International Foxy Boxing – Japan Edition: Homecoming Part 2

Lady Fist is back home in Japan and racking up new victories. But there are dangerous challenges ahead of her, women who aren’t happy to see her rising fame.

One such woman, Rin Mizushima, is ready to take Lady Fist down and move forward toward her own championship goal. (more…)

Sonia Patel Moves Forward

Sonia Patel works through her recent setback… (more…)

The Contest Winner

The winner of the ”Train With B.A.B.E. Boxers” raffle contest…


A Last Chance

Gail Golden offers the California Cutie a last chance… (more…)

Italian Teaser

The Italian boxing scene is about to heat up… (more…)

Episode 11 Bonus: The Filipina Champ

A spotlight on the Philippines foxy boxing champion, Ana Aquino.


Fight Rosters Updated!

Some newer fighters have been updated with profiles. Take a look for yourself!

Margot ‘The Showstopper’ Moore

Sonia ‘The Golden Viper’ Patel

Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum

Bebe ‘Baby Doll’ Dahl

Bianca Parker

Amber ‘The Bitchin’ Bombshell’ Skye

On top of this, a roster has been added for the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league!