The Bitchin’ Bombshell


Name: Amber “The Bitchin’ Bombshell” Skye
Hometown: Portland, OR
Age: 20
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 124 pounds
Character: Heel

Once part of the cheerleading boxing duo, the Pom Pom Punchers, along with Cheryl ‘The Bouncin’ Bombshell’ Williams, Amber Skye caught her partner and all of her fans completely off-guard when she deserted Cheryl during a particularly brutal boxing match. Instead of stopping the fight, Amber walked away leaving her former partner to her fate. Amber saw it as payback for a previous defeat which led to her temporary expulsion from B.A.B.E.

But Amber Skye has returned with a whole new attitude to life. Calling herself ‘The Bitchin’ Bombshell,’ Amber is looking to prove that she’s more than a sunny, optimistic cheerleader. She’s out to show the world she’s a vicious force to be reckoned with. Now that she no longer has the baggage of a partner weighing her down, she’s looking to gain every new V-I-C-T-O-R-Y her way… the bitchin’ way!

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