Episode 19

New Poll! Liberty Lane vs. Vanity Vale! YOU DECIDE!


Liberty Lane will be taking on Vanity Vale… for a third time!

As you know, years ago, Liberty Lane (then, Foxy Boxing champion) put it all on the line against challenger Vanity Vale. In their first match, Vale destroyed Lane to become the new Foxy Boxing champion!

Several months later, Liberty took Vanity on again in a rematch for the championship belt (in a special topless match). Unfortunately for her, Vale came out on top again, crushing Lane’s dreams of re-capturing the belt.

Liberty Lane saw her career plummet and retired to become a B.A.B.E. interview host. Vale ended up losing her belt to Ivanna Payne and after an unsuccessful shot at the B.A.B.E. belt, retired from the sport to become a commentator.

Liberty eventually made a comeback to the sport and has re-built her reputation in the ring. But, now, Vanity Vale is making her return to the ring just to take on Liberty once again… for a third time!

Only, this time, their fate is in YOUR HANDS! You’ll get to decide who wins and who loses in this third match-up! You can vote below and voting ends Friday (1/14) at around 9 or 10pm (not sure what time zone the poll is in):


New Poll! ‘Hurricane’ Hannah vs. The Golden Viper: YOU DECIDE!

In the next B.A.B.E. card, ‘Hurricane’ Hannah will be going up against the Golden Viper!

This is another match I don’t really have a strong opinion on so you will get to decide who earns the victory! Both of these fighters are mid-range fighters and both could use a win.

As powerful as the Hurricane is, she has been struggling against some of the tougher fighters. And the Golden Viper began her B.A.B.E. career tearing through the competition until she was stopped by the Jade Fist. Since then, she’s been trying to regain her footing.

Who will be left standing? YOU DECIDE! Vote below…


New Poll! Tara Armstrong Vs. Farah Fox: YOU DECIDE!

Tara Armstrong will be facing Farah Fox on the next B.A.B.E. card!

For this match, you’ll get to decide the outcome! Choose a winner below to decide who should take the victory.