(Above: the original B.A.B.E. logo.)

Alright guys, now begins the main project that this blog is about.

Originally, this project was just a couple of images of bouts I made from tracing over comic book art with a complete story attached to them. But once I learned Poser, I realized I could bring these fights to life!

These matches have been (and will be) uploaded to Lulu.com for purchase.  Hopefully, you’ll be okay with the 1024×768 renders, possibly at 200dpi, but will try for higher.

Anyways, this project began with 20 distinct characters and fighting over 13 separate ‘episodes’ of this imaginary boxing league. Most of the stories have already been completed and I know exactly who wins, who loses, etc. It’s all planned out far in advance! You can visit these fighters in the roster page of this site.

For long-time fans on DeviantArt, these matches will all be old news, but it may be fun to revisit them. Also, these early matches went through some Poser skill growing pains, so forgive the quality. Hopefully, you can see the improvement over time.

For new fans, well, hope you enjoy!

And without further adieu, I’d like to give you actual league details.


Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for

Originally, B.A.B.E. was to consist of one season (the second season, actually) of a fictional boxing show, inspired by WWE, GLOW, etc. featuring 12 ‘episodes’ leading up to one ‘pay-per-view event’. Each episode will feature various matches mixed with interviews and storylines.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE A PG/PG-13 LEAGUE WITH NO EROTIC BOXING, MIXED BOXING, OR TOPLESS BOXING. If that’s your thing, I’m sure there are other outlets for that. Nonetheless, this league will feature the sexiest boxers around the world. And each match is guaranteed to end in a knockout!

The background story behind these fights is that they are part of the second season of the league. (In time, I will show some fights from the first season to help round out stories and give more background on the league.) Some of the boxers have “returned”, some of them will be making their debuts, and some already have records from other imaginary leagues. And there is already a B.A.B.E. champion with an undefeated record. (And please don’t expect a Liberty Lane-type of champion… this B.A.B.E. champ is TOUGH.)

In an effort to keep up the drama, good girls will win more matches than you’d think. Some of the results may surprise you, especially if you’re always rooting for the heel. Many of these good girls are just as tough as the champion!

And although these are the Beautiful Angels of Boxing, not all these women are angels. The league consists of 10 crowd-favorite Faces and 10 rowdy Heels. In the coming days, you’ll get a chance to meet the fighters, which will be introduced in no particular order:

1. Ashley Powers (The B.A.B.E. Champion)
2. Tara Armstrong
3. Gail ‘The Golden Glove’ Golden
4. Daisy ‘Texas Tornado’ Taylor
5. Tina ‘The Italian Knockout’ Corretti
6. Lisa ‘The American Dream’ Simmons
7. Susie ‘The California Cutie’ Somers
8. Fuchsia
9. Cindy ‘Asian Sensation’ Suzuki
10. Cheryl ‘Bouncin’ Bombshell’ Williams

1. ‘Foxy’ Farah Fox
2. The Shadow
3. Maria ‘The Latin Spitfire’ Sanchez
4. Brook ‘Brooklyn Bomber’ Steiner
5. The Jade Fist
6. ‘Irish’ Rose McKenna
7. Roxy Starr
8. Tonya ‘The Terror’ Lee
9. Nikita ‘The Red Scare’ Koloff
10. Kim ‘Corporal K.O.’ Olsen

In time, you’ll see how this league grows and changes.

Hope you like this as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it! But please be patient with me.