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Episode 15: The Shadow vs. Porschia Pryde

The Shadow and Porschia Pryde are scheduled to meet in the ring!

Porschia is ready to take the fight to the Shadow, continuing her ascent through the B.A.B.E. ranks. The Shadow is looking to add a victory to her record, something that has eluded her despite her intimidating nature.

When they meet in the ring, only one woman will be left standing!


The Shadow Meets Porschia Pryde

A couple of interview sessions lead to a confrontation. (more…)

An American Challenge

Megan Alexander has swept through the Japanese Foxy Boxing circuit and now has a shot at championship gold! (more…)

Foxy Boxing Weekly – The Latin Spitfire Defects

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)

B.A.B.E. Episode 14 Results

The results are in! Who came out victorious in the latest B.A.B.E. episode?


Episode 14 Main Event: The Asian Sensation vs. The Terror

The Terror has continued tearing through the ranks of B.A.B.E. and one fighter, the Asian Sensation, has had enough.

When Tonya Lee beat on a contest-winning fan, Cindy Suzuki stepped in and challenged the champ to a match. Tonya accepted, putting her belt on the line, and allowing Cindy to use her kickboxing skills in the ring.

Now it’s a ‘Boxer vs. Kickboxer’ match as the champ, Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee, takes on the kickboxing Cindy ‘The Asian Sensation’ Suzuki!


The Asian Sensation’s Kickboxing Past

A quick look into Cindy Suzuki’s career before she joined B.A.B.E. (more…)