Bianca Parker


Name: Bianca Parker
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Age: 23
Height 5’ 7”
Weight 125
Character: Heel

Thanks to the hard work of her grandmother, Bianca Parker grew up a child of wealth and privilege. She went to the best schools, traveled around the world, and rubbed noses with the rich and famous. Parker soon took up a modeling career but saw it more as a fun way to spend her time. She never let it get in the way of her social engagements.

Her position in life caused her to grow a disdain for those below her and, eventually, she developed a cruel streak about it. And she took out her aggression in the boxing ring.

Parker sought to prove she was also the best at everything, including boxing, a skill she felt she inherited from her grandmother, a woman who helped shape the sport in her youth. Carrying on the legacy of her grandmother, Bianca Parker has proven to be a fierce opponent in the ring.

With an arrogant attitude, this debutante has the power to back it up!

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