International Foxy Boxing

International Foxy Boxing: Canada Edition: Audrey Girard Vs. Maxine DuPont

In the eyes of most people, Canadian Foxy Boxing champion, Maxine DuPont, has always done what she’s needed to to hold on to her belt, even if it meant cheating. But lately, she’s been receiving the same training as a couple of other proven foxy boxing champions on the international boxing scene. And now, her trainers want to see if she’s actually improved with their help… without cheating.

The problem is that she needs to face rising Canadian star, Audrey Girard, and Girard is has proven herself to be the woman who might actually take down the champ.

Will Audrey live up to expectations and make history by winning the Canadian championship belt? Or will Maxine’s training prove that she doesn’t need to rely on underhanded tactics to win? And what is it about her past that has motivated her current drive for success?

Find out here!


Canada’s Rising Star

The Canadian boxing world sees the rise of a pugilistic star through the ranks.

This story featuring two separate bouts, focuses on Audrey Girard… perhaps Canada’s latest hope for a championship future.

Tune in for the action!


International Foxy Boxing: Mexico Edition: Alejandra Lucía Vs. Lola Guerrero

Over a year ago, former telenovela actress, Lola Guerrero, challenged the Mexican foxy boxing champion, Alejandra Lucía, and fell in defeat. After her loss, she was approached by a shadowy group for help in training.

Meanwhile, Lucía has spent the last year enjoying a successful career, even defeating the Brazilian foxy boxing champion. Alejandra Lucía is at the height of her popularity.

But now, one year later, Lola Guerrero has returned to challenge the champ for a re-match for the title.

In the end, one woman will be left standing.


International Foxy Boxing: UK Edition: The English Rose vs. Kelly Kearney

As reigning UK foxy boxing champion, Kelly Fairchild (a.k.a. the English Rose) has defeated all challengers that have come her way.

But now, the Irish fighter, Kelly Kearney, has gained her shot at the title. Kearney has just returned to the UK after destroying former champion, Penelope Primrose, in the B.A.B.E. ring and now she’s looking to deliver the same defeat to Kelly Fairchild.

Can the English Rose last against Kelly Kearney or will Kearney finally take the belt she’s long-coveted.


International Foxy Boxing: Italian Edition: Tina Corretti vs. Vittoria Segreti

‘The Italian Knockout’ Tina Corretti has been training and working hard for a championship opportunity and she just got one, although it wasn’t the one she was expecting.

The Italian Foxy Boxing champion, Vittoria Segreti, unimpressed with current Italian boxing competitors, has issued out a challenge to the B.A.B.E. fighter.

So, with the Italian belt on the line, these two fighters will go at it! Will Vittoria Segreti show Tina what a ‘real’ Italian fighter is like or will Tina Corretti make history as the first B.A.B.E. fighter to capture an international championship belt?


The Italian Knockout Gets A Shot…

Tina Corretti is hungry for a championship opportunity… and she just got one.

Just not the one she was expecting.



Finally, champion meets champion as the former Scandinavian champ, Britt Nielsen, challenges the current champ, Hilde Wolfe, for the belt.

Hilde has long carried a grudge with Britt but after Hilde destroyed her protégé, Asta Pedersen, in the ring Britt Nielsen has returned to the ring vowing vengeance.

When the smoke settles, only one woman will be left standing, laying claim to the greatest Scandinavian champion of all time!


International Foxy Boxing – The Scandinavian Queen Returns

Former Scandinavian champion, Britt Nielsen, has returned to the ring and has been re-establishing her victorious record.


The French Affair – Part 3

Clarisse reacts to recent events… which leads to today.


The French Affair – Part 1

Clarisse Cloutier looks back on what brought her to B.A.B.E…