International Foxy Boxing

Summer Games – Final (USA vs. China)

THIS IS IT! The final match of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament!

Lisa ‘The American Dream’ Simmons vs. Lei Qiang! USA vs. China!

Can the American Dream take the Chinese beast down or will Lei Qiang add another victim to her record and take the top tournament prize?

And what finally became of Saudi Arabian’s fighter, Shamara Hafeez?

Tune in today to find out!


Summer Games – Semi Final 2 (China vs. Ukraine)

In this second semi-final of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament, China’s Lei Qiang collides with Ukraine’s Veronika Valentyn!

Can Valentyn finally put a stop to Qiang’s rampage through the tournament?

Or will she suffer the same fate as the others? Tune in today to find out!


Summer Games – Semi Final 1 (Brazil vs. USA)

The dust hasn’t quite settled from the quarter-finals of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament but the semi-finals must begin!

In this first semi-final match, Brazil’s Carla Inacio advances to take on the USA’s Lisa Simmons! Can Carla repeat Brazil’s previous defeat of the US (back when Luiza Lima took down Liberty Lane) or will Lisa take the win for America?

Tune in today to find out!



It’s the fourth quarter-final of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament and the world is tuned in to this fight!

Russia’s Milana Petrov is looking to continue her domination over her region’s boxing field by taking down Ukraine’s Veronika Valentyn! But Veronika is looking for payback after her friend, fellow boxer, Oksana Roman, fell to the Russian fighter.

Can Veronika stop Milana’s rampage or will Milana add her to her list of victims?

Tune in today to find out!


Summer Games – Quarter Final 3 (Australia vs. China)

In the third quarter final of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament, Australia’s superstar boxer, Kylie Bennett, takes on the beast from China, Lei Qiang to see who’ll advance to the semi-finals!

Can the popular Bennett take the win and keep her record intact or will Qiang prove to be the wall that stops her?

Tune in today!


Summer Games – Quarter Final 2 (USA vs. Saudi Arabia)

In the second quarter-final match of the Summer Games Foxy Boxing Division tournament, the USA’s American Dream steps into the ring against Saudi Arabia’s Shamara Hafeez!

Lisa Simmons is looking to repeat her performance from the last Summer Games, but Shamara has her whole future riding on this match.

Who will take the victory?


Summer Games – Quarter Final 1 (Spain vs. Brazil)

In the first quarter final of the Summer Game Foxy Boxing Division tournament, Isabella Blanco, representing Spain, takes on Carla Inacio, representing Brazil!

Will the former Flamenco superstar dance away with the win or will Carla be the one to make her people back home proud?

Tune in today to find out!


Prelude to Glory (Summer Games Prologue)

What has the American Dream been up to since her defeat of the Red Scare?

Let’s find out!



Shamara Hafeez spent most of her life in France until she was forced to return to Saudi Arabia. There, she saw many of her freedoms taken away from her. But then, she was given the chance to participate in a boxing program and, in time, became a symbol of strength for women throughout her country.

But things appear to be changing for her and not in a good way… her future has a boxer has just gotten cloudier…

Tune in now to learn more about Shamara!



Ukrainian boxer, Veronika Valentyn, has been training hard with a specific person in mind… two people, actually. As she trains, she thinks back to the both of them, each providing her the motivation she’ll need for a future battle.

The two people on her mind? Her friend and fellow countrywoman, Oskana Roman, and the Russian boxer, Milana Petrov, who has been tearing through women from neighboring countries.

Tune in to see why these two women are haunting Veronika Valentyn!