Stay tuned as the matches have now been booked for B.A.B.E. Episode 6! In a couple of weeks, the fights begin!

In the first match, The California Cutie will test her sunny might against the dark form of the Shadow!

In the second match, B.A.B.E. see the debut of a new boxer, the Golden Viper! Will she be strong enough to take on the Brooklyn Bomber?

The third match sees Corporal K.O. collide with the Texas Tornado in a contest of American might!

In the fourth match, Farah Fox and the Asian Sensation trade leather in the squared circle to see who the better fighter is!

The fifth match sees the Bouncin’ Bombshell take on Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee in fisticuff action. Can the underdog overcome the terror of her opponent?

In the sixth match, two fighters will walk into the ring and one will walk out, still employed by B.A.B.E. The other will be forced to resign from the league. Who will it be, the Golden Glove or the Latin Spitfire?

And in the B.A.B.E. Main Event, it’s the Cold War all over again as the American Dream (representing the USA) goes up against the Red Scare (representing Russia). In the end, one fighter will prevail to honor her country!

Who will YOU be rooting for?