A Visit To the B.A.B.E. Gym

Cindy Suzuki shows Sarah Brooks around the B.A.B.E. gym… (more…)

Introducing the Scandinavian Foxy Boxing Champion

An introduction to the Scandinavian Foxy Boxing Champion…


International Foxy Boxing – Italy Edition: Alonza Bellini vs. Adriana Ratti

Alonza Bellini was on her way toward a shot at the Italian Foxy Boxing championship title before an accident sidelined her chance. While she recuperated, she befriended a young fighter, Adriana Ratti, and helped mold her into one of Italy’s hottest new boxing stars. (more…)

Bellini’s Return

Alonza Bellini makes her return to the Italian foxy boxing ring. But will she have the support of her friend, Adriana Ratti? (more…)

Foxy Boxing Weekly – Star-Spangled Winner

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)

African Teaser

Catching up on the African boxing scene… (more…)

Akira Asuka’s Retirement Match

Akira Asuka’s puts it all on the line in her last match against Yakunan.