International Foxy Boxing

Episode 11 Bonus: Ana Aquino vs. Ashley Powers

The Foxy Boxing champion of the Philippines, Ana Aquino, takes part in a special charity exhibition match.

Her opponent? Former B.A.B.E. champion, Ashley Powers!

Who will walk out of the ring in victory?


Episode 11 Bonus: The Filipina Champ

A spotlight on the Philippines foxy boxing champion, Ana Aquino.


Canadian Knockouts – Part 2

This it… the moment the #1 foxy boxing contender, Simone Steele, has been waiting for: a shot at the Canadian Foxy Boxing Championship belt!

But only one woman stands in her way: the undefeated champ herself, Maxine Dupont.

Can Simone overcome the champ or is Maxine as devious as they say she is? (more…)

Canadian Knockouts – Part 1

Let’s visit the foxy boxing scene outside of the U.S. and see what’s happening in Canada!

Join Maxine Dupont as she sits down to witness a bout between two friends to become the #1 Contender for the Canadian Foxy Boxing Championship!

Simone Steele and Felicia Fury put feelings aside to see who is the better woman… a woman worthy of a championship shot! (more…)