Month: November 2022

International Foxy Boxing: Spain Edition: Flamenco Fists

Spanish boxer, Isabella Blanco, reminisces about her boxing career which she took up after retiring as one of the country’s top Flamenco dancers. She looks back on her path which has led her to a new opportunity which could heighten her boxing status.

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The Roots of FLOW storyline takes a detour into Japan in this 12th chapter!

While the United Women’s Wrestling League was thriving in the United States, Japan’s Super Star Ladies Wrestling league was dominating the East. In this chapter, we take a look at a couple of heroines of that league as they tackle an oncoming natural disaster.

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International Foxy Boxing: Brazil Edition: Idol Worship

Brazilian foxy boxer, Carla Inacio, is Luiza Lima’s #1 fan! She has been obsessed with the Brazilian champion since the beginning.

Follow Luiza’s boxing journey through the eyes of her most devoted fan in this International Foxy Boxing story!


International Foxy Boxing: China Edition: Rising Threat

A peek into the Chinese foxy boxing world as we see the paths of two friends through the ranks with Mei-Zhen Bai capturing the championship while her friend, Li Chen, struggles a bit more.

Meanwhile, a rising threat in the shape of Lei Qiang overshadows the story.