Month: May 2019

El final de la último capítulo de ‘Amor duro’ (Part 2)

Amor duro, Mexico’s top telenovela, comes to an action-packed end!


El final de la último capítulo de ‘Amor duro’ (Part 1)

The ending of the series finale of Mexico’s popular telenovela, Amor duro.


International Foxy Boxing – Scandinavian Edition: Asta Pedersen vs. Hilde Wolfe

Current Scandinavian Foxy Boxing champion, Hilde Wolfe, has destroyed her competition up until this point but now she faces a new challenge from Asta Pedersen.

Pedersen has worked her way up with help from former champion, Britt Nielsen, and now she’s ready to capture the coveted title belt.

But does Asta have what it takes to conquer the champ or will Hilde add another victim to her list?

Asta’s Confrontation

Let’s join Asta Pedersen, #1 contender for the Scandinavian Foxy Boxing title, as she makes time for a reporter… (more…)

Path to the Scandinavian Belt

A short, recent history of the current Scandinavian Foxy Boxing championship. (more…)