

Margot ‘The Showstopper’ Moore

Sonia ‘The Golden Viper’ Patel

Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum

Bebe ‘Baby Doll’ Dahl

Bianca Parker

Amber ‘The Bitchin’ Bombshell’ Skye

On top of this, a roster has been added for the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league!