Month: June 2018

Episode 12 Fight Card!

Get ready for a new episode of Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment! (more…)

The Showstopper Arrives

Margot Moore explores her new boxing home… (more…)

A Tasty Snack

The California Cutie gets on Thorne’s radar… (more…)

Long-Awaited Confrontation

The American Dream finally confronts the Red Scare… (more…)

Clarisse Arrives

The former French champion lands in B.A.B.E.! (more…)

French Title Belt: Brigitte Boucher vs. Zoé LaBelle

Clarisse Cloutier has abdicated France’s Foxy Boxing Championship belt to follow her fortunes with Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment in America.

Now, two women will battle it out to become the next Foxy Boxing Champion of France: Zoé Labelle and Brigitte Boucher.

Which woman will walk out with the belt around her waist and which will suffer the pain of defeat?


French Teaser

A champion abdicates her belt in France, leaving space for a new foxy boxing champion… (more…)

Egyptian Teaser

A peak into the world of Egyptian boxing… (more…)

African Teaser

Catching up on the African boxing scene… (more…)

Italian Teaser

The Italian boxing scene is about to heat up… (more…)