F.L.O.W. Wrestling League

A Strange Case of Vertigo

Vertigo, one of the more mysterious wrestlers in F.L.O.W., receives the focus in this female wrestling tale.

Get a glimpse of the international female wrestling world as we follow the journey that led Vertigo to the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling.

Not much is known about this masked wrestler or what her motivations are, but this tale will give some of her background.


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – The Spirit Squad Vs. Poison & Flare

When Brandi ‘Boomer’ Brodie met Poison in the ring last, Poison took her down for the pin. But Boomer’s looking for a second shot with her partner, ‘Peppy’ Pepper Pearson, by her side, teaming up as the Spirit Squad.

Only problem is that Poison has chosen one of F.L.O.W.’s most dangerous women as her partner: Flare!

Can the cheerleaders overcome the dreaded duo of Poison and Flare or will they get consumed by their fury?


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – Eva De La Cruz Vs. J-Fab

Mexican superstar, Eva de la Cruz, has been repeating her successes in F.L.O.W. but there’s always someone around the corner waiting to challenge her.

This time, it’s New Jersey’s bad girl, J-Fab, who’s looking to stop her winning streak.

What happens when these two fiery women collide in the ring?


Eva De La Cruz Gets A Challenge

Eva’s interview is interrupted by the New Jersey bad girl…


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – The Feline Furies Vs. The Sparkle Sisters

The Feline Furies take on the Sparkle Sisters in tag team action!

The Sparkle Sisters feel ready to take down the former tag team champions… but the Furies are unleashed and ready to pounce!

In the end, one team will be leaving that ring with arms raised in victory.


The Feline Furies Ready to Unleash

The Feline Furies aren’t impressed…


The Sparkle Sisters In the House!

The Sparkle Sisters are here and they got something to say!


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – Angel vs. Alice

The high-flying F.L.O.W. superstar, Angel, meets the deranged Alice in this next Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling match-up!

Angel has built up a strong win record in the league but she may have met her match with the unpredictable Alice who just wants to pluck the wings off her opponent.

Who will be left standing in victory?


Alice Loves Angels

Alice is excited about meeting an Angel…


Angel Ready To Fly

Angel is ready for her next battle…