Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

“ . . . Though we have seen a few bouts already, it feels as though the night is just getting started as we ready for what surely will amount to one of the most exciting finishes to a Foxing Boxing night here in the UK arena!” David Kent was aglow with excitement as he broadcast live from the British Sports Networks studio, “With Chantelle/Penelope just minutes away and “The English Rose” set to follow on their heels, it is safe to say the true excitement of this night has yet to start. For those watching from home, rest assured that the arena tonight is filled to capacity, and the buzz and excitement is presenting a level of noise I’ve not been witness to in my long career associated with this league.”

David Kent was ecstatic at the crowd response to the evening – subscriptions to BSN has grown exponentially in the course of the run up to the evening, and other Foxy Boxing leagues across Europe were covering this night. Kent had even heard that Gail Golden of B.A.B.E. had been in contact with UK Foxy Boxing owner Tyrus Johnson to congratulate him on his big night of action. For Kent, it was amazing that despite two popular former champions on the Fight Card tonight, all the buzz was on the rising star Kelly Fairchild. More amazing so, that Penelope Primrose had been the golden girl of Uk Foxy Boxing not too long ago, but so bright was Fairchild’s light, that even Penelope had been left in the shade.

“Before we send it back down to Giles and Mairead,” Kent continued, “I had the opportunity earlier this evening to briefly sit down with both Missy Eddington and Ophelia Daniels about their thoughts on tonight’s bout between Penelope Primrose and Chantelle Daniels. Here are a couple of sound bites from that sit down.”

“Ophelia, Missy, thank you for giving BSN a little bit of time before tonight’s fight! It has been eagerly anticipated, and you both have been with Penelope and Chantelle every step of the way leading up to it. How has the training been Ophelia?”

“Well David, as you know, nobody trains harder than Chantelle, and most-assuredly Chantelle follows my instructions in how best to prepare for a fight. She knows I know this league, and she knows to trust my judgement. She has never been readier to carry out a plan than she is on the one we’ve prepared for Ms. Primrose.”

“Care to elaborate Ophelia?”

“Oh David, with Missy here – you devil! Missy, as experienced as she is, will no doubt be privy to it quite soon!”

“Missy. For part of Penelope’s preparation for this fight you took the rather strange approach to travel in the middle of training to go to America. How did that come about, and do you think it helped?”

“Oh, it helped David! B.A.B.E. has THE best overall talent in Foxing Boxing, so to utilize the connections that Penny had made in that league seemed too perfect to ignore. Penny got in some quality time with a sparring partner that, all things considered, would give both Penny and Chantelle a run for their money in a real fight!

“Who was that?”

“I’ll be coy like Ophelia . . . we’ll keep that secret for now! . . . But as for your other question, no, breaking up the training was good. Take a break from the media circus was good.”

“Well, both of your fighters have met some trying times recently. Missy, Penelope’s troubles this last year have been well-chronicled. Yes, she defeated Sophia last time out, but has she regained the form that made her a top fighter in the world?”

“I would think so! The break I took from my BSN duties will bear fruit in this fight, I assure you! Penny is stronger – and she is back in shape, she will show it tonight.”

David Kent looked over at Ophelia, “You scoffed at that a bit Ophelia . . .”

“Missy, Penelope Primrose will never be in the type of shape she needs to be in to take on my Chantelle . . .”

“Maybe Ophelia, but what makes you think this fight will go long enough for that to matter.” And Missy Eddington winked towards Ophelia.

“Fair question Ophelia. Chantelle is coming off that brutal knockout loss to Morgan Mace – has she recovered fully from that let down.”

“Well, as you know, and have said many times on this network, any fighter can be felled by a once-in-a-million punch. Mace landed one lucky shot – Chantelle knows it was what it was . . . It is not as if she has done the Primrose thing, which is to be knocked out in every type of way . . .”

“Well, it just might be starting to happen to her now O!” Missy fired back, knowing how much Ophelia hated being referred to as ‘O.’ Now that you can’t hide her behind fighters with no bite! Mairead put her down in the first round . . .”

“ . . . A slip Missy, you know it!”

“Mm-hmm . . . check the replays Ophelia . . .”

“So!” David cut in, “Any final words ladies?”

“Well, David, I can’t wait to be back in the booth calling these fights with Giles! That is so much easier! Being this close has me all in butterflies again. I have a little invested . . . was good to be back in the ring with another fighter, helping her prepare for what is a very important fight in her career. Chantelle is an awesome task – maybe the fastest fighter her in the UK . . .”

“ . . . No maybe, Missy, Chantelle is the fastest . . .”

“Well, Fairchild may have something to say about that . . . But Chantelle is relentless, and she is dangerous. This will be a great fight!”

“A great fight for Chantelle! Tonight she will put the final nail in the UK coffin of Ms. Primrose. She’ll finish what Rayne, Mace, and Smith started.”

“Well! Missy. Ophelia. Thank you so much for popping into my studio here before the big fight. Best of luck to you both, and of course to Chantelle and Penelope!”

The camera’s cut back to David Kent, “There you have it, my brief sit down with the two trainers for tonight’s next bout. This is sure to be a dandy folks! Two former champions going at it! Chantelle Daniels trying to get back on her feet after losing her UK title to Morgan Mace, and Penelope Primrose trying to remind everyone that she still has championship form. It is time to send it back to our esteemed commentator Giles Watt, and his guest analyst for tonight Mairead MacGrath . . . Giles, take it away!”


“ . . . Giles, take it away!”

“Thank you David! We have finally come to the first of the two big fights we have anticipated for weeks – former champion Chantelle Daniels taking on former champion Penelope Primrose!

I am joined again by Mairead MacGrath, sitting in tonight for Missy Eddington who has very important business to attend to tonight as she will be in the corner with Penelope. Mairead, this should be a great match-up, and so happy you can share your insight.”

“It is great to be here Giles – to see and hear the energy in the arena tonight! The fans are ready, let’s hope Chantelle and Penelope are as well!”

“You’ve been in the ring with both fighter – Fairchild as well – so you have a particularly strong and unique insight into these fighters. What are your thoughts, from you own personal experience, of Chantelle and Penelope?”

“Well, yes Giles, I have been in the ring with both girls. Of course, I fought Penelope when she was in her reign as champion, and she took me out in 5, and Chantelle took me out in 4 earlier this year . . .”

“You were able to score a shocking knockdown of Chantelle in that fight . . .”

“I did catch her early – may have caught her off balance, more a flash knock down. Chantelle is the fastest fighter I have ever fought, and I fought Penelope when she was known for her speed during her reign as champion.”

“What did you notice about how they used thier speed?”

“Well, as you know, Chantelle uses her speed relentlessly. She is in great shape, and really works the cardio of any fighter she is in the ring with. She is always in attack mode so to speak. Penny, when she was in her heyday, used her speed as a counter puncher. She was very good defensively and could take control of a fight off the counter punch. When I fought Penny, she was known as not taking a lot of leather, she avoided big shots. Same with Chantelle, they are fast and can stay away from the big shots but . . .”

“Yes, but! There has been recent changes in that . . .”

“Yes, we saw Chantelle take that perfect hook from Mace – and she was knocked silly, unable to rise a number of times before finally getting up only to receive the ole coupe de grace! And Penelope has been a regular visitor to the canvas since Rayne destroyed her that night . . .

“What do you make of that . . . again, you were able to put Chantelle down . . .”

“I surprised Chantelle, that’s all – got her when she was off balance, or legs entangled . . . but the question has to be asked about Chantelle . . .”

“And what question is that Mairead?”

“Whether she has the chin to withstand upper level power. I am known for my power, Mace has extraordinary power – and Chantelle has avoided some of the other girls with serious power like Kearney and Fairchild and Holmes. So, was that Mace shot a one off, or was it something to look out for tonight?”

“And Penelope?”

“Penelope, from what I have seen since I fought her to now, has lost her way a bit. She has slowed done considerably – be it age, or fitness, but she is no longer hard to hit. Rayne and Morgan walked through her – I watched the Smith fight and she could not protect herself like she used to. She has become easier to hit, and I know, once you are easy to hit, it can be a matter of time before you take a shot that you cannot recover from.”

“So, Mairead, what are you looking at in this fight – for both fighters!?”

“For Penelope, she gets a chance to be the counter puncher again. If she is in the shape Missy says she has gotten back into, she should be able to work her counterpunching into this fight, as we know Chantelle will be coming! Big question for Primrose, has her conditioning come back, and has she strengthened her body – her soft mid-section has been a soft spot this past year!”

“And Chantelle?”

“Be fast, be relentless, be the Chantelle we all know, but don’t be reckless! She cannot assume she is untouchable – she has to recognize that a chink in her armour has been made – she is not unbeatable, there is a way for Penelope to find a road to victory, by possibly landing something big – Penny does like that upper cut of hers!”

“So who do you like in this one?”

“I have to say, despite the work she has put in, I don’t think Penelope has it in her anymore to take out top level fighters – and Chantelle is that! I see Chantelle taking this one – it could go the distance, but I think Chantlle gets her in 5.”

“Okay! Thank you Mairead!,” Giles Watt was almost shouting as the crowd roared at the sound of Penelope Primrose’s music.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Fighting out of the red corner, weighing in at 131 pounds and making her way from London, England – – – former UK Foxy Boxing Champion . . . Penelope Primrose!!!”

Penelope Primrose was sauntering down to the ring, her familiar Union Jack robe. Watt had seen that strut many times, and let the camera’s and fan reaction do the commentary.

Penelope reached the ring, with Missy Eddington closely behind her. Penelope waved to the crowd, and after disrobing in the middle of the ring, she made sure to climb the first rope at all four ring posts to announce her presence to the crowd.

To Giles, Penelope looked stronger than ever, as she had bulked up and looked strong. She wasn’t carrying the soft extra weight, and her arms looked more muscular. She was attired in her Union Jack top and small blue shorts, her hair tied back.

“She looks good Giles – I guess she wasn’t eating all those donuts she kept carrying around!” And MacGrath laughed.

“Indeed!” responded Giles, “Penelope Primrose is in the ring, the crowd gives her a warm welcome – as they remember their former queen! And speaking of former queens, the music of the most recently disposed UK Foxy Boxing Queen, Chantelle Daniels!”

And . . . her opponent tonight, fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at 129 pounds and hailing from Dover, Kent, England . . . also a former UK Foxy Boxing Champion . . . Chantelle “The Dover Dutchess” . . . Daniels!”

Another large roar went up from the crowd, and Giles tried to compare it with the response Penelope had gotten. While loud, it did seem as though Penelope had the slight advantage in terms of crowd support. Both Chantelle and Penelope had been popular champions, though Penelope had always had the more colorful personality. Chantelle, while accommodating to fans and press, always came across more reserved and distant and polished.

Chantelle followed her mother Ophelia Daniels into the ring – both mother and daughter waving to the crowd, which Giles had always thought odd.

Ophelia was always with Chantelle, the walk to the ring was no different. Chantelle entered the ring, continued to wave, a satisfied look on her face as she stared across the ring at Penelope. Chantelle’s ever impressive physique was showed off again as she gave up her robe to Ophelia and headed to the middle of the ring to confront Penelope and the referee for instructions.

As Chantelle and Penelope stared each other down, Giles could see clearly that Chantella had about three inches on Penelope, and was the leaner of the two fighters. Penelope looked stronger than he could remember – Penelope had always been thin and wiry, but the new Penny had bulked up some, but was equally as taut as Chantelle. Chantelle was clad in her traditional gold top and gold sheer sheer mini skirt and low rise gold booty shorts – her traditional blond braid resting on her shoulder. The fight had finally come, and Giles was excited to call it – a strong, former champion was going to win and lose tonight -how it came out would be was anyone’s guess!

“Mairead, any final thoughts before the bell?”

“They both look ready – although they both look confidant, you can see the nerves in their movements – Chantelle looks stiffer than usual, and Penelope is looking around a lot! This should be fun!”

“Mairead, folks at home – it is finally time for Chantelle and Penelope to exchange leather after all the argy-bargy these past months! After tonight, we’ll know which one of these two fighters is truly a ‘Hot Mess!”

“Ding! Ding!”

“And we’re off! . . . And just on script it is Chantelle who comes out fast taking the center of the ring . . . she is stalking Penelope, looking to see what way Penelope goes . . .”

“Penny often cycles left . . .”

“And Chantelle does just that, cuts Penelope off from going left . . . it looks like Chantelle wants to engage but can;t yet find a way in . . .”

“Penelope is waiting for her, almost expecting Chantelle to do what she did to Mace . . .”

“Some testing jabs from Chantelle but not much affect . . . Penelope counters and misses as Chantelle tip toes away . . .Both fighters kind of stalking each other . . .”

“Giles, I am surprised . . . haven’t seen Chantelle this tentative at the start of a fight . . .”

“Is she showing Penelope respect . . .”

“No . . . she hasn’t for months so why would she now Giles . . .”

“ . . . and Chantelle quickly darts in moving her head, but does not unleash any punches . . . more postering . . . Penelope looks to counter the move and misses again . . .”

“Almost as though Chantelle is trying to time Penelope’s movement, or looking to get in unscathed . . .”

“Which is not something we normally see from Chantelle!”

“You’re right Giles, normally she is full bore all the time . . .”

“Still a lot of side to side movement . . . Chantelle twists on a dime and shuffles in . . . she fires off some more jabs . . . Penny bats them away . . .”

“First real offensive move from Chantelle – she showed her quickness . . . she can get in Giles, but right now, for some reason is holding her punches . . .”

“Penelope sensing some reluctance from Chantelle to really let loose . . . and she seems not really sure what to do about it . . . Penelope tries to press . . . Chantelle now on her horse bouncing left and right . . . ooh . . . nice jab from Chantelle – she stopped and snapped a stiff left jab on the cheek of Primrose . . . Primrose shakes it off, but she stops her forward movement . . .”

“First real contact of the night . . .”

“And Chantelle tries to jump in again but Penelope pushes her away . . . both fighters still trying to feel the ring it looks like Mairead . . .”

“You know, we’ve talked how good these fighters have been through their career, but this is a big fight, there is tons of pressure on them both and I think they are feeling it . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“ . . . and there’s the bell! . . . Surely the lowest work rate I’ve seen out of Chantelle in a good long while! Mairead, your thoughts on the round?”

“Surprised too . . . And I think so was Penelope. I think she expected an all out assault, and it never really materialized. Not sure if Chantelle is playing with Primrose a bit, seeing if she will be the aggressor, but that is so out of character for Chantelle.”

“Could it be she remembers the last time she was in this ring . . . She’s never been knocked out before, and this is her first time having to get back in the ring following a devastating loss.”

“Could be . . . there is that fear that sets in in the back of the mid – Chantelle knows she can be knocked out . . .”

“Well, per contract BSN has the rights to check into the corners of the two fighters for a few seconds – Chantelle’s corner following the odd rounds, Penelope’s after the even rounds, so let’s take a listen . . .”

The camera zoomed in on Chantelle’s corner where Ophelia Daniels had her face close to her daughters. Chantelle was nodding, “ . . . that . . . talked about . . . Go after . . .” The crowd noise, and Ophelia’s urgent but quiet delivery of her instructions was hard to hear and the boom microphone operator edged closer to the Daniels corner, only to get a stern look from Ophelia, “Get that back!” The operator even knew not to cross Ophelia Daniels and backed up to where she had been. Ophelia turned back towards Chantelle, “Do what I told you! Do what you’re supposed to do!”

Giles looked over at Mairead as the feed left the Daniels’ corner, “Ophelia looked none to pleased with how Chantelle had come out in the first round, I think that much is clear Mairead!”

“Yeah, that’s for sure . . . Clearly Ophelia expected the Chantelle we all had expected.”

“Do you think this helps Penelope, if Chantelle is not her usual aggressive self?”

“Oh yes, for sure! I still give the round to Chantelle, though I guess you could have scored it even.”

DIng! Ding!

“Round2 – the crowd is standing as Chantelle and Penelope come out of their corners . . . and Chantells continues right on moving, a quick left-right pivot, she shuffles left . . . and one-two off of Penelope’s arms, Penelope counters and misses by feet! Chantelle darts in again under Penelope’s round house . . .”

“This is more of what we expected from Chantelle . . .”

“Another left-right combination off the ribs of Penelope this time, Penelope steps back . . . Chantelle is on her again . . . Chantelle is now firing away left-right-left-right . . . Chantelle showing her speed . . .”

“Nothing hard connecting . . . Penelope covering fairly well, but Chantelle doesn’t much care where her stuff lands, just that it does somewhere and her opponent has to cover up!”

“Penelope tries to counter, but catches more air as she sees her right hook sail in front of Chantelle’s face . . . Chantelle with a nice flush counter left . . . and a right . . . both hit their mark . . .”

“Hardest shots of the day . . .”

“And another scrapes off of Penelope’s nose . . . Penelope trying to reset and find a way out of Chantelle’s range . . . Penelope covering up absorbing some leather in her ribs again . . . they are landing with a thud . . . Chantelle backs out . . .Penelope leaps forward and misses again . . . stumbles, but catches her footing . . . Chantelle closes the distance again – Penelope jabs, but Chantelle walks through it and counters with another flurry – one, two three, four, five, six, seven . . . Chantelle is unloading from every direction, Penelope can only cover up . . .”

“Penelope’s head movement is good, and she is absorbing those shots well, with her movement . . . especially her shoulders, she is throwing them out to take a lot of the energy out of what Chantelle is throwing . . .”

“And Chantelle is exerting a lot of energy . . . the crowd is roaring as they are seeing the relentless Chantelle pester Penelope Primrose around the ring . . . Clearly Ophelia’s message got through to Chantelle . . . Penelope trying to fight back and get off the ropes . . . not where she wants to be . . .”

“Hard not to backpedal when Chantelle is letting her fists fly at such a rapid rate . . .”

“Again, it is Chantelle aggressively diving into Penelope – throwing a lot of body shots and then two shots up high as she darts back out.”

“Clearly testing the body of Penelope . . . Smith went there and it destroyed Primrose!”

“Penelope trying to counter, but she is too slow . . . Chantelle is moving like a cat . . . she is in again, flicking away – what was that another seven punch combo . . . ooh . . . and punctuated by a solid hook as she peels out of the way of another Penelope miss fire . . .”

“ . . . that was a subtle punch, Giles, but that one hurt . . . good thing for Primrose Chantelle was backing out on that punch, it wasn’t full power but it was right on the chin . . . Penelope trying to pursue Chantelle now as Chantelle prances away . . . looks like Chantelle has found a little bit of her swagger again . . .”

“Penelope is frustrated! She is a solid counter puncher, but Chantelle is making her look slow tonight.”

“Chantelle stutter steps, and she is inside again – her reach finding its way through Penelope’s guard for a quick snap of her forehead – and one-two-three to the body . . .”

“Clearly Chantelle is working the body hoping the head will fall . . .”

“Chantelle is just letting her fists loose on Penelope Primrose . . . Penelope trying to fire back, but Chantelle is not letting her . . . Chantelle ripping lefts and rights off the guard of Primrose . . .

Penelope fires again as Chantelle drops back and Chantelle blocks the offering with her fists.”

“This is what Chantelle does – for every punch she lands, she maybe throws 6 that miss or fire off Penelope’s defenses, but it is the pure volume that suffocates you in the ring . . . you can’t get your own rhythm . . .Penelope’s defense is holding up, she’s taken a couple of hard shots . . .”

“Both fighters have worked hard . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“ . . . Chantelle offensively and Penelope defensively . . . and the bell! Mercy me!”

“Yep! Giles, Chantelle has found her footing in this bout!”

“A lot of energy used, both fighters breathing hard but controlled . . .”

“Yeah, they’ll recover, but Chantelle has the edge in a war of attrition, her fitness and her sustained body attack on Penelope that round. If it continues, Penelope will be feeling it in her legs in another couple rounds.”

Both fighters made their way to their corners.

“So, Mairead, another round to Chantelle?”

“For sure . . . she doesn’t lose too many rounds. Not that I’ve ever seen. Being as aggressive as she is, most opponents don’t get their footing and she piles up the points.”

“The CompuBox clearly shows that – after a sow second round Chantelle fired 74 punches that round, landing 15 clean. Not a great percentage, but she landed more punches than Penelope threw that round.”

“Penelope just couldn’t get off . . .”

“And now a quick peek into the Primrose corner, looks like Missy is working on some bleeding from Penelope’s nose.”

“The shot by Chantelle, the tape of the glove scraped across her nose I believe . . .”

“ . . . Let’s listen in . . .”

“Penny! Patience! We’ve been over this! Remember what Lana said! Do not try to hit her where she’s at . . .”


“Just a bit . . . remember, hit her where she . . .”

“. . . Yes, I remember . . .”

“Good! Got it!”

“ . . . she’s fast . . . faster than anything I’ve . . . hmmph!”

“That’s it . . . deep breath Penny!”

The camera feed again switched away, the video feed showing the snow motion replay of one of Chantelles flurries in Round Two.

“Any takeaways . . . Penelope looks good, breathing controlled, still alert . . . Obviously they have a game plan of sorts . . . Missy is preaching patience and staying calm . . . but Chantelle makes that sooo hard! I was there recently, even when I put her down in the first. It never slowed her down, you’re just hoping for some daylight.”

“How do you combat that, we’ve seen anyone really be able to keep up with that pace against Chantelle?”

“Chantelle, as she showed in Round 1, still has a little doubt. I guess you combat like Mace did! Hit her hard!”

“Well, the fighters are up and staring across the ring at each other . . .”

Ding! Ding!

“ and the bell . . . Chantelle out like a cannon again!”

“Penelope meets her in the middle of the ring this time, aggressive herself.”

“They both come out swinging . . . lot’s of ducking and missing . . . nothing clean landing . . . but again Chantelle’s quickness is forcing Penelope to back track and get on her horse . . . Penelope is moving left, Chantelle following.”

“If Chantelle is going to be aggressive like that, not a bad tactic to make her work to follow you . . .”

“Nice jab by Chantelle . . . and Penelope answers right back with a jab of her own.”

“First real good snap jab by Penelope, nice counter . . . and another . . .”

“Chantelle moving in but Penelope is timing her aggressive dart ins a little bit better this round . . . Penelope moving to her right, backs off as Chantelle feigns a forward movement . . . and another . . . Chantelle is just stalking but Penelope is really shuffling fast across the ring . . .”

‘She’s making Chantelle chase her from pillar to post . . . Chantelle cuts off Penelope . . . ooh . . . a sharp hook by Chantelle catches Penelope on the cheek . . .”

“Great anticipation from Chantelle as she knew Penelope would switch directions . . .”

“Chantelle follows up – throwing combinations together as Penelope backs into the ropes . . . Penelope moving her shoulders in rhythm to the punches of Chantelle . . . another hook lands to Penelope’s body . . . And Penelope responds with a nice one-two to Chantelle’s body . . . Both letting their fist fly now . . .

Penelope trying to fight off the ropes, Chantelle intent on keeping her there . . . wild action . . .”

“These flailing punches aren’t landing on any critical targets, but both fighters will be worn down by this action . . . another nice body shot by Penelope . . .”

Yes! Mairead . . . you think that is what they were talking about in the corner . . . attack Chantelle’s body . . .”

“Maybe Giles, but that is a tried and failed approach by many fighters, it’ll take a perfect shot or a series of sledgehammers to make Chantelle feel it in the body . . .”

“Chantelle backs off and resets, Penelope angles off the ropes . . . both fighters take in a deep breath . . . Chantelle looks intent on getting in close to Penelope again . . . Penelope keeps her at bay, flicking jabs out and moving away . . . Mairead, I probably know the answer, but for a tall and long-armed fighter, Chantelle really likes getting inside . . . nice move by Chantelle as she ducks under a right hook from Penelope, comes up firing away . . . ooh, she just missed Penelope with that uppercut . . . Chantelle fires a lightning quick three punch combo to Penelope’s ribs and backs away.”

“It is not so much that she likes to get inside, it is a product of her pace . . . nice jab by Chantelle . . . because her opponents are covering up so often Chantelle feels free to get in closer to maximize her power . . . Chantelle is many things but a pure power puncher she is not . . .”

“Chantelle jabs in and bounces out . . . a nice flick of a jab to Penelope’s nose . . .”

“Some blood starts flowing again . . .”

“Chantelle flicks in and doubles up the jab, Penelope parees them . . . Chantelle again with the jab . . .”

“In and out, in and out . . .”

“With her reach, she could do that all day . . .”

“True . . . she does it again . . .”

“Still rapid action now by Chantelle, but now just peppering Penelope from the outside . . . Penelope crouching down now as she moves . . .”

“Trying to close the distance . . .”

“Chantelle fires off another couple jabs . . . Penelope swings widely and misses, Chantelle backing away too quickly . . . Penelope a deep breath . . . takes another jab to her nose . . . missing again as Chantelle shuffles away . . . Chantelle is really finding a rhythm . . . darts in with another jab . . . ooh!”


“Chantelle is down! A lightning counter by Penelope has just felled Chantelle Daniels!”

Ding! Ding!

“Oh my! Chantelle Daniels took a perfect counter from Penelope Primrose right before the bell!”

“She’s hurt Giles!! She is wobbled!”

“Chantelle is on her back, her head under the ropes of her own corner! Unbelievable! Just like that!”

“De Ja Vu . . . Just like with Mace!!”

“The bell has saved Chantelle, but she is having difficulty getting up! Her mother Ophelia is yelling at her and pounding the canvas, imploring her daughter to get up off the canvas!”

“Oh my! The crowd is delirious! Chantelle is in a bad way . . .”

“She has sat up . . .”

“Her eyes are vacant . . . I don’t know Giles . . . She may be done . . . look at Ophelia, she’s going nuts trying to get Chantelle’s attention!”

“Chantelle grabs the ropes . . . Primrose has retreated to her corner, Missy shoves her down on her stool . . .”

“Chantelle is up, but she is swaying . . . walking along the ropes!”

“She’s heading to the wrong corner . . . the ref redirects her . . .”

“Folks, in what was another strong round for Chantelle Daniels, we’ve just seen her take a right hook counter from Penelope, and she went down like falling timber!”

“And Chantelle, on wobbly legs, is on her stool . . . finally! What do you think!? Will Ophelia let Chantelle continue!?”

“Tough question, Giles! Ophelia has always protected Chantelle, but there is a lot at stake in this fight! That was some power from Penelope!”

A big groan goes up in the arena.

“Did she throw the towel . . .no . . sorry folks! No towel was thrown by Ophelia. The groan was the crowd responding to the jumbotron replay of Primrose’s punch . . .”

“Yeah Giles! Here it is again . . . Penelope fired that counter and watch what Penelope does . . .”

“Oh my! What a counter!”

“Yes she fired off that hook with complete faith in where Chantelle was backing out to, not where she was! That is so hard to do, and a bit lucky!”

“Felled with just one shot, but that hook ricocheted off her jaw with some force, Chantelle was relaxed a bit . . . to the Daniels corner!”

“ . . . take it to her Chantelle . . . do you hear me . . . get her back on her heels again . . . in and out . . . !” Ophelia Daniels was working furiously in the corner, yelling at her daughter, tossing water on her chest and sponging her face with more water, doing anything she could to revive her daughter. The camera zoomed in close on Chantelle.

“There is no one home, Giles! Look at her . . . how does Ophelia not see this!”

Giles Watt and Mairead MacGrath continued looking at the monitor, “She’s talking tactics with her, but Chantelle can’t hear anything . . .” They watched the referee come over to the corner. The feed cut back away from the corner, the fifteen second look-in was over.

“Ophelia is ushering the referee away! Goes back to fanning Chantelle! Giles, I don’t know, Chantelle looked a mess in her corner . . . Ophelia is desperate for this to continue but Chantelle may have left the building!”

“You’re right . . . this isn’t good! . . . Penelope is up, she’s ready to continue . . . Chantelle is up now too, looking down at her mother who is stilling yelling instructions . . .”

“Her legs are stiff . . . this could be ugly if Chantelle’s legs are gone!”

“Looks as though this will continue – Chantelle Daniels was making this fight look like many of her other fights but, just like with Mace, Chantelle takes a counter, another right hook, and she was knocked down to the canvas right at the end of the round! Can she survive the fourth round . . .”

“We’ve not mentioned Penelope this break, as our concern is rightfully on Chantelle, but she is on the brink of securing the much need marquee win she has coveted for so long!”

Ding! Ding!

And the fourth round is on . . . Chantelle slow out of her corner as one would expect . . . her hands are up . . .”

“She didn’t even last five seconds when she rose against Mace . . .”

“True, a little bit of recovery this time . . .”

“A little . . .”

“Penelope is on her quick and Chantelle is covering up . . . Penelope wails away at Chantelle’s head . . . Chantelle is turtling, both hands covering her face . . . Penelope is rocking her back and forth, Chantelle’s arms and shoulders taking a beating . . . Penelope rocks an uppercut through Chantelle’s guard . . . Chantelle falls back into the ropes . . .”

“The ropes kept her up!”

“Chantelle is back in her shell . . . Penelope now looking like Chantelle, firing away from all angles, Chantelle absorbing all kinds of punishment here . . .”

“Penelope is making a mistake . . .”

“Really! She’s got her Chantelle in peril, barely standing!”

“Okay, yes, but . . . ooh!”

“Another uppercut rocks Chantelle, she wobbles again . . . ooh! . . . Penelope with a furious right hook, and somehow Chantelle ducked . . . Chantelle and Penelope tangled in the ropes as Penelope’s momentum takes her into the crouching, hurt Chantelle . . . Wild!”

“Chantelle grabs a hold of Penelope . . .”

“A desperate move, Penelope backs away, but Chantelle stumbles along with her . . . Chantelle doing anything to hold on . . . the referee imploring a break but Chantelle is ignoring the plea . . . .”

“Desperate, but smart!”

“What mistake were you referring too . . .”

“Oh, Penelope is throwing too many wild haymakers . . . she needs to be methodical . . . I think she is too excited at where she has Chantelle, she wants a spectacular finish . . . she should fire at what Chantelle is exposing, which right now is her body . . .”

“The referee finally separates Chantelle from Penelope and Chantelle teeters back . . . her legs still wobbly . . . she’s trying to move but she really can’t . . . Penelope is on her quickly . . .”

“She smells blood!”

“Penelope fires away as Chantelle back pedals back into the ropes . . . a right hook sends Chantelle to her left and she stumbles into the corner hitting the pad hard . . . she gets her hands back up, and Penelope fires a a left-right combo into her ribs . . . and again . . .”

“Shes going to the body now . . .”

“Mairead, we’ve never see Chantelle in this position! We’ve never seen her take this much punishment in the ring! . . . another left-right . . .ooh! . .”

“Chantelle stumbles right again . . . her hands are on the ropes breaking her fall . . .”

“Penelope relentless now . . . one, two, three, four . . . Penelope is driving heavy shots in to Chantelle’s ribs . . . and Chantelle teeters forward on her hands and knees . . .”

“She takes a reprieve! Giles, she took refuge on the canvas!”

“Incredible . . . Chantelle is down again, and this time there will be a count!”

“1 . . . 2 . . .”

“Giles, we may be seeing the end . . . does Chantelle have the heart to rise again . . . surely she knows she is in for more punishment!”

“ . . . 4 . . . 5 . . .”

“You may be right Mairead, Chantelle is on a knee, but she is looking out through the ropes at Ophelia . . .”

“ . . . 7 . . . 8 . . .”

“She is getting up Mairead . . . Chantelle uses the ropes and struggles to an upright position . . . The referee shakes her hands, a lot of give in them . . . the referee pauses . . . he seems unsure . . . he waves it on . . .”

“Look at Penelope, she darts right in . . .”

“Chantelle turtles . . . Penelope is wailing away on the stationary Chantelle . . . A left right to Chantelle’s face . . .”

“She is blasting right through the guard now of Chantelle . . .”

“A weakened Chantelle is desperate . . . another right-left . . follow left . . . Chantelle stumbles again . . . onto a knee!”

“Surely this is it . . . Chantelle is being pinataed!”

“Penelope ushered to the corner! Chantelle again on her hands and knees in the center of the ring this time, no ropes to help her!”

“1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .”

“Chantelle is breathing hard, Penelope with her fist raised, Giles! She thinks she’s done enough!”

“ . . . 5 . . .6 . .”

“Ophelia is pounding the canvas, shouting at Chantelle to rise!”

“ . . . 7 . . .”

“Chantelle pushes herself off the canvas again . . . still unsteady . . she still hasn’t found her legs . . . the referee grabs her arms and yanks them with ease . . . Ophelia is yelling at the referee . . .”

“She’s yelling for him to continue the match, I think! The referee is still unsure . . .. he motions for a continuance!”

“Penelope looks as surprised as everyone else in the arena . . . Chantelle Daniels is taking a beating in the ring, and her mother Ophelia is not throwing in the towel . . . surely it is just a matter of time!”

“Hard to watch Giles . . .”

“Penelope looks over at Missy . . . she seems unsure . . . she closes in on Chantelle again, Chantelle’s arms are starting to sag . . . Penelope jabs forward with a right, and a left . . . Chantelle can’t protect herself . . . another left and Chantelle is back in the ropes . . . Chantelle ducks under them . . . the referee comes between the fighters . . . he works to untangle Chantelle . . .”

“Survival . . . Chantelle with another desperate attempt to survive round four!”

“Chantelle Daniel’s left eye is closing, she has had blood now from her nose, we’ve never seen her take a sustained beating like this!”

“Penelope is back ontop of Chantelle – -pounding Chantelle’s body . . . no response from Chantelle . . . she is turtling . . .”

“Ding! Ding!”

“And mercifully this round comes to an end! Surely Ophelia will throw in the towel! Or the referee will stop this!”

“One of them should . . . Chantelle took a beating that round and can barely protect herself!”

“Well, Penelope is back on her stool . . . Chantelle stumbles over to her corner and takes a heavy seat, Ophelia jumping in with towels!”

“Unbelievable . . . not how we saw this fight going . . . Chantelle Daniels is in real trouble! And Penelope Primrose is quieting a lot of doubters with this performance! She withstood some serious flurries from Chantelle in Rounds two and three . . . but she has turned this fight around big time Giles!”

“Interesting, the referee is talking with Tyrus Johnson, UKFB’s owner . . . and Ophelia is yelling over at them too!”

“They should be stopping this . . .”

The camera zoomed in on the Primrose corner and Giles and Mairead listened in.

“ . . . Stay on her and finish it . . . if you have too . . .” They watched Missy turn to ringside where Johnson and the referee were huddled and shouted, “What are you doing Ty! Stop this thing! . . . Penny, be ready, this is going to the fifth . . . stay the course!”

The feed cutaway, back to Giles and Mairead, “Well Missy is seeing what we are . . . an injured fighter who can no longer protect herself.”

“Giles, I am startled. The scuttlebutt in the longer room has always been how Ophelia protects or protected Chantelle, and now when she is in the biggest trouble of her Foxy Boxing career, Ophelia is not there for her. I can’t believe she is preparing Chantelle to go back out there!”

“It looks like this is continuing! Chantelle’s left eye is in a bad way, marks on both sides of her face . . . She is standing on her own . . . as is Penelope in the opposite corner.”

“Ding! Ding!”

“And here we go for Round five! Penelope comes out fast, heading straight for the wounded Chantelle! Chantelle has her arms up and starts moving left . . . have never seen Chantelle move this slow . . .”

“ . . . or not throwing punches . . .”

“Penelope catches her with another right hook . . .”

“Chantelle is having trouble seeing out of her left eye . . . it is closing fast.”

“And Chantelle is back in the ropes, bouncing back and forth on the ropes, trying to not be a stationary target . . . and Penelope goes back to the body, Chantelle absorbing the punishment . . . ooh . . . rights and lefts . . .we all know how strong her abs on, but she is taking the punishment with full force . . .”

“Yeah, this assault to her body . . . I mean this may even be too much for Chantelle to repel, she’ll be softening up for sure . . .”

“And Chantelle is able to grab a hold of Penelope, awkwardly grabbing hold as Penelope came in . . .”

“Penelope is holding on too now . . . it looks like she is talking into Chantelle’s ear . . .”

“And Penelope breaks away, pushing off Chantelle who teeters to her left . . . Penelope is on her quickly . . . Chantelle fires a jab, Penelope walks through it . . . Penelope bullies Chantelle back into the ropes . . . Chantelle bouncing off the ropes again . . . Penelope firing away . . . Chantelle again defenseless, her arms are heavy, she can’t keep them up . . . ooh . . . another solid uppercut from Penelope . . . Chantelle again tangled in the ropes . . . the referee again helps her untangle . . .”

“Penelope should finish this . . .”

“A nice right by Chantelle . . . she surprised Penelope with that . . . Penelope counters with a left-right combination . . . and than right back to the body of Chantelle . . . my goodness . . . what was that eight unanswered shots to Chantelle’s belly . . . Chantelle is starting to feel those as she curls into a crouch and tries to cover up . . another upper cut rocks Chentelle’s head back . . .”

“This is ugly!”

“Penelope dives in again . . . Chantelle meets her square with a right of her own . . . it stops Penelope . . . and Chantelle follows it with another right . . . both connect flush on Penelope’s face . . .”

“Penelope better be careful . . .though I am not so sure Chantelle has much sting left in her punches. . .”

“Penelope ups the aggression again . . . she is back pushing Chantelle into the corner . . . Chantelle is fighting back more now! She fires away some punches into Penelope’s body . . . it has slowed Penelope a bit . . .”

“A wounded animal can be dangerous Giles, and Chantelle is severely wounded!”

“Penelope is coming in again, firing away, trying to end the bout . . . and Chantelle is meeting her punch rate! Chantelle is firing away at will trying to keep Penelope at bay . . . nothing is connecting with any force or accuracy but the crowd senses Chantelle’s fight back and are getting loud! . . . Penelope is firing back, more accurately . . . ooh . . . Chantelle’s head snaps back, she stumbles again into a crouch . . . Chantelle jumps out from her crouch and catches Penelope coming in snapping Penelope’s head back! Chantelle now firing away . . .”

“She is sloppy and she is flailing, but she is doing the only she thinks she can to keep Penelope from finishing the fight . . .”

“Yes! She is known as a volume puncher, and is trying to just throw punches hoping to catch Penelope with one . . . Penelope is wise to it and moving well defensively . . . a nice counter by Penelope and another! . . . Chantelle wobbles to her side . . . Penelope perseus . . . a nice left to the body by Penelope, Chantelle felt that!”

“Never seen Chantelle react that way to a body punch . . . ohh!”

“And Chantelle fires an uppercut . . . it catches Penelope flush on the chin! Penelope staggers back a bit . . . that was the punch Chantelle was hoping to land . . .

Penelope now backpedals, Chantelle trying to pursue, but her legs are heavy . . . Penelope stops in the center of the ring . . . Chantelle meets her there . . . wow! Both fighters are unleashing . . . Chantelle starts giving ground . . . ooh! Another right staggers Chantelle . . .”

“DIng! Ding!”

“Chantelle teeters into the ropes but stays up . . . Unbelievable action at the end of that round! Somehow, Chantelle started fighting back . . . Penelope can’t finish her . . . Mairead, is Chantelle still in this!?”

“I wouldn’t think so, Penelope is landing the bigger blows . . . you saw the end there, Chantelle can’t see the right hook coming, the body blows are starting to hurt her, and she is still woozy from the previous punishment! That said Giles, she is showing me something! She has heart! She is trying to fight back, and to be honest, some of us questioned Chantelle’s heart!”

“She has it right now . . . to a look in . . .”

“ . . . embarrassing! . . .” Ophelia had a cold compress on Chantelle’s left eye and was berating her daughter, “ . . . You are embarrassing me in front of everyone!”

Chantelle was looking at her, one eye closed, the other eye puffy and red. Giles looked at Chantelle’s open eye, and saw bewilderment looking out of it.

“Mairead! What is she talking about! Chantelle Daniels may be losing this fight, but she is showing the fans a fighting spirit and a strength of heart!”

“She sure is! Many fighters would have called it a day in round four! She showed enough wits and guile to survive and showed some fight back last round!”

“Can she complete a comeback?”

“I would say no . . . look, she is in uncharted waters. She’s never been this hurt, her breathing is labored . . .”

“She tired?!”

“Well yes, she’s tired, she used everything she’s had to stay upright, but the labored breathing is more due to the punishment her body has taken! I wouldn’t be surprised that she had broken ribs or other damage in there!”

“Both fighters are up, Penelope Primrose is surely the fresher of the two fighters.”

“Well, you asked if Chantelle can still win . . . as long as you are still in the fight you have a chance. And Penelope’s chin has certainly been exposed for some scrutiny recently . . .”

“Ding! Ding!”

“Round six is underway. Chantelle comes out fast, as does Penelope. They meet in the center of the ring . . . unbelievable, Chantelle is firing away like she did in round two . . . Penelope caught off guard a bit and backs off. Chantelle is flailing, lumbering . . . but she is trying to catch Penelope . . .”

“This favors Penelope . . . a compromised Chantelle trying to be aggressive is ripe for some counterpunching!”

“And on cue, Penelope snaps Chantelle head back again . . . and again . . .”

‘Chantelle’s reach is nullified . . . she is sloppy and slow, and Penelope is stepping inside and just throttling her with counters.”

“Chantelle lumbers back in . . . she is missing, but she is still throwing punches . . . another right hook, and Chantelle staggers back . . . Penelope follows and fires off some body blows . . .”

“Those hurt . . . Chantelle has some damage in there . . . she is feeling those . . . Penelope is loading up and firing away . . . Chantelle tries to grab hold of Primrose’s waist, but Primrose leans down and pushes her away . . .”

“Oooh . . . Chantelle catches Penelope with a tomahawk right in the back of the ear . . . And would you believe it, it knocks Primrose to her knee!”

“Unbelievable, Primrose is down on her knee!”

“Chantelle looks more shocked than anyone . . . The ref shoves Chantelle to the neutral corner, almost knocking her down . . . he turns back for the count . . . Penelope is up . . . Penelope is up quick before the count can start . . .”

“A flash knock down, but boy, get someone in the back of the ear like that, it can be devastating . . . Chantelle just has very little power left . . .”

“Penelope is checked over, not a happy camper about what just happened.”

“She got caught in a compromised position, kind of a rabbit punch, but again, Chantelle is desperate, on borrowed time it would seem and will try anything.”

“The fight is quickly continued . . . Chantelle trying to close again, Penelope keeping a close eye . . . Chantelle and Penelope start firing away . . . and again it is Chantelle giving ground! Another right hook did it . . .”

“She just can’t see it . . . Penelope seems not too worse for wear . . . But Chantelle, she is relentless. how is she still firing away. Catching most air, elbow, and shoulder but . . .”

“Ooh . . .”

“Penelope lands another vicious right and Chantelle is back into the ropes . . . Penelope’s persues a staggering Chantelle . . .Chantelle firing away, trying to get off the ropes . . . Penelope absorbs those offering, walking through them . . . Penelope staggers her with another combination to the body . . . She has certainly pulverized Chantelle’s taut body with those sledgehammers you had mentioned!”

“Chantelle is starting to lower her guard to Giles, she is in pain down there, Penelope has softened her up, damaged Chantelle in some way . . .”

‘Well her body was pulverized in the fourth and fifth . . . Woh! And that might do it!! Penelope lands an uppercut flush on the chin of Chantelle Daniels and down she goes!

Chantelle Daniels is down again . . . she falls at Penelope’s boots . . . Penelope quickly to the neutral corner . . . Chantelle turns over on to her back . . .”

“1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .”

“Giles, this might do it . . . Chantelle tries to sit up, but she can ‘t do it . . .”

“ . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . .”

“Chantelle Daniels is trying to get her equilibrium . . . she turns to her side, Ophelia is pounding the canvas again . . .”

. . . 7 . . . 8 . . .”

“She’s not going to make it . . .”

“She’s on her hands and knees, looking over at her mother . . .”

“ . . . 9 . . . 10! Ding! Ding”

“And that is it! Chantelle Daniels cannot rise! She is still on her hands and knees . . . Chantelle has been counted out!

The battle of former UK Champions has been won by Penelope Primrose! What a fight!”

“Look at Primrose! She jumps into Missy Eddington’s arms, nearly knocking over another former champion! A well earned win . . . turned the fight with one punch, and turned into the old Penny, relentless with her accuracy and punches!”

“Chantelle Daniels is still on her knees, her head buried in her arms . . . she turns back, looking for Ophelia . . . unfortunately, Ophelia Daniels is halfway up the aisle!”

‘Wow! That is quite the motherly love!”

“Chantelle Daniels has met defeat for the second time in a row! She never really looked herself in this bout, she had her moments . . .”

“But Giles, she fought until the end! She never gave up, and she made Foxy Boxing proud tonight! Not her best night, but she fought like the champion she was. No fault losing to Primrose!”

“I would have to agree!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The winner, by 6th Round knockout, Penelope Primrose!”

“David, the arena is still abuzz at what has happened. Chantelle had been the odds on favorite, mostly due to recent form. But Chantelle had been beat up tonight in a way she had never been before. And Penelope Primrose has a win tonight long in the making! Since Rayne shattered her undefeated record, Penelope has been searching for a win like this! Now she has it!”

“Agree Giles! What a fight! Never saw this coming . . . seeing Chantelle take such punishment! Well called Giles as always!”

“Well, we are not done yet! We still have “The English Rose” to come. But let’s take in the final images of Primrose-Daniels! Penelope still strutting and waving in the ring! Chantelle is being lifted to her feet, being set on her stool. Her face is battered, but she looks devastated alone on that stool. Penelope ambles over, leaning down to say something to Chantelle . . . I wish we had the boom microphone on for that!”

‘Me too!”

‘Well, Mairead, that was wild. It looks like Chantelle Daniels is the ‘Hot Mess!’ David. Back to you!”

(To be Continued)