And then the big night arrived. In a B.A.B.E. Main Event, Amber Skye finally got her chance to meet Vanity Vale in the ring. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s Main Event, a ‘Loser Leaves B.A.B.E.’ match!! The terms have been set and both boxers are in agreement. If Amber Skye wins OR if she can last the duration of 3 whole rounds, Vanity Vale must leave the B.A.B.E. league. If Vanity Vale wins OR Amber can’t last the 3 rounds, Amber Skye must leave the B.A.B.E. league. So long as another fighter is a part of the league, the other can not return. Are you ready? First, fighting out of the red corner, from Chicago, IL and weighing 145 pounds…. VANITY VALE!” The majority of the crowd showered Vanity with jeers, but she still had her fans out there cheering her on.