International Foxy Boxing

The Rising Star…

In Italy, a new boxer rises through the ranks, thanks in part to the training of a recuperating Italian foxy boxing heroine. (more…)

International Foxy Boxing – Japan Edition: Homecoming Part 1

Katsu ‘Lady Fist’ Ishida has returned home to Japan after a year abroad in the U.S. The boxing landscape has changed with a new woman holding the championship belt, but Lady Fist is more focused than ever. Unfortunately, there are new challenges to overcome.

Young fighter, Misaki Nakamura, is on her own path toward the championship belt. And now, the returning Lady Fist stands in her way.

After the smoke settles from this match, only one woman will continue on toward the Japanese Foxy Boxing champion.

Full match available here:


Lady Fist’s Return

Katsu ‘Lady Fist’ Ishida returns to Japan after a year in the U.S. Is she ready for the current boxing landscape? (more…)

International Foxy Boxing: Mexico Edition – Lola Guerrero vs. Marisol Moreno

One of Mexico’s hottest actresses and star of the telenovela, ‘Amor Duro,’ Lola Guerrero has decided to become a real-life professional foxy boxer! But this isn’t an acting job… she’ll be facing a real opponent in the form of Marisol Moreno.

And Marisol Moreno isn’t some star-struck fan… she has championship goals on her mind and Lola may be the perfect stepping stone to get her the shot she desires!

Who will be the last woman standing?


A Tabloid Opportunity

A year ago, in Mexico, the foxy boxing world was stunned by the revelation of a new fighter… (more…)

Egyptian Title Bout: Seshafi vs. Shalice Kassem

Shalice Kassem finally faces off against Egyptian Foxy Boxing champion Seshafi!


Seshafi’s Lair

A rare visit with the Egyptian Foxy Boxing champion… (more…)