F.L.O.W. Wrestling League

F.L.O.W. – Episode 4 – G-Force Vs. Black Rose

After Black Rose defeated her old rival, Jasmine, G-Force stepped in to issue her a challenge.

Now, these two Japanese superstars enter the ring against each other for the first time.

Will Black Rose chalk up another win or will G-Force walk away with the victory?


G-Force Discusses Black Rose

G-Force speaks before her next match against Black Rose…


Tracy Tatum Shows No Fear

Tracy Tatum has no regrets for supporting a fellow boxer…


The Red Scare Wants Revenge

The Red Scare blames Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum for the Latin Spitfire leaving her mentorship…


F.L.O.W. – Episode 4 – Lady Valiente Vs. La Gata Reina

Two of Mexico’s finest battle it out in the ring!

Lady Valiente meets La Gata Reina in a fight for dominance and only one will rise in victory!


Lady Valiente Meets A Rival

Lady Valiente gets rudely interrupted by her next opponent…


F.L.O.W. – Episode 4 – Brandi Brodie Vs. Poison

Brandi ‘Boomer’ Brodie, one half of the Spirit Squad, takes on Poison in a singles match!

Can the spirited cheerleader put the vicious heel down for the 3-count or will Poison knock the cheer right out of her?

Find out in this next match-up!


Poison Ready For Her Victim

Poison is ready to take down another victim…


Brandi Brodie Brings the Cheer!

Brandi Brodie feels ready for her next F.L.O.W. match-up…


The Roots of F.L.O.W. – Part 1 Now Available

The first chapter of a multi-part story dealing with the roots of the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling.

This first chapter deals with the United Women’s Wrestling Association and its star, Olympia Jackson, a woman who helped lead the league to great heights.

Full story available here: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/clay-punch/the-roots-of-flow-part-1/ebook/product-q8kk7e.html?page=1&pageSize=4