Month: December 2017

F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 3

Black Rose has made a promise to destroy Miss Glory in front of all her fans, particularly Glory’s fans back home in Japan.

Will Black Rose live up to that promise or can Miss Glory overcome her threat?


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 2

The hot-headed Flare has challenged the sweet Dolly Mae to a fight.
Who will come out on top: the sultry farm girl, Dolly Mae, or the fiery Flare? (more…)

F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 1

In the first chapter of Prelude To Payback, F.L.O.W. champion Tina Corretti faces a challenge from the vivacious Vixen!

Can the champ overcome Vixen’s might or will Vixen walk out of the F.L.O.W. ring as the new champion? (more…)

F.L.O.W.: Prelude To Payback Prologue

In one world, beautiful angels battle it out for dominance in the boxing ring. But in another world, ferocious ladies grapple for dominance in the wrestling ring…


F.L.O.W.: Prelude To Payback Teaser!

Before joining Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment as a foxy boxer, ‘The Italian Knockout’ Tina Corretti was a champion wrestler. But what of her time during her wrestling days?