Continuing the story of Penelope Primrose, taking place during the start of the Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment league. 

The author of these stories goes by the DeviantArt handle of thegeorgiapeach. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his post-match analysis of B.A.B.E. matches very much. But now, he’s covered a year in the life of the former UK Foxy Boxing champion.

Without detracting from the current B.A.B.E. storylines and keeping true to (and in some cases building up) the personalities of B.A.B.E. fighters, this story presented an outsider (UK) view of what was going on with the league. These stories helped make my own fictional world seem more real to me! In fact, as far as I’m concerned, these stories are canon to my own stories.

This doesn’t usually happen but I was so into this storyline, that I actually wanted to help bring some of it to life. And with the author’s permission, I will be re-publishing these stories to the B.A.B.E. blog.

So, (around) every week, you can tune in here for the stories with some associated images. (Not everything will have images… just the action-oriented stuff! And, please, visit thegeorgiapeach‘s DA page for his stories and analysis. It’ll be worth your time!

Story by thegeorgiapeach and art by cpunch . (Please note, some of the images in these stories may have been previously published. Click the highlighted links below for refreshers as you go along.)

“ . . . so, in the final analysis, there is only one thing for Johnson to do – forget about Primrose and Daniels – The English Rose deserves the next shot at Morgan Mace, and nobody else. There have been rumors of backdoor politicking and intrigue as to the next contender to face Mace, but anyone who knows anything about the recent activity in UK Foxy Boxing knows that the meteoric rise of Kelly Fairchild is all anyone is talking about, and after last night’s performance the calls throughout the boxing world have now reached deafening levels. Surely Johnson must hear all of this, surely he is not so obtuse as to not see what the general public has been seeing. The time is now, it is the time for an English Rose to blossom. What will it be Johnson? Your call.”

And with that UK Foxy Boxing Commissioner Tyrus Johnson threw down his copy of the Daily Beacon in frustration. Last night had been a great night for UK Foxy Boxing, but everything he was reading or hearing today was about how he had been ignoring the rising fame and abilities of Kelly Fairchild and was holding her back from contending for the title. How Fairchild should have been given the opportunity to face champion Morgan Mace weeks ago. Johnson was annoyed at the assumption the press was making that he did not see how talented Fairchild was, and how she did deserve the next shot at Morgan Mace.

 Johnson’s problems were exacerbated by being stuck in the web of Ophelia Daniels’ machinations. He had struck a deal with Ophelia that her daughter Chantelle would get the next shot at Mace, regardless of the outcome against Penelope Primrose. It had been clear to Ophelia, and to himself if he was being honest with himself, that Chantelle would prevail against Penelope. Last night Penelope played the fly in the punch bowl and by brutally beating down Chantelle.

How could he sell Chantelle-Morgan II to the UK public after the second straight knockout loss by Chantelle. Penelope-Mace III? The public would revolt. Already the switchboard to the UK Foxy Boxing headquarters was being inundated with calls, nearly all of them asking for or demanding Fairchild get the next title shot. Johnson had seen stars come through UK Foxy Boxing – Eddington and Primrose coming to mind – but he had never seen anything like this. British Sport Networks David Kent, the man who has the pulse on the league himself asked Johnson last night when Fairchild would get a crack at Mace. His non-answer did not go over well with David or the press.

Johnson sat at his desk and continued to stew. There was no doubt he had to extricate out of Ophelia’s threats of exposing their affair. Exposure would be messy for him, but it would for Ophelia as well – it would certainly lead to extreme scrutiny of Chantelle’s career, for how she became champion and stayed champion. The press would clearly make the connections that through him Ophelia had paved a clear path for Chantelle with minimum risk. With the addition of Chantelle’s back-to-back knockout losses, Chantelle’s legacy would be ruined. Ophelia’s actions last night made her even a bigger wild card. Did Ophelia care about Chantelle’s legacy? After she stormed away from the ring she had practically accosted him demanding he follow through on his promise of a rematch with Mace, but with what Chantelle went through last night, she will need quite some recovery time. Medic Lily had sent up the medical report from the hospital – it had confirmed Chantelle’s concussion, plus a slight orbital fracture, and separated cartilage around the ribs. It also mentioned how Ophelia had checked Chantelle out of the hospital in the early morning hours. 

“Ahhh, shit!” and Johnson pounded the table. He was at a loss of how to do what he wanted to without risk or exposure for him. He knew he had dirt on Ophelia as well, he kept recordings of many of their midnight dealings before they consummated each meeting. He also knew enough about Ophelia’s ‘royal heritage’ to blow that asunder as well. That, though, would hurt Chantelle as well, and though Chantelle could be aloof and icy, she wasn’t a bad person. Johnson leaned forward and buzzed the intercom, “Cass?!”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson,” came the reply. 

“Cass, contact Ophelia Daniels. Let her know we need to meet. – same place, same time as usual.”

“Yes Mr. Johnson.” 

Johnson sat back, “Boy, am I glad I pay Cass a good salary – the things she knows!”  


Pepper Syn tossed the sports section of The Daily Beacon on the coffee table in Missy Eddington’s living room and chuckled, “Well, Ty Johnson is taking a beating in the press! For every five words of adulation that Fairchild gets, Johnson gets three words of shame.”  

“You should have seen David Kent roast him on the post-fight analysis last night on B.S.N.,” replied Candy Carpenter, “Johnson was all hemming and hawing about Morgan Mace’s next fight . . .”

“ . . . said something like ‘we have plenty of good fighters who have a good claim to facing Mace . . .’” Missy cut in, “Really? And who might these fighters be? Where have they been hiding!” 

“David hammered him for not being able to state the obvious – that it was time for Fairchild Funny stuff!” Candy finished. 

The doorbell rang.

“Well, that’ll be our girl Penny,” Missy offered, “Be right back.” Missy got up and headed to the door.

“Candy unmute the T.V. – this is it – last night’s “B.A.B.E. Talk” with Liberty.”

Candy reached for the remote and unmuted the T.V. where Raquel Balboa was chatting with Liberty Lane, “. . . now was the perfect time to get back in that ring. So much good competition right now and I want to be a part of it again.”

Liberty responded, “Well, speaking of competition, next week you’re facing a boxer who has become very feared in that ring. This match is being hailed as ‘Rocky’s Comeback’ but your opponent is also making a return to the ring . . . How do you feel about Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee?”

Candy quickly chimed in before Raquel’s response, “First call Gail Golden made I was told.”

“Tonya Lee is a powerful boxer, no doubt about that. But her problem is that she believes in her own reputation too much . . .”

“Whose reputation!?” Penelope Primrose barked as she entered the room.

“Shhh . . . not you!!” came the response from Candy and Pepper.

 “. . . She thinks that she can get in that ring and bully her opponents. She’s going to learn a hard lesson when she steps in that ring against me!”

Candy paused the screen, “Last night’s interviews from Liberty’s show. They are talking with Rocky and then Tonya. I heard Tonya gives Liberty a hard time, a must see.”

Penelope and Missy sat down on the couch as Candy unpaused the interview.

“Rocky, some critics out there are saying that you’ve been away from the ring too long . . .”

“How long has it been? Two years?” interjected Missy.

“Nearly three I think,” replied Candy.

“. . . some say this may be a problem in your match with Tonya. Before we leave today, any last words on that?”

“”Listen, ever since I’ve retired from active competition, I’ve continued to train every day at the gym. I’ve remained very disciplined and have made sure to keep my senses sharp, my speed quick, and my punches powerful . . .”

“Easier said than done,” remarked Penelope, “How much sparring has she done?”

“. . . when I get in that ring I’m going to show the world that Rocky is still at the top of her game. And Tonya, you’re gonna feel what many others before you have felt: defeat at my hands.”

As the audience cheered Rocky’s words Pepper interjected, “Big words from Rocky. She’s normally more reserved than that.”

Candy replied, “She’s not Lee’s biggest fan. Remember, she fired her after the Cheryl incident . . .”

“Which was probably an over-reaction – she never did hit Cheryl,” answered Penelope.

“True, but then Tonya interrupted Rocky’s big comeback speech and challenged her there in public . . .”

“Smart move,” offered Missy, “No way Raquel Balboa of all people would shy away from that challenge.”

“Especially how she had just said she would fight anyone,” Candy said as she muted the T.V. which had gone to advertisements.

“What do you think, Candy?” Missy asked, “Can Rocky beat Tonya after such a long layoff?”

“Yes . . . if anyone can its Rock. I mean – Payne, Rayne, Vale – she beat them all . . .”

“Three years ago,” offered Penny, “From what Lana has shared with me, this Lee is a new breed of scary tough.”

“Maybe, but Rocky is the legendary for taking out the next breed of ‘scary tough.”

“I lost to Rocky, so I wouldn’t bet it against . . .”

“You lost to me too,” Penny interrupted.

Pepper laughed, “True! But, man I can’t imagine Rocky losing.”

“Three years is a long time, “Missy shared, “Even if you are training and staying in shape. There is staying in shape, and then there is staying in Boxing shape, and that is completely different. Day in and day out being keen to every nuance, no distractions but the training. Balboa has had tons of distractions building B.A.B.E. to the enormity it is today. I don’t know, this may be a tough ask.”

“I hear what you’re saying,” retorted Candy, “But Tonya? She beat Gail, Cheryl and Susie. Not the cream of the crop – Tonya is facing the best of the best now – a true jump for her too . . .”

“Candy, unmute it . . . this is what the girls were telling me about – Tonya and Liberty!” interrupted Pepper. Candy ummuted and the debate ceased as they watch Tonya respond to Liberty’s first question.

“ . . . You used to be someone around here, right? Weren’t you like a champ or something? How long ago was that?”

“Moving on . . . you were actually kicked out of B.A.B.E. due to your actions. But the fact is you’ve made a strong name for yourself in B.A.B.E. which has helped bring you back. How does it feel to be reinstated?”

“Wow! You were a boxing champion once . . . and now you’re sitting here asking other women what it’s like to be in that ring. That must be really hard for you. I’d know I’d be embarrassed for myself. Reduced to a chair job.”

“Ouch . . .” muttered Penny

“Aww . .  Poor Libs,” muttered Candy

“Hmm . . . Well, you’re making your return to the ring and going up against the legendary Raquel Balboa . . .”

“Look how uncomfortable poor LIberty is,” chuckled Pepper.

“ . . . critics are saying that you’ve made your reputation off the backs of third-tier fighters in a short amount of matches. Now, you’re going up against a first-class act. Any thought on your upcoming fight?”

“Fair question, nice Libs,” Candy offered.

“Raquel Balboa . . . Rocky . . . is this the woman that trained you and helped you become a champ? Well, shit . . . I guess I know what I am in for when we meet. I’m gonna eat you up, spit you out, and hang your ‘legacy’ up on my wall for everyone to see when they visit. When I’m done with you, if you survive, maybe you can start a talk show too.”

“Look at Liberty! She is so angry!” Penny commented.

“Not easy to get Liberty mad, she’s so kind! But yeah, she turned red in that little argy-bargy!” replied Candy, who then shut the T.V. off. “Well, I’ve got Rocky next week!”

“Me too,” chimed in Pepper, “Penny? Missy”

“I don’t know – she is THE legend of this sport. Not an easy opponent from what I’ve read – but how do you bet against Raquel Balboa?”

“I guess I will,” responded Penelope. 

“Really, Pen?! You think Lee takes out Rocky?”

Penelope thought back to her brief run in with Raquel when she was around the B.A.B.E. universe training with Lana. She had seen the stress on Raquel’s face – obviously known now because of the huge impending sale of the company she was trying to finalize. She had also seen that while Rocky was training, and running, she wasn’t in the same shape. Three years is three years, and Penny reflected on the huffing and puffing Rocky as she ran up that hill. “Yes, she is in shape, but not fighting shape.” Over the trials of the past year, Penelope had come up close and personal with the difference. She repeated aloud, “Yes, she is in shape, but not fighting shape. This Lee is . . . I don’t know, there is something different about her. Ashley can take her, but I think it is too much too soon for poor old Rocky.”

“Well, then it is a bet. And there is a chance you can be ringside next week for the fight – which of course is why Candy and I are here, and Missy,” chimed in Pepper.

Penelope looked at Pepper curiously, and then over at Missy looking for any clue. She looked back at Pepper who was now on her phone, “Yep, she’s right here . . . Penny, I have Gail Golden on the phone, she wants to talk with you.” Pepper tossed the phone to Penelope, who after fumbling the catch, brought the phone to her ear, and turning again to Missy for any clues.



“Ahh Penelope Primrose, England’s greatest champion! Gail Golden here! What a show you put on last night! You pummeled that golden goddess Chantelle into gold dust. I must say, given my own ring attire back in the day, it was tough to see a golden clad fighter knocked around the ring – flashbacks! What a fight! . . . But let’s get right to the chase . . . How would you like to get back into B.A.B.E. and continue your mission of kicking ass over here?”

Penny was still staring at Missy.

“Penny? . .  Penny, I know this is out of the blue – but you were one of the first fighters I thought about bringing into or back to B.A.B.E. once I took over. We want Penelope Primrose back in B.A.B.E. Foxy Boxing’s greatest league!”

“Well . . . everything . . . so . . . Gail, this is quite sudden . . . I . . .”

“Penny, honey . . . I know, lots thrown your way. Don’t say anything right now, chat with Pepper, Candy and Missy, look at your options . . .”

“ . . . I’m in line to fight Mace again . . . get back my UK title . . .”

“Penny, I love you, we love you . . . but chat with the folks there, call me back . . . I can see it now on the arena marquee – ‘Episode 8: Penelope Primrose Returns to B.A.B.E’ . . .  chat with them, call me back!” With that Gail Golden hung up and Penny slowly brought down the phone.

“What the hell was that!?” Penny uttered.

“Penny, Gail wants you back in B.A.B.E. Simple as that. And she is willing to double your salary here,” Pepper answered.

Penelope’s mind was going a mile a minute. Yes, she said to herself, I want back in B.A.B.E. so bad! The visit, the arena watching Episode 6, training and hanging with Lana, it all brought back the itch to return to America and cement her legacy on both sides of the Atlantic.

“But . . . I am up for the UK belt. Mace and I have unfinished business . . .”

“Penny . . . wait a sec . . . Pepper, Candy can you give us a second,” Missy said, knowing now was the time to clue Penny in to what has been going on in UK Boxing.

“Sure thing,” Pepper replied, and Candy and Pepper walked out to the porch and closed the door.

“Did you know about this?”

“Yes Penny, I knew this was possibly coming. Remember when Pepper came to see me when we were in the B.A.B.E. arena? She was coming to see if you would come back, she was feeling me out for info. I didn’t want to distract you from Chantelle prep.”

“I get that . . . but I beat Chantelle. I am right in place for Mace . . . finish the three-peat.”

“Yes, Penny. There will be a shot at a three-peat with Mace. But you may wait awhile for that . . .”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, you are not next in line – you will have to wait . . .”

“How am I not next in line? I am a former champ . . . their favorite champ . . .”

“Penny . . . we got to fight Chantelle, like you wanted.”


“You said do whatever I could to get the match . . . a match Ophelia really didn’t want for Chantelle or need . . .”

“What are you saying?”

“What I am saying Penny, is that a stipulation for the match was that win or lose Chantelle got her rematch with Mace before you . . “


“As I said . . . they had the leverage, you wanted the fight, and Ophelia has Johnson wrapped around her finger . . .”

“Son of a  . . . so I’ll wait . . .”

“You’ll wait, yes. But, and your not blind or deaf Penny – but there will be a reckoning soon, Mace will have to fight Fairchild – before or after Chantelle does . . .”

“What . . .”

“Penny, you’ve seen the media circus. Read the papers. There is enormous pressure on Johnson to get Fairchild that title shot. So you’ll be waiting a while before you get any shot at Mace, and when you do, she may not even be champion.”

Missy watched Penny take in what she was saying. For Penny, her mind was going a million different directions. If Fairchild or Daniels became champ, then a Mace fight had less appeal. Ophelia wouldn’t let her get near Chantelle again. As for Fairchild . . . Penny labored on this, and in her heart of hearts conceded, as painful as it was, that she would not be the preferred fighter in that match up.

“They don’t love me like they love her.” It galled at Penny to admit it as it went against everything she believed – that in the UK she was the fans queen. But she had heard it last night, and seen it in the run up to last night  –  the love affair for Kelly Fairchild was real, and it was bigger than anything she had ever received. Penny asked herself if she could play second fiddle in a fight with Fairchild – be the one UK Foxy Boxing fans rooted against? To Penny the answer was ‘no.’ She could not stand to be in that shadow. Better take to B.A.B.E. and be the best UK boxer over there, and time willing she’ll come back and take the crown another day.

“Missy, this is all so sudden . . . but you are saying the wait will be long. What do I have to do in the meantime? Rematch with Sydney? Fight some other lowly heels?”

“Patience is not your best attribute. You are at your best when you are motivated by a challenge. Yes, you have challenges here in the UK, but you will have to wait for those precious chances. From what Candy and Pepper tell me, and from what I saw when we were training with Lana, in B.A.B.E. there is always a challenge, there is always a motivating matchup to get to . . . I saw it in you, you know.”

“Saw what?”

“Your joy at being back there. With Lana. In the B.A.B.E. arena? You love that place, you love being in the biggest lights.”

“You want me to leave, Missy?”

“I want you to do what you want? This is a big opportunity – forget the financial bump. But Golden really wants you. She is trying to expand B.A.B.E.’s marquee globally. She came to you early in that process. Heard she is after other area champs like Nielsen and Cloutier.”

“Ugh Clarisse! What a bitch!”

“Well there you go Penny! If she gets Cloutier, you have your Mace!” They both chuckled.

“Gosh, Missy, this is so sudden. But . . . I’m going to do it! . . . PEPPER!” Pepper and Candy walked back in the room. “Pepper, get me Gail! I’m going back to B.A.B.E. for redemption, and for Ashley’s title!” 

Pepper smiled. It was a good notch for her early in her new job as European scout. Thanks to Missy, she wheeled in a big fish, “Well not that big,” she thought, “She’s not taking Ashley’s belt!”


Ophelia Daniels sat on the couch across from Tyrus Johnson who was rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. She adjusted her too tight white halter top pinching at her sides and glowered at him, “Say again, Ty!”

“I am going with Fairchild-Mace,” Johnson replied firmly.

“You spineless bimbo!” Ophelia screeched, “We had a deal!”

“Yes, that Chantelle would get Mace before Primrose . . .”

“Before anyone!”

“Before Primrose.” Johnson swore to himself he would not raise his voice or show any emotion. He enjoyed seeing the discomfort and anger in Ophelia. Like many, Johnson had been disgusted by her behavior last night, and watching her squirm was quite sporting. He thought, “Ophelia, you’re looking old tonight. Clearly the stresses have gotten to you . . . and really, you’re trying too hard, that top is revealing way more of you then I reckon you want it to!”  

“Ty, I will let it slip what you are doing here . . . don’t think I won’t!”

“I do not doubt it. But Ophelia, you can’t be blind. You see the heat Kelly Fairchild has. It has been delayed long enough . . .”

“Then delay it some more you damn fool!”

“You told me to keep Fairchild away from Chantelle. I did. You told me to put barriers on the likes of Holmes, and Sydney last night. Hell, I delayed your first match with Mace nearly too long – there were prying questions about that. You read the papers today? Chantelle is getting heavy critique in the press, well her jawline anyway, and you are getting hammered for your  . . . tantrum let’s call it.”

“You are spineless . . .”

“No Ophelia, I am thinking this one through and you are . . .  being emotional.”

“How dare you throw that ‘emotional’  trope on me!”

“Last night you walked out on Chantelle, berated me, and you are still in a tither now. The time is now, sorry, Mace-Fairchild will be the next championship match. Delay it any further, especially for Chantelle’s benefit, will bring lots of questions. You and Chantelle need to step away from the spotlight for a time.”

“Chantelle deserves that shot . . .”

“Ophelia, Chantelle needs some rest . . .”

“Oh poppy-cock! She is fine, and we’ll have her training by the end of the week!”

“What!? No, Ophelia . . . That is madness . . .” Johnson struggled to say without getting his own emotions out on his sleeve.

“You know there is no one who trains harder than Chantelle!”

“True, but she’s never come off a beatdown like this Ophelia, Medic Lily said . . .”

“Oh stuff that tart Lily! She doesn’t know a thing about anything!”

“Ophelia, you do what you have to do – but you’ll have to step away from the limelight  for a bit – Mace-Fairchild, that is where I am going. And remember, you share what’s been going on in your bed, it is on you too. As well as Chantelle . . . and then . .  well there is the other matter . . . about that ‘manor’ you say you come from down in Dover!”

Ophelia smiled, but it was a kind of smile that brought chills to Tyrus Johnson, “So, old Ty finally is growing a pair. I reckon you’ll have to be finding someone else to warm your bed for awhile . . .”

“Oh, surely I cannot see why we have to break that part of the deal too,” Johnson replied evenly.

Again Ophelia smiled, “Ty, Chantelle will be ready for the next card. She humiliated and embarrassed me last night. That won’t happen again. You get your little Fairchild-Mace match. But you owe Chantelle the next shot, not Primrose or any others.”

“Shall we consummate THAT deal then, Ophelia,” Johnson needled.

Ophelia Daniels stood up, adjusted her halter top again and scoffed, “Not tonight! . . . Tonight I have to let Chantelle know her failure has cost us everything!”

“A bit dramatic . . . O . . . isn’t it?”

“Do not call me ‘O’ you flamboyant fuck!” And Ophelia stormed out the door. Tyrus Johnson watched the sway in her walk as she left, one of his favorite past times, “Oh Ophelia, suck in that gut, swing those hips,” he thought to himself and smiled. He had enjoyed other parts of this evening as well. He got what he wanted, Mace-Fairchild for the title, and the fans and media were getting what they wanted so they would get off his back, and Ophelia had received a little comeuppance.

“Cass!” Johnson bellowed, being sure he heard the elevator rattle downward with Ophelia on it.

“Well done Ty. Well done!” Johnson’s secretary said as she entered form a side room.

“You get it?”

“Yep . . . all of it . .  tape and recording.”

“Good, put them with the rest. You can never be too sure. What do you think . . . about Ophelia?”

“Well, Ty, Ms. Ophelia Daniels is quite going to pot, finally! She was spilling out of her top, a fine padding of flab around her middle jiggling for all to see . . .”

“No, you sly minx! You’re such the incorrigible gossip! What do you think Ophelia will do?”

Cass smiled, “Well, she was quite uncomfortable in that outfit . . .”

“Cassss . . .”

“Sorry, I cannot help myself with my honest assessments, Mr. Johnson, but if you must know, I think you finally got her in the corner. You played it well, and she knows you have something on her beyond your little soirees here. She’ll take it quietly . . . but she’ll make a move. She cannot stand being left out in the cold. With her meal ticket Chantelle’s aura dulled, she will try anything to get back in the light.”

“Anything . . . that is what I am afraid of. So, Cass, shall we?”

“Shall we what you old scoundrel?”

Tyrus Johnson hinted with a look at the bed. Cass smiled and shook her head, “No, Ty . . . I will not play second fiddle to that blown up barbie doll!”

Johnson sighed as Cass left the room, “Well old boy, at least you got the fight you wanted!”


It was a whirlwind ending to a whirlwind day. Penelope Primrose was sitting ringside with, of all people, Hurricane Hannah, watching Tonya Lee decimate the legendary champion Raquel Balboa in the fifth round of what was turning out to be a shockingly lopsided bout.

That Hannah had been the last official bout Penelope had had in the B.A.B.E. arena all those months ago, and that today, along with Sylvia Silver, they were guests of Gail Golden having all just signed contracts to return to the active B.A.B.E. roster felt as those things were coming full circle on her crazy year. And that it had been Raquel Balboa who had berated her performance and form following the Hannah fight, it felt altogether fitting that Raquel herself was putting on a performance that would surely resonate negatively with fans and media for a long time.

It was going to be Raquel Balboa answering the questions: Had she been too long gone? Had the fight game passed her by? Was she too far out of boxing shape to fight? Penelope held off a smirk, but she knew she was feeling some enjoyment at seeing the great Raquel Balboa being destroyed in the ring, “Not sure Raquel is going to like the headlines in the ‘Foxy Boxing Weekly” tomorrow . .  it’ll make my Trixie Gate look like small potatoes,” she thought.

Penelope looked around at the shocked faces of the fans. Nobody could believe what they were seeing, it had become eerily quiet. She could see the look of concern in some of the celebrated B.A.B.E. fighters who were sitting close by, including that of an intent Ashley Powers who was on the other side of the arena. She felt an elbow from Hannah.

“Can you believe it! Rocky is out on her feet!”

Penny looked back up at the ring and saw Raquel Balboa, undefeated former champion jelly-leg dancing in the middle of the B.A.B.E. ring she had built up with sweat and toil. 

“Unbelievable . . . ooh . . .” Tonya’s coup de grace on Raquel Balboa landed with a thickening thud, made even louder with the shocked silent crowd.

Penny watched Balboa fall hard, her head ricocheting off the canvas with a frightening bounce. The legendary Raquel Balboa had just been knocked out cold by Tonya Lee. Penelope looked at Lee and shivered, “My god she is terrifying!”

Hannah elbowed her again, “Can you believe this! I never . . . My god, she destroyed Rocky!”

On the other side of Penelope Sylvia Silver just sat quietly like the rest of the crowd, her mouth agape, stunned. Across the way, Ashley had her head in her hands, and Liberty Lane had come down to talk with her. 


Around where Penelope was sitting the crowd started to murmur alive, and boos were starting to be heard. Lee was clearly not liked, but her win had been clear and decisive.

“Well, Penelope . . . we are back in B.A.B.E . . . what a start . . . what’s this . . “ Hannah was cut off in mid-sentence and they both looked up at Tonya Lee who scooped the unconscious Raquel Balboa up in her arms and was parading her in front of the cameraman who had jumped up ringside.

“Take a look at the ‘legendary Raquel Balboa y’all! See this . . . this is what I do to legends . . .Rocky thought she could take me on? Thought she was still something in the ring? She was nothin’! Go ahead, enjoy the view!”

Penny and Hannah looked at each other, and both mouthed, “Wow!” They looked back up just in time to see Tonya ‘unceremoniously’ drop the comatose Raquel back onto the ring, her head once again bouncing on the canvas.

“This is nuts . . . .” murmured Sylvia, the first thing she had uttered since the second round.

“You got that right Syl,” Penny replied.

There was a commotion, and they all saw Ashley Powers and Liberty jump into the ring and Ashley let loose a flurry of punches knocking Tonya to the canvas.

“This is crazy!” Sylvia said!

“This is B.A.B.E,” replied Hannah.

“Welcome back indeed!”

Penelope Primrose was back in B.A.B.E. and tonight she knew the ride was just beginning anew. She had signed her contract, and Gail had made good on her promise. The salary was doubled, and she was going to be fighting Japanese star Shizu Shimada on the next B.A.B.E. Episode. She was hoping to celebrate with Lana Sinclair, and they had enjoyed a wonderful congratulatory lunch together earlier in the day – chili of course – but she knew Lana would be in a dark place after what just happened to Rocky. Lana was not in the arena, and although she and Raquel weren’t super close, Lana took fighters being defeated in this fashion quite hard. 

‘Beezt . . . Beezt”

Penny looked down at her phone. She was surprised to see it was from Lana. She opened it up.

“Again so happy ur back, sorry, I won’t be able to come tonight. Tough night for RB. But I did want to share this little bit of news. I have a meeting next week with Gail! #fingerscrossed

Penny smiled and thought, “Gail really is scanning the globe for talent!”

The commotion had died down in the arena, and the medics were attending to Raquel and getting her onto a gurney with Liberty and Ashley by her side. The crowd was still in shock, and a dull murmur still echoed in the arena as patrons filed out. “Well girls! We should celebrate our return to this beautiful place! How about we waltz down to Trixie’s for a little nightcap!?”

“I am with you on that, Penny! What a day! What a night! Syl?”

“Oh yeah! After what I just saw I need a stiff one!”

Penny followed Hannah and Sylvia out of the arena, before stopping at the exit and turning around, “I am back!” she said to the arena, “I am back in B.A.B.E!


Of course, the story of Penelope Primrose does not end here. You can check out what Penelope Primrose has been up to at cpunch’s website, here