International Foxy Boxing – Japan Edition: Homecoming Part 4

Current Japanese Foxy Boxing champion, Yakunan, rules the country’s foxy boxing world with an iron fist. But it could take a foreign challenger to finally knock her from her pedestal.

American fighter, Megan Alexander, has toured the country’s fighting circuit, winning the hearts of fans throughout the land. And now, Megan has her shot at the Japanese championship belt!

Will Megan make history as the first American to hold the Japanese title or will Yakunan had her to her list of conquests?

Find out now! (more…)

An American Challenge

Megan Alexander has swept through the Japanese Foxy Boxing circuit and now has a shot at championship gold! (more…)

Final alternativo de ‘Amor duro’

Amor duro was one of Mexico’s most popular telenovelas, a highlight in the acting career of Lola Guerrero before she pursued a boxing career.

The show’s ending thrilled fans and brought a satisfying conclusion to the dramatic story of Verónica Muñoz, the struggling boxer fighting for love and honor.

But what fans did not know was that an alternate ending was filmed which would have aliented fans. But now, we are excited to share that alternate ending.

Now, let’s follow the series finale at the start of the third round of the final battle!


El final de la último capítulo de ‘Amor duro’ (Part 2)

Amor duro, Mexico’s top telenovela, comes to an action-packed end!


The Asian Sensation’s Kickboxing Past

A quick look into Cindy Suzuki’s career before she joined B.A.B.E. (more…)

A Visit To the B.A.B.E. Gym

Cindy Suzuki shows Sarah Brooks around the B.A.B.E. gym… (more…)

Introducing the Scandinavian Foxy Boxing Champion

An introduction to the Scandinavian Foxy Boxing Champion…