Month: January 2017

Vanity Vale Vs. Candy Carpenter

Vanity Vale’s first challenge as new Foxy Boxing Champion comes from the cute Candy Carpenter. (more…)

Liberty Lane vs. Vanity Vale

Below is my very first uploaded fight story, originally meant as a test to see if I could do this and if there’d be a good response. I was supposed to be done with these two characters after this match, but the response caught me off-guard. Eventually, they both came back and helped expand a whole new boxing world outside of the original B.A.B.E. girls I had plans for.

Welcome to B.A.B.E.!

Welcome to the official website for B.A.B.E., Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment!

You can read the About page for how this league first came about, but I’m here to tell you what to expect from this site. Long-time fans already know about the DeviantArt page where this all started and the stories posted here will all be old news to them.

This site is mainly to reach new viewers (or for those long-time fans who want to enjoy the old stories again).

In time, this site will catch up to the new content and you can expect that content to hit both the site and the DeviantArt page (since the support has been so great there).

So… what to expect? The bulk of the stories will revolve about the B.A.B.E. fighters in their ‘current’ season. Originally, the ‘show’ started out as a season-based show, in the vein of G.L.O.W., Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. But, mid-way through the second season, things changed so that the show was just continuous (much like WWE wrestling shows).

So, with that in mind, you’ll get the current season/non-season of B.A.B.E., plus some ‘flashback’ bouts to the first season of B.A.B.E. In addition, you’ll get foxy boxing stories from before B.A.B.E. was an official league… stories that led up to its creation. You’ll also get some stories from the international foxy boxing scene. And, in time, I’ll be adding stories from F.L.O.W., the Ferocious Ladies of Wresting, a wrestling league that shares a connection with B.A.B.E.

My hope is to get these stories up in the same order as they were originally published. (And, most will be available on my Lulu site… some stories will be free here!) I toyed with the idea of redoing some of the early stories, based on what I know now with Poser, but I’ve decided to keep the stories as-is, warts and all. That way, you can see how the quality has progressed over time. (Plus, redoing those stories would slow me down on new ones!)

So, with that, I hope you enjoy B.A.B.E., the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment!