Episode 15

The Silk Assassin Arrives

Continuing on from the ‘Punch Protocol’ story line, featuring the Silk Assassin, in which the secret agent looks to find out who put her partner out of commission and why these people have infiltrated the B.A.B.E. league. (more…)

A Challenge From Ireland

The Irish powerhouse, Kelly Kearney, issues a challenge… (more…)

Setting Up The Main Event

Two fighters seek to carry on the rivalry of their grandparents. What does B.A.B.E. president Gail Golden think? (more…)

Episode 15: The Shadow vs. Porschia Pryde

The Shadow and Porschia Pryde are scheduled to meet in the ring!

Porschia is ready to take the fight to the Shadow, continuing her ascent through the B.A.B.E. ranks. The Shadow is looking to add a victory to her record, something that has eluded her despite her intimidating nature.

When they meet in the ring, only one woman will be left standing!


The Shadow Meets Porschia Pryde

A couple of interview sessions lead to a confrontation. (more…)