F.L.O.W. Wrestling League

F.L.O.W. Championship Tournament – Prologue

The following story took place 6 months after Tina Corretti left the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling league.

The league was left in turmoil with no champion, Miss Glory recuperating from her previous defeat, and the expulsion of Tora the Barbarian from the league.

But the Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling organization was filled with champion-worthy personalities. And league owner, Johnny Pierce, was finally ready to crown a new champion.


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 12 – Conclusion

THIS IS IT! The conclusion to ‘Prelude to Payback’!

Tina Corretti has announced her retirement but has one last match before she hangs up the tights. Unfortunately, her opponent is Tora the Barbarian, the woman who has destroyed every other woman she’s faced.

If Tora wins, she will become the new Ferocious Ladies of Wrestling champion and Tina will be forced to retire in defeat. But if she loses, she’ll be the one forced to leave the league.

Get ready for the battle of battles with everything on the line!


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 12 – Tina’s Announcement

Tina enters the ring to announce her retirement from wrestling. (more…)

F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 11 Epilogue

The brutality of the last match required an epilogue! (And it’s only $5!)

Two of F.L.O.W.s most powerful women collided in the wrestling ring: the patriotic former champion, Miss Glory, and the rampaging primal warrior, Tora the Barbarian.

Only one left the ring on her own two feet.

Here’s what happened moments after the match…

Full epilogue available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/clay-punch/prelude-to-payback-chapter-11-epilogue/ebook/product-23321186.html


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 11

Finally, Miss Glory is stepping in!

Tora the Barbarian has been tearing the F.L.O.W. league apart, leaving devastated wrestlers in her wake. But now, former F.L.O.W. champion Miss Glory is here and ready to stop the Barbarian’s onslaught!

Get ready for a vicious match between the patriotic heroine and the primal barbarian!


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 10

This is it! F.L.O.W. champion, Tina Corretti, puts her championship belt on the line one last time (unknown to the fans)! The only problem is that she’s facing the fiery Flare!

Can Tina head into wrestling retirement undefeated? Or will Flare burn down those hopes as she makes F.L.O.W. history as the new champion?

Tune in to find out!


F.L.O.W. Prelude To Payback – Chapter 9

After Tora the Barbarian’s last match, F.L.O.W. president, Johnny Pierce, is sending in the big gun, La Pantera, to take her down!

It’s going to be a battle between ferocious feline and brutal warrior.

Who will be left standing when the dust settles?