F.L.O.W. Wrestling League


The conclusion to Planetary Pin-Down!

Entropy has torn through every opponent that has tried to take her on, including the hero sent down to stop her, Galaxia! But just when all hope looks to be lost, the league’s champion, Ultima, arrives!

There’s only one problem… Ultima’s power has been fading over time!

Will she be able to muster her remaining strength to take down Entropy or will the galactic villain add her to her pile of victims, ushering in her army to take over the world?

Tune in now for this final chapter which also plants the seeds for future FLOW action!



The next FLOW match features the jungle woman, Tygara, jumping into the ring as she hunts down her prey, Malicia!

But Malicia is a dangerous heel in the league and she’s looking to tame the savage with brute force.

One of these women will be tamed in the end… tune in to find out!



In the next FLOW match of the evening, the feisty Jasmine takes on the Hollywood party girl, Melrose!

Jasmine is a submission pro but can she trap the street-smart Melrose or will Melrose knock the fight out of her?

Tune in to catch the action!



A new episode of FLOW is upon us!

In the first match of the night, fan favorite, Alisha Starr, hops in to the ring for action!

Tonight she’s taking on La Llorona, the powerful heel from Mexico.

Alisha’s got a strong record in the league but can she keep it up against the mysterious villain?

Find out today!


F.L.O.W. – Planetary Pin-Down – Part 2

Part 2 of a three-part story involving the coming threat that Galaxia has been warning the league about.

The fan-favorite wrestler Vertigo has revealed herself as the galactic threat Entropy, catching everyone by surprise! And now, Entropy is tearing through the FLOW league, taking down the competition to prepare for the arrival of her people.

Will a FLOW heroine rise to stop this new villain? And what of Galaxia? Will she fulfill her destiny in stopping this interstellar threat?

Story format is in a traditional ‘comic book’ format.


FLOW Episode 7 Undercard Matches

Featuring highlights from 3 undercard matches for F.L.O.W. Episode 7.

In the first match, the goddess Athena comes down from the heavens to take on the gothic beauty Fangora in hand-to-hand combat. Can the goth overcome the deity or will Athena continue her unbeaten record?

In the second match, fan-favorite Glimmer makes her return to the ring to take on the punk fighter, Slash! Who will be left standing when the dust clears between these two fighters?

And in the third match, Lucera takes on the debutante Kayla Kash! Lucera’s a tough girl but will she be able to overcome the social media influencer?

Catch up with the latest FLOW card today!


F.L.O.W. – Planetary Pin-Down – Part 1

The first part of a 3-part story involving the coming threat that Galaxia has been warning the league about.

Part 1 covers Galaxia’s original arrival and her search for a partner to take on this coming intergalactic threat.

You won’t want to miss the bombshell ending to this first part of the story!

Story format is in a traditional ‘comic book’ format.


FLOW Episode 6 Undercard Matches

A collection of highlights for 3 short matches for F.L.O.W. Episode 6, now available on Lulu!

In the first match, the savage Shee-La takes on Vixen in the squared circle. Can Vixen tame the wild beast or will she be ravaged by the warrior princess?

In the second match, the devious Sintasia goes up against Malee. Will Malee thwart the devil in the ring or will the devil have her way with the innocent Males?

In the third match, the offensive Grimli meets the mighty Sonja Redding. Grimli just wants to torment her opponent but Sonja is ready for her! Tune in now for the results!


A Strange Case of Vertigo

Vertigo, one of the more mysterious wrestlers in F.L.O.W., receives the focus in this female wrestling tale.

Get a glimpse of the international female wrestling world as we follow the journey that led Vertigo to the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling.

Not much is known about this masked wrestler or what her motivations are, but this tale will give some of her background.


F.L.O.W. – Episode 5 – The Spirit Squad Vs. Poison & Flare

When Brandi ‘Boomer’ Brodie met Poison in the ring last, Poison took her down for the pin. But Boomer’s looking for a second shot with her partner, ‘Peppy’ Pepper Pearson, by her side, teaming up as the Spirit Squad.

Only problem is that Poison has chosen one of F.L.O.W.’s most dangerous women as her partner: Flare!

Can the cheerleaders overcome the dreaded duo of Poison and Flare or will they get consumed by their fury?