Date Night Duel – A ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Story

Your friends must like you because one of them set you up on an incredible blind date!

Your date has been engaging, fun, nice and drop-dead gorgeous. Oh, and did I mention that she’s also an amateur boxer? This has been a dream date and now you’re about to get a second date lined up!

Unfortunately, she has some business to take care of first. Turns out, there’s a little beef with another boxer at her gym and things need to get settled. But she’s inviting you to come along and support her! How lucky are you!?

So, get ready to cheer your girl on… after all, you’ve got a second date lined up!


Fight For the Prize – A ‘For Your Eyes Only’ Story

Can you believe your luck? Two equally gorgeous women are fighting for the prize… and the prize is YOU!

In one corner there’s the blonde beauty, Amy Dalton, who can’t wait to knock here opponent out so she can take you home.

In the other corner stands the brunette vixen, Sierra Satin, who isn’t about to let her prize get taken from her. 

These two women are going to fight it out in an effort to win you over! No matter who you’re rooting for, you’ll be a winner either way!