Travel back to the 1950s when Glamour Gloves champion and screen star, Marla Moore, put her belt and pride on the line against challenger and cheesecake pin-up model, Bonnie Parker.

And a little something different this time. Since you’ve all been so patient, there are TWO version of this battle available for you, a ‘clean’ version with both ladies wearing tops (the ‘official’ version) and a ‘mature’ version with both ladies topless (the ‘unofficial’ version since that probably wouldn’t have happened in the 1950s).

I rendered the non-topless version first then decided to try a topless one (double the rendering!). However, because I had to go back, some of the lighting might be off and some angles may be slightly different. Just note that both versions are essentially the same, just one without tops.

So, here we go!
The ‘clean’ version:

The topless version: