Roots of F.L.O.W.

Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 7 Now Available

The ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ story continues with Part 7 which sees ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree reigning as the National Female Wrestling League champion after her defeat of American Belle.

But American Belle isn’t ready to let this feud die quite yet… she’s preparing and training to take on the new champion one more time in a rematch for the NFWL championship belt!

Can American Belle re-take the title belt from her rival or will ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree assert her dominance over the league? Tune in to find out!


Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 6 Now Available

The ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ series continues its walk down memory lane in the sixth chapter of the series, now covering the National Female Wrestling League and its champion, American Belle.

After the fall-out from Sandy Simmes match against ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree, American Belle has had enough and is now on a collision course with the cocky challenger. The NFWL champion will finally face Dupree for the title belt.

Will American Belle put an end to ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree’s challenge or will Dupree walk out of the ring as the new NFWL champion?

Tune in now to find out!



Always guided by faith and honor, Sandy Simmes, the heart of the NFWL, is always ready to put a stop to the league’s heels whenever necessary. And now, after a recent ambush of the league’s champion, American Belle, there’s a new heel to confront.

‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree has her eyes set on the championship title but Sandy Simmes is looking to teach her a lesson first.

Can Simmes stop this latest heel threat or will Dupree prove too much for the good girl?

Find out in this next ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ chapter!



Join us in this next ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ chapter as we focus on another bygone female wrestling organization: the National Female Wrestling League.

The NFWL’s champion, American Belle, has ruled the league with pride and honor, facing down all challenges that have come her way. But there’s a new challenger looking to make her mark in the league: ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree. And Dupree’s unlike any woman Belle’s faced before.

This next chapter introduces us to the major players of this drama… so get ready for wrestling action!


Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 3 Now Available

Madison Millions has torn through the United Women’s Wrestling Association wreaking havoc in an effort to break the spirit of the UWWA champion, Olympia Jackson. And now, Madison is ready to deal with the champ herself.

Olympia, however, has had enough of the challenger’s antics! But is she ready to take on the threat of Madison Millions?

Find out in this next installment of a bygone wrestling era!


The Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 2 Now Available

Drama hits the United Women’s Wrestling Association as the league’s resident cowgirl, Sadie Rogers, confronts a threat from wealthy troublemaker, Madison Millions!

And what does this all mean for the league’s champion, Olympia Jackson?

Find out in this second chapter of ‘The Roots of F.L.O.W.’ storyline!


The Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 1 Now Available

The first chapter of a multi-part story dealing with the roots of the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling.

This first chapter deals with the United Women’s Wrestling Association and its star, Olympia Jackson, a woman who helped lead the league to great heights.

Full story available here: