Month: June 2018

Mexican Teaser

A look into a telenovela actress turned boxer in Mexico…


Scandinavian Teaser

A quick look at Scandinavia’s boxing scene… (more…)

Akira Asuka’s Retirement Match

Akira Asuka’s puts it all on the line in her last match against Yakunan.


Akira Asuka Announces Her Retirement

Akira Asuka breaks the big news to her fans. But one woman does not accept it. (more…)

Akira Asuka’s Big Decision

A year ago, the Japanese Foxy Boxing champion came to a crossroads in her career…


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 7

Beach-loving Paradise tests her mettle against the female warrior, Tora the Barbarian!

Will Paradise walk out of the ring with her arms raised in victory or will Tora claim her prey?

Featuring a special guest star!


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 6

Country girl, Dolly Mae, faces off against F.L.O.W.’s luchadora, La Pantera, in a no-holds-barred fight to the finish!

Tune in to see which woman will remain standing as the victor and which will be left the loser.


The Punch Protocol – Part 2

The Silk Assassin is hot on the trail of her friend…