Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

Penelope Primrose stretched out in her bed, and rolled over to turn off the buzzing alarm. It was four in the morning and Penelope was glad that she wasn’t waking up for another grueling run up the hills orchestrated by Missy. She reflected briefly on how good she felt physically, as good as she could remember anyway. Missy had slowly morphed the heavy cardio workouts with more intense weight work in the last month and Penelope felt she was as strong as she ever had been. And with her return bout one week away she was beginning to feel the nervous energy that coursed through her whenever a fight was nearing. Penelope was excited. Enduring Missy’s workouts had been excruciating and exhausting, but having to endure Missy’s ‘Patience Plan,’ as Missy called it, had been torturous. Penelope wanted nothing more than to get back in the ring and put an end to the endless questions and taunts over her fading career. As Penelope sat up in bed, she stroked her abdomen, and smirked at the knowledge of the firm touch that had slowly replaced the fleshy softness that had so recently been entrenched there. “I am ready to be U.K Boxing’s Queen again,” she thought to herself.

Still smirking, Penelope set aside her thoughts and simultaneously reached for her phone and the television remote and sat back in her bed. There was a reason she was up so early after all, and it had nothing to do with training. She dialed the number and as it rang she found the channel she was looking for – B.S.N, British Sports Network.

“Hello Penny!” came the opening reply on her phone. “You’re just in time!”

“I can see that!” was Penelope’s reply as she watched the B.A.B.E. champion Ashley Powers enter the ring as she watched B.S.N’s airing of B.A.B.E’s Episode 4. “How’s it going Lana? How’s the night been?” Penelope kept a keen interest on what was going on back in the B.A.B.E. world she so unceremoniously left, and made it a point to call Lana whenever a B.A.B.E. episode was on, especially when Ashley Powers was defending her crown, no matter the time difference.

“Oh my goodness Penny, there have been some interesting results. Nothing too shocking, but Gail got hammered again . . .”

“By Shadow! What’s going on?”

“Not sure, but after what that new fighter Lee did to her last time out, Gail looked like a shell of what she once was. I mean Shadow had her down in round 1, and finished it inside of 3 rounds.

“Wow! I really thought Gail was set for stardom this year . . .”

“She looks lost . . . second guessing herself and her trainers . . . she’s a mess right now.”

“And you Lana? How are you doing?” Penelope hoped for continued good news on Lana’s end. Seemed she was having more good days than bad.

“It’s been a good week, Pen. A good week. I ran yesterday, so that was good . . . second time now, and no negative reactions after . . . well except for my pride! It wasn’t pretty, I am so heavy right now!”

“That’s because of all that chili you make! Tell me I am wrong, but I can smell it across the phone!”

Penelope heard laughter, “I know, and you’re not here to share it . . . although Ashley does partake now and again!”

“Really? Ashley!? I thought it was all work no play for the champ.”

“Well, not even Ashley can resist the temptation of my chili! Speaking of Ashley, this is a big fight for her. She’s been busy and after tonight she’s going on a big promotion tour. She’s got a lot going on promoting B.A.B.E. Between all her photo shoots, interviews, training and fights, Rocky keeps Ashley busy, so now and again I get her to relax with my chili. My small part in aiding a champ, right!?”

“I guess! So Kim tonight. Should be a cakewalk for Ashley.” Penelope watched as Ashley Powers and Corporal K.O. faced off for instructions. “Who else won tonight?”

Tina, Roxy, Fuschia and Maria . . . and you’re not gonna like this, but Rose upset Tara Armstrong . . .”

“You’re kidding! Rose beat Tara!? Strong Tara? The one who is a workout fiend?! What did that little bitch Rose do to cheat into that result!?” The joyful grinning and smirking Penelope had been doing since she awoke was washed from her face. Her dislike of Rose had only grown during their short stint in B.A.B.E. together- cemented by the last image she had of Rose, dropping her mini skirt to mock her over her Trixie ordeal.

“Nothing I saw, she beat Tara fair and square . . . Interesting, Kim is making Ashley miss early, just bobbing around. I thought Kim would be more reckless . . .”

“I can’t stand that Rose! So annoying . . . nice left by Kim . . . best punch so far . . .”

“Yeah, Ashley said she wanted to start fast tonight . . . not let Kim into the fight . . . “

“Well, Kim is in the fight now . . .” Penelope watched as the B.A.B.E. champ exchange body blows with Corporal K.O. up until the bell.

“Kinda slow round, not too much there. I am sure Ash is not happy with it. You ready for next week?”

“I can’t wait! I feel as good as new. It’s been forever, I am getting so antsy!”

“I know the feeling! The antsy and forever part anyway – I am quite a few pounds away from ‘good as new’ though. You know anything about your opponent?”

Penelope smiled, as it was good to hear Lana not only joke now about her weight and inactivity, but hint that she misses the fight game. “A little, she’s been in the league a long time. She was in the ranks when I was champ. Sophia Clarke – talks a lot, some quickness, has good power, but seems somewhat soft and lazy. From what I have seen from her last few fights anyway.

Missy says she can come at you in many ways, so it is a good bout for me to start up again . . . “

“Well, I can’t wait to watch! . . . ooh . . . that hurt her! Come on Ashley!!”

Penelope saw what Lana had seen as Corporal K.O. slammed a heavy shot into Ashley’s belly. Ashley wasn’t reacting well to it and the Corporal sensed it and stayed on the attack.

Lana’s voice again cried out, “Move Ashley! Christ, she’s just standing there . . .”

“That body shot hurt her Lana, she’s not moving well . . .” Penelope marvelled at the way the Corporal was taking the fight to the mighty champ. It reminded Penelope as to the level of talent in B.A.B.E., that a lower level fighter still had the ability to dominate a great fighter like Ashley Powers.

“Cover up . . . that’s it Ash, get away from those ropes . . . !” Lana had seemed to have forgotten she was on the phone with Penelope as she yelled instructions to Ashley at her TV. “What the hell Ash, protect your tummy . . . argh . . . damn, she looks slow and lethargic Pen!”

“She got a nice shot off to end the round Lana . . .”

“I guess, but she was dominated that round! She’s not looking good tonight. Looks tired on the stool . . .”

“What did she say?”

“What, Pen?”

“Kim, the Corporal. What did she just say to the crowd?”

“I don’t know, let me rewind it . . . she said, ‘Your soon-to-be-ex-champ is as soft as I thought. She’s going down!’ . . . just more blowhard stuff from Kim. Hope she doesn’t think Ashley is done.”

“I know, right! But she sure thinks she found a weakness in Ashley. Are you sure your chili’s been aiding her Lana?”

“Ha! Not anymore after that round . . . that was ugly for Ashley.”

“She’s going to Ashley’s body to start the 3rd round too . . . “

“Smart but . . . Bam!! There’s the Powers we know! There’s the uppercut! Kim’s in trouble now . . .”

“Yep . . . Yes! There it is, down goes Kim. Man, she can sure end a fight fast!”

“You got that right . . . I am sure Ashley won’t be happy about this performance though. Not the crispness and domination she wanted right before her big tour.”

“Still, a knockout in 3! How long is the tour?”

“Not sure . . . lot’s of stops though along the way. Well, Rocky will be happy with this night. Lot’s of good fights . . .”

Penelope was lost in thought as Lana droned on. It could be what Lana said, all the distractions, but that didn’t look like the Ashley she saw against Jade from ringside. Penelope also was surprised to find how much she missed being a B.A.B.E. fighter. The spectacle, the glamour, and the talent. She was caught off by the thought. UK Boxing was home, and was where she made her greatest mark, so why was she still longing for B.A.B.E. giving how bad it went.

“ . . . would Wednesday be good?”

“Sorry what Lana?”

“Can I call you Wednesday, noon your time?”

“Yeah, that’ll be fine . . . what the . . . who is that scary lady stalking around the ring staring at Ashley?”

“Where? . . . Oh, what the hell . . . that’s Lee . . . Yeah, that’s Tonya Lee, the fighter I told you about who crushed Susie and Gail . . . what an ass!”

“She kinda scary . . . and big . . . wow! Yelling at Ashley like that! She’s scary!”

“Nothing Ashley hasn’t dealt with before. She’ll shut that rookie’s mouth sooner or later.

Anyway, hell, it’s late! I am tired Pen! Thanks for the call, I gotta haul this fat ass to bed . . . drop off an empty bowl at the sink along the way . . .”

“Ha! You sound good Lana! Take care, and stop making that stuff, you’re running now!”

Penelope dropped the phone and turned the TV off and slumped back in her bed under the covers. She had three hours before Missy would come calling, and seven days until UK Boxing would be calling for her to be the next challenger to Mace for the UK title. Penelope smirked and drifted off to sleep.

(To Be Continued)