Episode 17

B.A.B.E. Episode 17 – Liberty Lane vs. Clarisse Cloutier

Years ago, Liberty Lane came out of an early retirement to take part in the International Foxy Boxing Championship Tournament.

Unfortunately, the French champion, Clarisse Cloutier, sabotaged her chances. Now, Liberty and Clarisse will finally meet in the ring to settle their old feud.

Who will walk out with arms raised in victory?

Former foxy boxing champion, Liberty Lane, or former French champion, Clarisse Cloutier?


Liberty Lane Contemplates

Liberty Lane thinks about the past before her next match…


The French Affair – Part 3

Clarisse reacts to recent events… which leads to today.


The French Affair – Part 2

The fictionalized TV-movie based on the Liberty/Clarisse rivalry…


The French Affair – Part 1

Clarisse Cloutier looks back on what brought her to B.A.B.E…


B.A.B.E. Episode 17 – The Red Scare vs. T.N.T.

Nikita Drago used to mentor the Latin Spitfire before she broke away from her cruel teachings.

Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum only tried support the Spitfire in her decision but, now, Nikita Drago blames Tracy ‘T.N.T.’ Tatum for the Spitfire’s departure and she wants revenge.

But T.N.T. is ready to take on the Russian powerhouse!

Or is she… Find out when they face each other in the ring!


Now On Lulu: Simone Steele vs. The Bitchin’ Bombshell

Simone Steele faces a challenge from the Bitchin’ Bombshell!

Simone has been working her way through B.A.B.E., hoping to bounce back from her expulsion from the Canadian foxy boxing league, but now Amber Skye is in her way.

And Amber is looking to use her as a stepping stone toward her own path to success.

Two women will enter the squared circle but only one will be left standing.


Simone Steele On A Mission

Simone Steele has no time for games…


Amber Skye Cheers For Opponent

Amber Skye, aka The Bitchin’ Bombshell, has a little cheer for her opponent…


Now On Lulu: Sylvia Silver vs. Farah Fox

Silvia Silver’s got a new training partner but will this be enough to improve her changes in the ring against Farah Fox?

Farah doesn’t care, though… she just wants to put Silver down for the 10-count.

Who will be left standing when all is done?