Baby Doll


Name: Bebe ‘Baby Doll’ Dahl
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 125
Character: Heel

Bebe Dahl is a woman always on the hunt for a good party or rave. She loves dancing, partying, and troublemaking through all hours of the night.

But when she isn’t out shaking her booty on the dance floor, you can find her knocking heads around at her local boxing gym. People think she’s just a heavy-drinking air-headed day-glo raver, but the reality is she’s a dangerous fighter who tends to catch her opponents off-guard.

Throughout her life, she’s been a fighter… but not the type of fighter defending herself from bullies. No, she IS the bully. As a child, she loved picking on the other girls, especially if there were boys around. As a teenager, she wasn’t scared to flirt with guys even if they were taken. She knew she could kick any of their girlfriends’ asses. After school, she recognized her skill as a fighter and took on proper training for a boxing career.

But in between bouts and training sessions, she hit the party scene hard. She’s got the confidence to know that she can do it all… work hard, party hard, and kick ass!

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