In this 9th part of the ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ series, we see the dust clear from the unification match between Olympia Jackson and ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree.

The NFWL and the UWWA are now joined together as the United Women’s Wrestling League with a single champion. And now, in this next part of the series, we follow the aftermath with a focus on Olympia Jackson over the next few years.

Tune in to see an era come to an end.


Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 8 Now Available

Part 8 in the ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ storyline sees a unification of the two top female wrestling leagues of the day leading to the birth of the United Women’s Wrestling League! There’s one problem: there’s only room for one champion.

Get ready for a brutal battle between the two top wrestlers of the day as two champions collide in the ring! ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree (representing the former NWFL) takes on Olympia Jackson (representing the former UWWA) in a 3-fall match to decide who’ll be the ultimate champion of the new league!

Coming at 128 pages, you’ll see both champions give their all for the victory. In the end, once the smoke clears, one of these women will be left standing holding on to the two championship belts!


Canada’s Rising Star

The Canadian boxing world sees the rise of a pugilistic star through the ranks.

This story featuring two separate bouts, focuses on Audrey Girard… perhaps Canada’s latest hope for a championship future.

Tune in for the action!


F.L.O.W. – Planetary Pin-Down – Part 1

The first part of a 3-part story involving the coming threat that Galaxia has been warning the league about.

Part 1 covers Galaxia’s original arrival and her search for a partner to take on this coming intergalactic threat.

You won’t want to miss the bombshell ending to this first part of the story!

Story format is in a traditional ‘comic book’ format.


FLOW Episode 6 Undercard Matches

A collection of highlights for 3 short matches for F.L.O.W. Episode 6, now available on Lulu!

In the first match, the savage Shee-La takes on Vixen in the squared circle. Can Vixen tame the wild beast or will she be ravaged by the warrior princess?

In the second match, the devious Sintasia goes up against Malee. Will Malee thwart the devil in the ring or will the devil have her way with the innocent Males?

In the third match, the offensive Grimli meets the mighty Sonja Redding. Grimli just wants to torment her opponent but Sonja is ready for her! Tune in now for the results!


International Foxy Boxing: Mexico Edition: Alejandra Lucía Vs. Lola Guerrero

Over a year ago, former telenovela actress, Lola Guerrero, challenged the Mexican foxy boxing champion, Alejandra Lucía, and fell in defeat. After her loss, she was approached by a shadowy group for help in training.

Meanwhile, Lucía has spent the last year enjoying a successful career, even defeating the Brazilian foxy boxing champion. Alejandra Lucía is at the height of her popularity.

But now, one year later, Lola Guerrero has returned to challenge the champ for a re-match for the title.

In the end, one woman will be left standing.


Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 7 Now Available

The ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ story continues with Part 7 which sees ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree reigning as the National Female Wrestling League champion after her defeat of American Belle.

But American Belle isn’t ready to let this feud die quite yet… she’s preparing and training to take on the new champion one more time in a rematch for the NFWL championship belt!

Can American Belle re-take the title belt from her rival or will ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree assert her dominance over the league? Tune in to find out!


Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 6 Now Available

The ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ series continues its walk down memory lane in the sixth chapter of the series, now covering the National Female Wrestling League and its champion, American Belle.

After the fall-out from Sandy Simmes match against ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree, American Belle has had enough and is now on a collision course with the cocky challenger. The NFWL champion will finally face Dupree for the title belt.

Will American Belle put an end to ‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree’s challenge or will Dupree walk out of the ring as the new NFWL champion?

Tune in now to find out!


Backyard Boxing – Part 2

The second part to Daisy ‘The Texas Tornado’ Taylor’s story covering her early days prior to joining B.A.B.E.

Forging a successful amateur career as a backyard boxer in Texas, Daisy Taylor has become a dominant force. But on the horizon is another boxer who has been destroying the regional competition. And now, this boxer is looking to take out Daisy Taylor in order to settle a personal grudge.

Can Daisy overcome this challenge or has she finally faced a woman too powerful for her?

Find out in this story from the past!



Always guided by faith and honor, Sandy Simmes, the heart of the NFWL, is always ready to put a stop to the league’s heels whenever necessary. And now, after a recent ambush of the league’s champion, American Belle, there’s a new heel to confront.

‘Divine’ Diamond Dupree has her eyes set on the championship title but Sandy Simmes is looking to teach her a lesson first.

Can Simmes stop this latest heel threat or will Dupree prove too much for the good girl?

Find out in this next ‘Roots of F.L.O.W.’ chapter!