Month: June 2019

F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Part 5

Flare and Ultima have both made it through the first round of matches and are now set to collide.

Flare’s wanted her hands on the belt for some time but the superheroine, Ultima, stands in her way.

Will truth and justice prevail tonight or will Flare burn it all down? (more…)

F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Part 4

Candy Carpenter jumps in the ring to take on the mentally unstable, Alice!

Can Candy work around Alice’s unpredictability to pin her for the 1-2-3 or will Alice end the match with Candy down for the count?

The winner of this match advances to the next tournament round!


F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Part 3

F.L.O.W. superstar, Glimmer has been training hard for the championship tournament but it may not be enough when she goes up against the vicious party girl, Melrose! Can Glimmer get closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming champ or will Melrose crush her and trample that dream, moving on to the next tournament match?


F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Part 2

Demeana jumps into the ring to take on the heroic Ultima! Both women are fighting to make it through to the next round on the way to the F.L.O.W. championship.

Will Demeana cheat her way to victory or will Ultima prevail to continue her fight for the crown? (more…)

F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Part 1

The race to crown a new F.L.O.W. champion is on! In the first quarter-final of the tournament, the fun-lovin’ cowgirl, Dakota, goes up against the hot-headed heel, Flare! Can the country girl overcome the might of her opponent to advance to the next round or will Flare just burn her out?


F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Prologue

The following story took place 6 months after Tina Corretti left the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league.

The league was left in turmoil with no champion, Miss Glory recuperating from her previous defeat, and the expulsion of Tora the Barbarian from the league.

But the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling organization was filled with champion-worthy personalities. And league owner, Johnny Pierce, was finally ready to crown a new champion.


International Foxy Boxing – Mexico Edition: Alejandra Lucía Vs. Lola Guerrero

Former telenovela starlet, Lola Guerrero, has her shot at the Mexican Foxy Boxing championship title against Alejandra Lucía!

Lola has long been jealous of the former dancer, ever since Alejandra’s celebrity began to overshadow her own. And now, she’s looking to topple her and take her belt in the process.

Can Lola take the champ down or will Alejandra prove to be the tougher woman? (more…)

A Suprise For Alejandra

Viernes Masivo has a special surprise for guest, Alejandra Lucía… (more…)

Spotlight on Alejandra Lucía

Spotlight on Mexico’s Foxy Boxing champion, Alejandra Lucía!