Episode 15

Foxy Boxing Weekly – History Repeats Itself!

The latest in foxy boxing news!


B.A.B.E. Episode 15 Results

And here is how the night ended for the fighters! (more…)

Episode 15 Fight Card

You’ve seen the fights, but here is the fight card for the latest B.A.B.E. episode! Results coming up soon! (more…)

Episode 15 Main Event: The Showstopper Vs. Bianca Parker

Decades ago, men’s magazine model and boxer, Bonnie Parker, dethroned Hollywood star and champion foxy boxer, Marla Moore, to become the new toast of the town.

Today, their granddaughters rekindle the feud as Margot ‘The Showstopper’ Moore takes on Bianca Parker.

Can Margot succeed where her grandmother failed or will history repeat itself? (more…)

The Parker Legacy

Bonnie Parker, the new ‘It’ girl… (more…)

Vintage Rogue Cover Model: Bonnie Parker

The cover of Rogue, a few months later, in ‘homage’ to the Marla Moore cover. (more…)

A Golden Age Tarnished

Marla Moore’s fall from grace… (more…)

Vintage Rogue Cover Model: Marla Moore

Recently found copy of an old men’s magazine with Golden Age starlet, Marla Moore, gracing the cover.


Episode 15: Kelly Kearney Vs. Penelope Primrose

Ireland’s toughest foxy boxer, Kelly Kearney, is looking to take down former U.K. foxy boxing champ, Penelope Primrose, especially after Primrose’s recent defeat of Kearney’s cousin, ‘Irish Rose’ McKenna.

But Penelope Primrose isn’t concerned and is ready to put her new rival down for the count.

There is history between these two women but tonight that history comes to an end! (more…)

Kelly Kearney’s Unfinished Business

Kelly Kearney never got her shot to take on UK foxy boxing champ Penelope Primrose… until tonight! (more…)