Month: July 2018

Glasgow’s Pride

Introducing Sloane Sterling… (more…)

The Punch Protocol – Part 3

The Silk Assassin finds her partner, LadyHawke… but is she too late? (more…)

Foxy Boxing Weekly – Star-Spangled Winner

The latest in foxy boxing news! (more…)

B.A.B.E. Episode 12 Results

The results are in! (more…)

Episode 12 Epilogue: The Gloves Come Off!

If you saw the beginning of Episode 12’s Main Event, you know things did not go as the Red Scare or the Latin Spitfire had intended. T.N.T. Tracy Tatum jumped in to ensure the Spitfire was taken out of the picture.

But as the Red Scare took on the American Dream in the middle of the B.A.B.E. ring, what was happening backstage between T.N.T. and the Latin Spitfire?

Tune in now to find out!

Episode 12 Bonus: Ashley Powers vs. Shani Shakur

Ashley Powers was to embark on an international tour as B.A.B.E. champion but since losing the title she’s finding that international boxing commissions are losing interest.

However, Shani Shakur, current Confederation of African Foxy Boxing champion, sees an opportunity to enlarge her reputation by defeating the ex-champion of America. She never got a chance to face her when she was a part of the league, but now she’ll be able to meet her on her own home turf.

Can Ashley prove her worth against the champion or will Shani rise in the international boxing scene?

Episode 12 Main Event: The American Dream vs. The Red Scare

THIS IS IT! Finally, the American Dream and the Red Scare collide in the boxing ring!

Originally set to fight months ago, the American Dream was forced to cancel out due to injuries from an unexpected ambush. Since then, she has worked herself back into fighting shape.
Many believe that the Red Scare was behind the ambush, but she has denied this. Nonetheless, she has continued to mock her foe and has accused her of cowardice.

But tonight it all comes to a head! Get ready for a match of nuclear proportions!