Episode 10: Sylvia Silver vs. Irish Rose

The Irish Rose looks to tarnish Sylvia Silver in the ring!
But is Sylvia more than Rose bargained for?

Tune in for the pugilistic mayhem! (more…)

Episode 10: Baby Doll vs. California Cutie

The first match is up!

The California Cutie will put her pride on the line as she works to take down the cocky Baby Doll!

Who will walk out of the ring with arms raised and who will end up flat on her back? (more…)

Episode 10 Fight Card!

Get ready folks… a new episode is upon us! (more…)

Collision Course

The American Dream is ready for action! But the Latin Spitfire is preparing for her… (more…)

Recharged T.N.T.

Tracy Tatum builds up the fire within her before she’s interrupted… (more…)

Malicious Rose

The Irish Rose looks to cause a little trouble… (more…)

Unwelcome Meeting

The California Cutie meets Baby Doll… (more…)