International Foxy Boxing

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The story so far…


International Foxy Boxing – France Edition: Camille Campion Vs. Brigitte Boucher

French Foxy Boxing champion, Brigitte Boucher, has a new challenge to her belt: the Parisian favorite, Camille Campion!

Campion has prepped hard for this moment, relishing the opportunity to topple her rival to become the new champion. But Boucher is not ready to give up her title reign quite yet.

In the end, one woman will wear the belt while the other lies broken in defeat.


International Foxy Boxing – France Edition: Ashley Powers Vs. Zoé LaBelle

Former B.A.B.E. champion, Ashley Powers continues her tour of Europe, with thoughts of returning to the U.S. Her self-confidence has taken a hit but can she continue to build herself back up after this trip?

France’s Zoé LaBelle isn’t concerned with Ashley’s soul-searching. She sees a golden opportunity in the chance to take down America’s top fighter!

Does Zoé have what it takes to win the victory or will Ashley win over the hearts of the French?


Camille’s Challenge

Camille Campion, France’s #1 contender, has her shot at the championship belt….


Ashley’s Next Challenge

Ashley Powers continues working toward her future…


Kelly Kearney Arrives

After issuing her challenge to Penelope Primrose, Kelly Kearney arrives at the B.A.B.E. gym, greeted by her cousin, ‘Irish Rose’ McKenna. (more…)

A Challenge From Ireland

The Irish powerhouse, Kelly Kearney, issues a challenge… (more…)