Month: May 2018

UK Foxy Boxing – Morgan Mace vs. The English Rose

When UK champ, Morgan Mace, met the English Rose…


The English Rose

Meanwhile, in the UK, a new champion has emerged.


Foxy Boxing Weekly – Liberty Triumphant!

The latest in foxy boxing news!


B.A.B.E. Episode 11 Results

Here it is… the results of Episode 11!


Episode 11 Bonus: Ana Aquino vs. Ashley Powers

The Foxy Boxing champion of the Philippines, Ana Aquino, takes part in a special charity exhibition match.

Her opponent? Former B.A.B.E. champion, Ashley Powers!

Who will walk out of the ring in victory?


Episode 11 Bonus: The Filipina Champ

A spotlight on the Philippines foxy boxing champion, Ana Aquino.


Episode 11 Main Event: The Terror vs. Tara Armstrong

Tara Armstrong gets her shot at the B.A.B.E. Championship Belt! Unfortunately, that belt is currently held by ‘The Terror’ Tonya Lee.

Can Tara overcome the odds to take Lee down and become the new B.A.B.E. champion? Or will Tonya Lee throw another victim onto her pile of defeated bodies?